Lucidity - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 First Steps (5 points)
Beat the first level of the game.

You actually get this on the second level, as the first level of the game just shows you what to do.

 Wonder (25 points)
Finish the first Act of the game

See "Courage".

 Fear (25 points)
Finish the second Act of the game

See "Courage".

 Courage (30 points)
Finish the third Act of the game

Simply complete every stage in the act to unlock this achievement.

 Firefly Collector (15 points)
Collect 100 Fireflies

See "Firefly Master".

 Firefly Enthusiast (15 points)
Collect 500 fireflies

See "Firefly Master".

 Firefly Lover (15 points)
Collect 1000 fireflies

See "Firefly Master".

 Firefly Master (30 points)
Collect 1500 fireflies

You do not have to collect all the fireflies in the game for this achievement to unlock, just 1,500 of them, so stick to the levels you find easier to maneuver around in and accumulate as many as you can. There's well over 1,500 if you also factor in bonus stages so if you just really concentrate on getting them, this shouldn't be a problem, especially since some stages, like the first couple and the very last, are pretty much free fireflies if you at least pay attention and use common sense.

 Cleaning Up (10 points)
Collect all the fireflies in 'Every Kite Soars' in a single run

This stage unlocks in Act 2. You need to obtain every firefly in one run, and it's easier then it sounds. Not counting the platform you start on, grab the four on the upcoming platform, then grab the four IN the platform using pipe bombs and fans, then the fireflies start going upwards, there's two sets of two before you reach another platform when it follows the pattern of platform, two, platform with two IN it, two, and repeat. There are six platforms in the sky, and the last two just have four fireflies on the top. Just make sure you move fast to get the pieces you need.

If you are having issues with the fireflies on this level use the following map:

Every Kite Soars Firefly Map

 Shy of the Firefly (10 points)
Beat 'Deep Sleep Dive' without collecting any fireflies

This stage unlocks in Act Two. The easiest way is to take the middle path straight through, but make sure you keep a pipe bomb in your storage space at the top left, at one point there will be two fish and a snail with thorns. Early on is a frog that jumps, so if you cannot kill that, you only need 1 more hit and you're gone. So unless you feel you can avoid the fireflies on the top and bottom by the time you reach those three creatures I just mentioned, make sure you keep an extra pipe bomb in there!

 Mastering the Underground (10 points)
Complete all Bonus Levels

There's 16 bonus stages total, which means you not only need 1,500 fireflies to unlock the Firefly Master achievement, but you need an additional 100 to unlock the last bonus stage you must complete for this achievement. Finish all 16 of the bonus stages from start to finish and achievement unlocked!

 Ouch Free (10 points)
Beat 'All Around is Petrified' without taking any damage

Just as it says, beat the stage without taking any damage and you'll get the achievement. You CAN use the pipe bomb and have it explode on the little girl, that does not count as damage. I suggest taking the middle road for this achievement.


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