Stoked: Big Air - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Protégé (5 points)
Complete Wolle's 5 Tutorial Challenges on Almirante Nieto

You will probably start out with completing these tutorials before you progress unless you have played the previous version of Stoked. Select the Tutorials from the selection menu on the mountain. Complete all five tutorials and the achievement will unlock.

 In the Wild (5 points)
Successfully complete a Challenge of any type

There are several challenges on each mountain. Ride up to on of the challenge markers and press the to take part. Beat the basic challenge score which is displayed on the right side of the screen.

 Breakthrough (10 points)
Catch the Media's Eye by completing challenges and building up 10 Influence Points

This will come fairly soon into the game. You need to complete challenges and work your way through the lists. If you want to earn influence points fast complete the 8 drop points. You find keep track of your progress from the Mountain Map.

 Documentarian (5 points)
Unlock the camera

Once you complete your first media challenge you will be given the camera as a reward for progressing. This will come with naturally progression through the games challenges.

 Endless Benefits (30 points)
Complete a set of Sponsor Challenges and accept their sponsorship when offered

Soon after you complete the a few Media Ops a Sponsor will pop up on the screen. Accept and complete all the related events which unlock as you do each challenge. Once you complete the full run of Sponsor requested challenges accept the Sponsors offer.

 Later, Amateurs! (10 points)
Rack up 64 Influence Points and become a Professional Rider

This achievement will soon follow after completing the Sponsor Challenges. You will earn 5 Influence points per Sponsor challenge, if you have completed several other challenges on the mountain before starting the Media Ops you will earn this when you complete the Sponsor challenges. If you haven't just keep plugging away at the mountain challenges until it unlocks. You can keep track of how much Influence you have from the main mountain map or by pressing start in game.

 Almirante Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Wangle Tangle event on Almirante Nieto

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 Diablerets Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Elements of Style event on Diablerets

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 K2 Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Death Zone Madness event on K2

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 Laax Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Burton Open event on Laax

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 Alaska Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Highway to Hell event in Alaska

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 Fuji Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Air Party event on Mt. Fuji

See "Shuksan Event Winner"

 Shuksan Event Winner (10 points)
Win the Shred Fest event on Mt. Shuksan

These events unlock once you complete the 10 Media Op Challenges on each mountain. They will unlock in the order the mountains unlock so it doesn't matter which mountain you earn the challenges on. You will be notified which event is open and which ones you need to work towards on the mountain map.

Once you unlock one of these events you will need to beat the person at the top of the leaderboard. If the person at the top of the board has a score of roughly 20,000 you need to average higher than 20,000 per round. If your not confident enough use the practice option once the event screen to see how well you do for all three runs. Keep practicing as if you do not beat the high score you will have to try again once the leaderboard has been reset.

 Lasting Influence (30 points)
Become a Snowboarding Legend by beating all 7 Events and amassing 1300 IP

By the time you have beaten all the events you should be fairly close to 1300 Influence Points. Once you beat all the challenges work your way around the other various challenges until you have earned enough points.

 Household Name (50 points)
Become a Snowboarding Phenomenon by beating all the Events and Pro Riders, and racking up 1500 IP

Once you have beaten the events on each mountain and all seven pros you should have enough Influence Points to unlock this achievement. This will be one of the more difficult achievements as pulling off the pro challenges can be quite difficult.

If you are struggling make sure you practice and know all the moves.

 Almirante Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on Almirante Nieto

See "That's It and That's All"

 Fuji Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on Mt. Fuji

See "That's It and That's All"

 Diablerets Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on Diablerets

See "That's It and That's All"

 Shuksan Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on Mt. Shuksan

See "That's It and That's All"

 Alaska Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type in Alaska

See "That's It and That's All"

 K2 Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on K2

See "That's It and That's All"

 Laax Complete (20 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on Laax

See "That's It and That's All"

 That's It and That's All (100 points)
Complete every challenge of every type on every mountain in the game

There are several different challenge categories on each mountain. In total you will need to complete over 50 different events and challenges to fully complete each mountain.

Some Media Ops won't be available until you complete the main events on other mountains. If you are missing any of the events on the following list make sure you complete all seven mountain events.

View That's It and That's All Achievement Requirements Thread

 Yes, It IS a Race! (15 points)
Beat the Pro Rider in at least one race on every mountain

The races may seem a little difficult to start with but as your progress in challenges you will earn speed bonus's so you may want to leave the races until you have made some progress within the story challenges. Once you're more comfortable with the controls you will feel more confident with the races.

While racing pull back on the to speed up and the to slow down. Avoid as many jumps as possible. By the time you have played through each race a few times you should be able to beat the pros without any issues.

 Rider of the Year (30 points)
Become the Rider of the Year by beating the Pro Challenges on every mountain

At this point you should have unlocked all the Pro Challenges by completing the checklist on the Mountain map. Once you beat all seven pros the achievement will unlock:

  • Travis Rice
  • Nicolas Muller
  • Wolle Nyvelt
  • Gigi Ruf
  • Annie boulanger
  • Tadashi Fuse
  • Romain De Marchi
 Propwash in the Morning (5 points)
Unlock a Helicopter by beating every Session Challenge on a mountain

You need to beat the 50,000 session score on each drop point for a mountain. As soon as you beat the score you will unlock several Influence Points and become one step closer to unlocking your pilots license for that mountain.

You need to beat a sum total of 400,000 points on each mountain through the eight sessions. This also counts towards the "Serious Accumulation" achievement.

 Maybe Next Time (5 points)
Stay loyal to your current sponsor at least once after being given another offer

Through earning your Influence Points you will be prompted by Sponsors to complete for their brands. You need to try out for their challenges through the Media and Sponsorship section of the Mountain Map. Once the Sponsor prompt screen pops up you either have a choice to accept or reject .

If you do not have the option to Stay Loyal then accept the offer. At some point while Sponsors are offering you their brand the rejection option will just into the Stay Loyal option instead. Staying Loyal will earn you 20 Influence points and this achievement.

 Wild Child (30 points)
Become a max Hucker. Huck tricks by pre-winding spins and doing at least two grabs before you land.

Pulling of a Hucked trick requires you to wind up a jump using the or and then pulling off two grabs before you land the trick. Hucks are harder to pull off as you need plenty of of air to do so.

You can check your stats for your style by pressing and then selecting the stats option.

 Strict Disciplinarian (30 points)
Become a max Styler. Do stylish tricks by moving LS half way and holding one grab before you land.

Styler tricks are the opposite to the Hucked tricks. You need to pull off a jump and hold the half way to the plastic surround. You will pull off a slow rotation which you need to follow with a grab.

You can check your stats for your style by pressing and then selecting the stats option.

 Frost Nipped (30 points)
Rack up 480 minutes of playtime

As you play through the story of the game you will unlock this achievement by the time you unlock the seventh mountain. Just keep playing through all the challenges and spend time on Live. Once you have logged 480 minutes (8 hours) in playtime the achievement will unlock.

 Endurance Rider (25 points)
Ride a total of 1,000,000 feet throughout the game

By the time you have unlocked all the mountains and completed around half the challenges this achievement will unlock. Press and scroll down to the stats menu to keep track of your progress.

 Newton's Bane (25 points)
Defy gravity for 900 seconds

This will also come natrually by playing through the challenges. While you spend time in the air it will become logged in your sidekick. If you want to unlock this quickly pull off as many aerial tricks as possible. Press and scroll down to the stats menu to keep track of your progress.

 Serious Accumulation (50 points)
Accumulate 2,000,000 Session points throughout the game

This is another achievement which will unlock through natural progression through the challenges. Every single trick or challenge you complete will add to this score. You should have no issues unlock it as you just need to keep playing for it to count. Press and scroll down to the stats menu to keep track of your progress.

 Carve It Up! (15 points)
Complete 100 Carve Turns

Carving can be quite tricky to do as it depends on the terrain you are trying to do it on. You need to either hold the or and pull back on the and move the in the direction you want to carve. You will also need a great deal of speed for this to count. You will know if you have pulled off a successful carve as "Carve Bonus" will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Make sure you pull the directional stick in the direction of which trigger you are holding. If you try to carve by pulling left and hold the you will not carve the snow.

 The Uberhucker (25 points)
Huckers: Pull off and land an Uberflip or Uberspin

Make your way around any mountain until you fine a very large drop. There are plenty of them but you will need to look around to find a drop suitable enough. Once you find a drop get a decent run up and pre-wind by holding either the :lt: or :rt: and use the to ollie. This may take a few attempts as it's not easy, though you do not need to land the trick just pull off a big enough spin or flip.

Either spin more than 1440 degrees or do a flip grater than 5x to pull of this UBER trick.

 Raison d'être (25 points)
Style Riders: Successfully pull off every unlockable style grab

You will unlock the ability to use these tricks once you beat each pro challenge. Some are just standard moves in the bible. Others you will have to unlock through the challenges.

  • Travis Rice - Indy 90 Boned
  • Nicolas Muller - Chicken Wing
  • Wolle Nyvelt - One Foot Melon
  • Gigi Ruf - Tweaked Indy Tuckknee Grab
  • Annie Boulanger - Crail Boned
  • Tadashi Fuse - Tailgrab Boned
  • Romain De Marchi - Stalefish Tuckknee Boned
 Lover of the Front Cover (30 points)
Have your photo grace the cover of a magazine by completing 20 Single Frame Media Challenges

See "Digital Darling"

 Marketing Maven (30 points)
Star in a magazine advertising campaign by completing 16 All-In-One Media Challenges

See "Digital Darling"

 Digital Darling (45 points)
Be the star of your own Video Game by completing 20 Demo Reel and 20 Single Frame Media Challenges

While you are working towards "That's It and That's All" you will complete 20 single frame media challenges, 16 all-in-one and 20 demo reels. You can access all the media challenges through the Media and Sponsorship section of the Mountain Map.

Complete the criteria for each achievement as explains in the description and you will unlock these three achievements. You will probably unlock them without knowing, so just keep progressing with all the challenges and you will unlock them all.

 Smiling (Between Breaths) (15 points)
Complete a Media Challenge of any type on every mountain in the game

This will come naturally while progressing through the events and challenges. You will need to complete seven Media Op Challenges. Once you have all seven mountains unlocked select Media and Sponsorship from the mountain map and complete one of the Media Challenges on each mountain.

 Autophotography (10 points)
Get some air and take a photo of yourself using the camera

Once you have completed the first Media Op Challenge and been given the camera enter a freeride game. Once you're in press and hold the  and then press to take a photo of yourself. You don't need to be pulling off any tricks for this to count.

 Posse Tabula (5 points)
Join a multiplayer session on Xbox LIVE

Enter any Xbox Live session, or start one of your own and the achievement will unlock once the session starts. You can access Live through the sidekick or from any of the main menu screens.

 Beginner's Luck? (5 points)
Take part in and win a multiplayer challenge of any type on Xbox LIVE

This will unlock once you complete your first online callout against another player.

See "Multiplayer Challenge Champ"

 Multiplayer Challenge Champ (15 points)
Win 10 multiplayer challenges of any type on Xbox LIVE

This may be a little tricky as the online community is fairly empty. If you can get into an online session press and then select the callout option. Once you have called out pick your event type and win ten different events. The achievement will unlock once you have competed all ten.

If you are having issues finding any online games use the Achievement Trading Thread to find other players.

 Mise-In-Sàne (10 points)
Take a photograph of another rider on any mountain on Xbox LIVE

Once you have unlocked the camera from completing the first Media Op Challenge press and select Xbox Live. Enter an online game, pull back on the when near another player and then press to equip the camera. Once equipped press the to take a picture of the other rider.

 Satisfied Customer (30 points)
Steal ownership of a Brand Battleground challenge from another rider on Xbox LIVE

This is fairly straight forward, but you need to be sponsored before you can complete one of these challenges. You will find battle of the brands in the mountain map menus. You need to beat the high score on the leaderboards. Some challenges are fairly easy, others aren't. When you load the battleground press to display the leaderboard and check the stats of the leading player. You must have a different Sponsor and you will then need to beat their high score.

Once you do beat their score you will be placed in first place and the achievement will unlock.

The leaderboards reset every sunday at 4am so if you have any issues just wait until they have been reset. Alternatively you can progress through the mountains and own a battleground on another mountain which isn't so populated by players.

 Wanderer (10 points)
Find a Hidden Object and put your name on it (there's one Hidden Object on each mountain)

Find any of the seven Guestbooks hidden on each of the mountains. Most of fairly obvious but others aren't. Once you find one of the guestbooks ride up to it and press the to sign. The achievement will unlock as soon as you sign.

See "Mountaineer" for full locations.

 Mountaineer (30 points)
Find the Hidden Object on each of the seven mountains and put your name on them

There are seven different guestbooks located on the mountains. Most are easy to find, others you will need to hunt for. Use the following videos to find each guestbook with ease.

Some of the following videos have been recorded in the first release of Stoked. All the locations and Guestbooks are the same.


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