QIX++ - Achievement Guide
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Fledgling Marker (5 points)
Defeat a total of 5 QIX.
  See Master Marker.
 Expert Marker (10 points)
Defeat a total of 30 QIX.
  See Master Marker.
 Master Marker (15 points)
Defeat a total of 100 QIX.
 Each section is broken up into 8 stages with 1 Qix per stage. Beat the stage, then beat the Qiz. You will unlock this achievement (as well as Expert and Fledgling Marker), after stage 5 of your 13th playthrough. I suggest Section 1 if you just want to unlock it because it's much easier.
 Understated Marker (15 points)
Defeat a total of 100 Sparx and Pawns.
 This is easily done in Section 1 on stages 1 and 5. Start taking territory, make sure you leave a decent amount to work with, and wait. Eventually the Qix will turn red and start shooting red "Sparx" at you, which follow along the edges of the stage. Simply claim a piece of territory buy cutting a square with the Sparx on it, and you destroy it. Repeat until the achievement is unlocked.
 Combat Rookie (15 points)
Obtain 30 points in Ranked Match.
  See Combat Specialist.
 Combat Specialist (25 points)
Obtain 300 points in Ranked Match.
 You earn points by what place you finish in. Points are also distributed by how many players. Ranked matches can have 2-4 players with 2 CPU players available if you cannot get and want 4 involved. You earn 3 points even if you come in dead last, and 10 points if you come in 1st. Just keep playing until you get enough points for this and Combat Rookie.
 Precision Instrument (20 points)
Reach a Cleared % of 95% or higher on eight separate stages.
 Simply clear 95% on eight separate stages. As you box in the Qix and take more of it's territory, it get's smaller. If it doesn't, then you need to find the PD power up to make it smaller. This is easier to obtain on Section 1, and you cannot get this by getting over 95% on one stage 8 different times.
 Golden Marker (15 points)
Upgrade every Customize Screen parameter to the maximum level.
 You absolutely must get 3 upgrade points after the first seven stages (since you don't upgrade after stage eight). You must clear at least 90% per stage to do this.
 Section 1 Champion (15 points)
Clear Section 1.
  Clear all eight stages in Section 1 of Single Player Standard mode.
 Section 2 Champion (15 points)
Clear Section 2.
  Clear all eight stages in Section 2 of Single Player Standard mode.
 Top Notch Success (20 points)
Gain 2,000,000 points in any Section.
  See Truly Magnificent Deed.
 Truly Magnificent Deed (30 points)
Gain 3,000,000 points in any Section.
 Use section 1 for this. You need to clear as much ground as humanly possible. In stages 1, 3, 5, and 7, you can obtain 99%+, and you need over 98% on 2, 4, 6, and 8. Make sure you use the box method by trying to box the Qix in. Some become smaller when trapped and lose territory but others you need the PD power up to make them small, like the Qix that shoots lasers out. This one is the hardest achievement to get, and the most time consuming, so take your time if you really want that 200!

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