Call of Duty (German) - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 First Termer (10 points)
Complete Training.
A self-explanatory achievement, can be done on any difficulty. This is the very first level, which serves as a tutorial for the game. Make sure to pay attention though, the controls are slightly different than the other Call of Duty games, but are easy to pick up on.
 Old Glory (20 points)
Complete the American missions.
For these achievements, you must finish every mission, save for each campaign's final mission. You will unlock this achievement upon finishing the mission "POW Camp", which will be when you go in and save Major Ingram.

Also, these achievements can be done on any difficulty.
 Union Jack (20 points)
Complete the British missions.
 See Old Glory for more info on what you must do. This achievement will unlock at the end of the mission "Assault the Tirpitz".
 Victory Banner (20 points)
Complete the Russian missions.
 See Old Glory for more info on what you must do. This achievement will unlock when you finish the two part tank driving mission, in which you must clear the town while driving a tank.
 Tank Breaker (15 points)
Finish Hurtgen.
 See Flag over the Reichstag
 Rocket's Red Glare (15 points)
Finish Rocket.
 See Flag over the Reichstag
 Flag over the Reichstag (15 points)
Finish Berlin.
These are the final missions in each campaign, which again, will unlock by playing the game normally. Again, these achievements can be done on any difficulty.
 War Hero (30 points)
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty.
Like every Call of Duty to come after it, you must beat the game on Veteran. Refer to the road map for several tips on the campaign overall.

Nevander has written a fairly comprehensive walkthrough for the game, which can be found HERE.
 Gunslinger (10 points)
Get kills using a pistol, rifle, submachine gun, and grenade in a mission without dying.
A fairly easy achievement, which can be done on any difficulty. Easily done on the second mission, Pathfinder. Play the mission on Greenhorn, and make sure to switch between all of your weapons. Start off by killing the guard by the tree with your pistol. Continuing on, you will get to a bunker with two enemies in it, which you could either use a frag to kill them, or use your Thompson or Carbine.

Eventually when you place the beacon and everyone begins dropping down, you will have to go through a house ahead to proceed through the level. In the house, there is only 2-3 enemies in there, so you can easily switch to whatever weapon you haven't gotten a kill with, and nab the achievement.
 Pea Shooter (20 points)
Complete a mission using only a pistol and no melee attacks.
This one will require a bit of planning to do. Again, Pathfinder on the Greenhorn difficulty is the best mission to do this on, as it's the shortest one in the game.

As soon as you land, make sure to switch to your pistol, and proceed through the level. Be very careful with your shots though, as enemies very rarely drop pistols. Make sure to let your AI teammates lead, as they can take out just about everyone on Recruit for you. If you play through carefully, you can easily nab this and the Survivor achievement at the same time.
 Survivor (15 points)
Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint.
Pathfinder on Recruit again, is the easiest mission to do this on. Take your time and try not to get shot if possible. If you start to take a lot of damage, look around for Med Kits and other health recovery items. The enemies you kill will usually drop a med kit, which should heal you for 25 health. Let your teammates lead to reduce the risk of dying even more. If play through carefully, you can easily nab this and the Pea Shooter achievement.
 Won The War (10 points)
Complete the game.
 Simply finish the game, can be done on any difficulty

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