Chime - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Fairy Godmother (50 points)
You've done a great thing and made the world a better place. Here's a little gift!
  This achievement will unlock as soon as you load up the game and create your save data.
 Explorer (5 points)
Play all the levels in both Time Mode and Free Mode.
 In order to move on to the next level in Time Mode you'll have to cover at least 50% of the grid using quads. Once you've gotten 50% coverage on all 5 levels in Time Mode you can jump over to Free Mode and play each one to unlock the achievement. In Free Mode you simply need to load up the level and play for a few seconds, then back out.
 Composer (5 points)
Completely fill the grid in Free Mode.
 Once you've tried a level in Time Mode you'll be able to go and play it in Free Mode. Keep filling up the grid with quads until the entire grid is marked and the achievement will pop.
 The Juggler (5 points)
Have 3 active quads onscreen at once.
 You must have 3 active quads going at once. An easy way to get this achievement is to go ahead and set up three near-complete quads next to each other that you'll be able to finish with one more shape each and finish them all in rapid succession.
 Quick Off the Blocks (10 points)
Create a quad before the beatline has made its first pass of the level.
 The basic idea of Chime is to create 'quads', block segments that are at least 3x3 blocks in size. Simply create a quad before the first beatline (the white line that scrolls over the board) passes through.
 The Beast (10 points)
Create a quad containing 80 cells or more.
 A 'cell' is just one of the blocks that make up the grid. All you need to do is make one quad that's 80 blocks total. One way to do this is again on the first level or two. Try to make a long quad that stretches from the left side of the grid to the right. By focusing only one one side, you'll make the quad easier to manage. It's a lot easier to only worry about filling 3 or 4 cells to continue your quad's timer vs. expanding both sides and needing to worry about more than that. You'll actually very likely get this achievement while trying to get "The Snake" achievement, as that requires this exact method to unlock.
 Big Bucks (15 points)
Score a total of 50 million points.
 A cumulative achievement, once you've gained 50 million points throughout the course of playing the game this will unlock. You can check how many points you've scored so far when you finish a level.
 The Musician (15 points)
Find 6 different quad sounds on a level. Quads can be square, wide or tall, and either small or big.
 To get this achievement, you'll need to create 6 quads of varying sizes. Just jump into the first level on 9 minute Time Mode. Take your time making quads of different heights and widths and this should pop easily enough.
 Fast Mover (15 points)
Create 7 quads on the grid in one pass of the beatline.
 This achievement is fairly easy if you use the same method as seen with "The Juggler" achievement. Go to the first stage and set up 7 near-complete quads. Once the line starts over, quickly fill in the final 'cell' of each quad to complete the 3x3 shape.

 Juggle Master (15 points)
Build up a score multiplier of 25 or more.
 To get this achievement you'll need to make 25 quads in a row without breaking your streak. Your streak can be broken when you lose unused pieces to the beatline. Each time the beatline passes over a piece that isn't being used, it drains a bit of its 'health' away. If you notice a piece flashing, that means the next time the beatline hits the piece it'll disappear and take with it your multiplier bonus. I again suggest using Brazil for this achievement.
 The Snake (20 points)
Create a single quad that covers the entire width of the grid on every level.
 You need to create one long quad from the left to the right side of the grid on each level in the game. As I suggested on "The Beast" achievement, try to only make this quad have a height of 3 cells. This makes it much easier to continue building upon.
 Ultimate Champion (35 points)
Get 100% coverage or more on every level in 3 minute mode.
 This achievement requires you to get at least 100% coverage on each stage while playing in the lowest time limit, 3 minutes. This is easily the hardest achievement in the game as certain stages such as Ooh Yeah have more obscure shapes than others and the 3 minute time limit is very short. Keep practicing each stage, learning the most effective ways to use the various shapes on each one and eventually you'll be able to unlock this achievement. One tip for those who are having trouble seeing the coverage - if you hold the button, it will fade the current blocks out of the way and only show the coverage.

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