A World of Keflings - Achievement Guide
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There are 21 achievements with a total of 450 points.
 The Stars At Night (10 points)
Helped enhance your world with culture stars

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. You'll earn culture stars every time you put up an upgrade to the power center of a kingdom (the Keep, Sultan's Palace, Castle, etc). You have to build all of them during story mode anyway, so this will come in time.

 I Would Walk 500 Miles (20 points)
Visited the Ice Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock as soon as you enter the Desert Kingdom for the first time.

 Reunited (And It Feels So Good) (20 points)
Talked to the whole family of builder brothers.

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock as soon as you meet Brodie in the Desert Kingdom.

 All You Need Is Doug (5 points)
Thawed out poor frozen Doug

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. It will unlock as soon as you rescue Bob's brother Doug in the Ice Kingdom.

 Smile On Your Brother (10 points)
Received Collectibles from a friend. How sweet!

For this achievement, your friend needs to send you his collection. To do this, he should select "Sharing" from the title menu, pause menu, or any Collectible (yellow) shop, choose "Share Collectibles," enter your Gamertag and send you a message. The next time you log on, choose "Check Messages" in the Sharing menu, open the message, and click the "Get Collectibles!" menu option. This achievement will come while working towards One Tree Hill, since you need to trade Collectibles to get to 25. If you need help, visit the Achievement Trading Thread.

 Go Ahead And Jump (15 points)
Watched a kefling bounce through a long series of cannons

As soon as you get to the Forest Kingdom, grab a Kefling and start heading West. There should be a set of cannons already primed to loop endlessly. Drop the little guy in and watch him go until the achievement pops. It may take a few rotations, so be patient.

 One Tree Hill (15 points)
Adorned your world with 25 unique decorative pieces

These are the Collectible pieces that you get from yellow shops or find in the wild, and are required to build houses (among other things). Your game will only have 19 in it, so you will need to have another player share their collection with you to get six more. You have to actually make all twenty-five pieces, but you don't have to use them in blueprints, you can just place them anywhere. You'll also unlock the Smile On Your Brother achievement while going for this one.

 I Am The City (25 points)
Helped out with building 100 buildings.

This one isn't difficult, it just takes time. Houses are easiest, taking only seven logs, seven rocks and a Collectible (which you'll already have twenty-five of laying about from One Tree Hill). Some collectibles are easier than others, though. For instance, the Zen Rock Stack just takes six rocks, while the Eternal Torch takes seventeen magic powders and thirteen rocks. Try to find a cheap one. This achievement is a bore, but it shouldn't be too terrible, and by the end of the game you should have tons of rocks and lumber laying around.

 Be It Ever So Humble (25 points)
Finished the Giant's Gift. How relaxing!

After you finish the Castle, the king will give you this blueprint. Gather up all your gifts and build it. Couldn't be simpler.

 Come on, Vogue! (10 points)
Expressed yourself with 20 different emotes. Strike a pose!

Emotes will be unlocked over the course of the game, and you should easily be able to get 20 without any viral emotes or cross-game exclusives. To make it easier, perform all the ones you have at the beginning of the game, and then every time you unlock a new one, perform it right away. Emotes are performed by selecting them with the D-Pad.

 Endless Doug (20 points)
Got to know Doug pretty well. Does he ever stop talking?

This achievement is story-related and can't be missed. I believe this unlocks around the time you reach the Forest Kingdom, though I could be mistaken. It will come as part of the story, and you can't miss it.

 Help! (I Need Somebody) (25 points)
Started 10 buildings the builders finished without you

This is pretty easy. The builders will only finish a blueprint for you if they've seen you build it before. Just set down one piece and they will build around it. Again, houses are easiest, and you'll probably knock out a few of these with houses and bridges during normal game play. If you don't finish it before story mode is over, then you can work on this and I Am The City at the same time.

 Mr. Roboto (25 points)
Help build the Ubertronic Dynabot

Simply progress with the story, the Dynabot will be the 2nd from last item you'll build and the last achievement you will unlock. To build this, youll need the following buildings:

  • 2x TR Charge Stations: Use one robot to harvest sulfer crystals, one to harvest junk piece (junk can be found if you follow the path south west of the map).
  • Matter Transformifier: Uses sulfer crystals or junk into make metamorph carrots.
  • 2x Gravity Lobster: Turns sand into Proto-Plastic.
  • Nuclear Lobster (Use metamorph carrot on a Gravity Lobster): Turns sand into radioactium.
  • Non-Space Space Station: Use to make purple coloured buildings on the blue-prints.
  • Constructinator Bot: Use to make green coloured buildings on the blue-prints.
  • 2x Rift rooster: Turns frauki branches into yellow Gloop.
  • Cosmic Rooster (Use metamorph carrot on a Rift Rooster): Turns frauki branches into dark matter.
  • Reality Constructor: Use to make yellow coloured buildings on the blue-prints.
  • 2x Nebula Panda: Turns junk into plasma beans.
  • Interdimentional Panda (use a metamorph carrot on a Nebula Panda): Turns sulfur crystals into mircochips.

You'll also need these resources at these buildings:

Gravity lobster: 6x sand

  • Nebula Panda: 15x junk
  • Interdimentional Panda: 24x sulfur crystals
  • Construction Bot: 2x frauki branches, 10x sand, and 6x Proto-plastic, Non-space space station: 15x plasma bean, 24x microchips, 72x yellow gloop, and 47x dark matter

You will also need a 5x5 square grid of free space to build the Ubertronic Dyanbot.

 Easy Being Green (10 points)
Help create a Nuclear Lobster

As you progress through the story you'll be tasked with "feeding" your Gravity Lobster building a metamorph carrot. To make the metamorph carrot, simply put 20 sulfur crystals into the matter transformifier building and then construct it by pressing A.

Then build a 2nd Gravity Lobster (due to the fact you will need both a Gravity and a Nuclear lobster later on in-game), feed it the metamorph carrot. After you have done that it'll become nuclear and earn you this achievement.

 Like a Rock (15 points)
Get past the meteor to explore the map

As you progress through the story, you will be given the task to build the laser disc, once you have built it, talk to Captain Warfbart. After the cutscene you'll be given a blueprint and the strength increase potion. Simply use the potion and walk up to the meteor on the left side of the map (near where the crashed UFO is located), then either break or move it to get this achievement and a few in-game bonuses as well.

 Sticky Business (20 points)
Save the Caramel Lake

Simply progress with the story, this will be the first task your given once you've built the bakery. To save Caramel Lake you must:

  1. Kick Augustus and remove the straw.
  2. Deposit 25 sugar in the Lake at the Apple.
  3. Deposit 10 Gummi Fish into the Lake at the Apple.

Once you complete these steps the lake will be saved and the achievement will unlock.

 Hunger Hunt (30 points)
Help find Augustus and his hidden treats

Keep progressing through the storyline and you will get this task. You just have to kick Augustus 5 times each time he will drop a piece of the turtle. If you're having trouble finding him look for a green stench cloud.

 Sweet Dreams (50 points)
Help restore Charlie to the Fudge Fortress

The Fudge Fortress is the last building you will build, then you have put the Everlasting Globplopper inside. Once that is done the achievement is yours.

 Field Day (20 points)
Help create a Scarecrow

This achievement is story-related and can’t be missed.

One of the first blueprints you receive is for a Corn Field. Build the Corn Field, add the pumpkin, and it will attract a scarecrow, netting you the achievement.

 It's Alive (30 points)
Help build the Franken-builder

This achievement is story-related and can’t be missed.

Through natural progression, you will be tasked with building the Franken-builder. Once built, the creature will be added to your building crew.

 Monster Mash (50 points)
See the epic confrontation between Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape

This achievement is story-related and can’t be missed.

The final blueprint is for the Monster Maker. This will allow creation of the Zombie-saurus. The final bit of the game is the confrontation between the Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape that has sent the world into chaos. Watch what unfolds, and this achievement will pop.


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