A World of Keflings - Achievements
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There are 21 achievements with a total of 450 points.
 The Stars At Night (10 points)
Helped enhance your world with culture stars
 I Would Walk 500 Miles (20 points)
Visited the Ice Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom
 Reunited (And It Feels So Good) (20 points)
Talked to the whole family of builder brothers.
 All You Need Is Doug (5 points)
Thawed out poor frozen Doug
 Smile On Your Brother (10 points)
Received Collectibles from a friend. How sweet!
 Go Ahead And Jump (15 points)
Watched a kefling bounce through a long series of cannons
 One Tree Hill (15 points)
Adorned your world with 25 unique decorative pieces
 I Am The City (25 points)
Helped out with building 100 buildings.
 Be It Ever So Humble (25 points)
Finished the Giant's Gift. How relaxing!
 Come on, Vogue! (10 points)
Expressed yourself with 20 different emotes. Strike a pose!
 Endless Doug (20 points)
Got to know Doug pretty well. Does he ever stop talking?
 Help! (I Need Somebody) (25 points)
Started 10 buildings the builders finished without you
 Mr. Roboto (25 points)
Help build the Ubertronic Dynabot
 Easy Being Green (10 points)
Help create a Nuclear Lobster
 Like a Rock (15 points)
Get past the meteor to explore the map
 Sticky Business (20 points)
Save the Caramel Lake
 Hunger Hunt (30 points)
Help find Augustus and his hidden treats
 Sweet Dreams (50 points)
Help restore Charlie to the Fudge Fortress
 Field Day (20 points)
Help create a Scarecrow
 It's Alive (30 points)
Help build the Franken-builder
 Monster Mash (50 points)
See the epic confrontation between Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape

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