Lazy Raiders - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Prodigal (15 points)
Find the mysterious Crystal Skull.
 See Legend
 Olympian (10 points)
Finish a maze in less than the gold time.
 See Sprinter
 Filthy Rich (15 points)
Amass your first million.
 This will probably be the first achievement you unlock. You earn cash by collecting gems and clearing all traps/enemies on each level. It is cumulative so your stash increases with each completed stage.
 Friendly (15 points)
Collect a relic with your Avatar.
 From the main menu, simply choose ‘Play as your Avatar’ then play and complete one of the Relic stages. Every 5th stage is a Relic stage e.g. Stage 5, 10, 15, 20.
 Collector (15 points)
Collect 25 idols.
 See Legend
 Conqueror (20 points)
Collect all 5 relics of the Seven Cities of Gold.
 See Legend
 Generous (10 points)
Let the Thieves snatch at least 1 million.
 Thieves only appear on the Relic stages and don't move under their own power. They move just like you do; by sliding around the stage. Because there are no idols on these stages, gems really don't matter so just focus on getting the Relic and let the Thieves get anything else that is in their path. Just like your stash, the amount they amass is cumulative over all the Relic stages. This unlocked for me about midway through the game.
 Spelunker (20 points)
Collect all 5 relics of the Arctic Wrecks.
 See Legend
 Guinea Pig (15 points)
Get hurt by every type of trap.
 This will come naturally to most! It's certainly possible to clear every stage without ever being hit, but for the majority of us, this is unlikely. To make sure you get this achievement, just let yourself get hit by each new trap type when you first come across them. You can then restart the stage if you wish to. I'm not sure if this applies to the creatures too, so I let them get me just to be sure. So, if it crushes, burns, bites, impales, squashes or explodes, let it get you at least once.
 Marshall (20 points)
Collect all 5 relics of the Wild West.
 See Legend
 Sprinter (20 points)
Finish a maze in less than the developer's time.
 Unfortunately, it doesn't actually say anywhere what the developer's times are. Level 37 is the level I did this on. We don't yet know what the developer time for this level is but the slowest time that has so far earned the achievement is 5.611 seconds. So you need to equal that or beat it.

When the stage starts, rotate left, skip the blue key, then pick up the green and purple keys. Try to stop below the purple door and hit to slide through.
 Legend (25 points)
Collect all 16 relics and all 192 idols.
 For this achievement, you will need to collect EVERY Relic and Idol in the game. There are 65 regular stages, with 3 Idols each, and 16 Relic stages, with 1 Relic each. You can progress through the game without collecting all 3 Idols on each regular stage but it is advised to stick at each stage, whilst the layout is fresh in your mind, until you've got all three. You can replay any previously completed stage at any time though, so there's nothing to stop you leaving some and coming back later. Idols appear on each stage as you gain more cash. To increase your cash you should be collecting all gems, killing all enemies and clearing all traps. Your cash is reduced by 25,000 every time you get hit twice.

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