Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 59 achievements with a total of 1205 points.
 Doing Work (10 points)
Kill 1000 enemies while in Guerrilla mode

You can obtain this on any difficulty and level. This will come over time while you play Guerrilla mode. There are 50 waves for each level. So depending on how many waves you complete. Playing with a full 4 player lobby might limit the amount of kills you would get, so doing this with 2 players would have a better out come. That way there is an even amount of kills shared.

 Quality Beats Quantity (30 points)
Defeat all 50 enemy waves on Guerrilla mode (any difficulty, any map)

So this will take a while. Try getting a party of 4 to make things go by faster and having a bit more fire power. You will HAVE to be in the game from beginning to end. You can not join on wave 50 or in the middle of a wave, the achievement will not unlock! Also you do not have to do all 50 waves in one sitting, but you will have to always play with who ever is hosting. 

The best map by far to do all 50 waves will Shantytown or the Office. You can easily hold down the HQ without much trouble. 

 Good Effect on Target (10 points)
In Guerrilla mode, kill more than 5 enemies with an airstrike

This can be done on any difficulty and level (don't do it on the Office). Once you successfully complete each wave you will be awarded with a Wave Streak. Keep fighting until you are awarded the Air Strike reward. Once you have the Air Strike reward (around wave 8), be sure you have enough enemies in your area before activating it. You don't need to aim or direct the Air Strike, once used, it will just fire and destroy just about every target on the map.

 Just a Box (10 points)
While in Guerrilla mode, complete an infiltration sequence without being detected

Map: Office 
Difficulty: Recruit
Just spawn, and immediately crouch (using  ). Stay crouched the entire wave. Just move through the map and eliminate all 5 enemies without setting off any detections. Follow the video for any additional level details. 

Once you eliminate the 5 enemies and the mission ends, you will get the achievement.

Thanks to Maka for the great description and video.

 Good Enough for Government Work (10 points)
Achieve a Ghost skill rating above 80% for all missions

The earliest level to get this is will be Subtle Arrow. Remember, if you fail don't worry because chances are you will get it in a different mission.

With the following tips it is possible on multiple levels, but this is your first easy opportunity. 

Map: Subtle Arrow
Difficulty: ANY (Elite optional)


  • Veteran or Elite difficulty
  • High Accuracy (95%+), Use Mark and Sync Shot to easily attain this
  • Headshots (Aim for the head)
  • Side Missions, try your best to complete these during the mission
  • No civilian casualties. Try to limit them as much as possible.
  • Limit your deaths and checkpoint restarts!
  • Use the sensor to scan areas before deciding who to kill.

Note: Also follow these recommendations for ever level to unlock Good Enough for Government Work. It has also come to my attention that difficulty, deaths, restarts and the challenges do not affect the Ghost Skill score (%) at the end of the level.

Thanks to Maka for the great description and video.

 Qualified (25 points)
Achieve a Ghost skill rating of above 90% on one mission

This is done during each mission in campaign. Completing all of the tactical challenges will earn you several weapon attachments, as well as the 'Master Tactician & Tactician' achievements (Complete 100% of the tactical challenges & complete 50% of the tactical challenges).

There are a total of 12 missions. Each one has 3 tactical challenges. If you die after completing a challenge you do not have to do it again, it will stay saved after the first completion! You can do the tactical challenges over multiple playthroughs or in Mission Selection. The chosen difficulty does not matter (only for the challenges that are tied to a difficulty - Mission 4, 6, 9, 10).
You do not have to reach the end of the mission to make the tactical challenge count. You can drop out after reaching the next checkpoint. The enemies have the same motion pattern on every difficulty.

Note: You do not have to do the Weapon challenges. 

MeonOner Credits: PowerPyx for taking the time to make a very detailed guide with videos located HERE!

 Master Tactician (25 points)
Complete 100% of the Tactical challenges

See Master Tactician achievement description for more details.

 Tactician (10 points)
Complete 50% of the Tactical challenges

See Just Another Day at the Office achievement description for more details.

 Battle Buddies (30 points)
Complete the campaign in Co-op

See Just Another Day at the Office achievement description for more details.

 Future Soldier (50 points)
Complete the campaign in Elite

See Just Another Day at the Office achievement description for more details.

 Advanced Warfighter (40 points)
Complete the campaign in Veteran

See Just Another Day at the Office achievement description for more details.

 Just Another Day at the Office (30 points)
Complete the campaign for the first time

Start the game on Elite & on Co-op mode. Starting it on Elite and in Co-op will limit the amount of playthroughs you will have to do. The difficulty achievements are stackable. Elite is not hard at all. If you do manage to die or fail, this game has frequent checkpoints which is helpful. Some missions can be long. Some things that will help you get through each level with without much trouble is to:

  • Do not rush!
  • Always take cover
  • Don't get to close to enemies (they can still see you even with the invisible camo)
  • Use the Motion Sensors or the Recon/UAV Drone to locate enemies and their position
  • Use the sync shooting when there are multiple enemies around
  • Attach a Silencer to all your weapons, it will really come into work in the campaign
  • Remember that range isn't a factor in single player
  • Stealth and team work is the key.
 ...I Can Do Better (5 points)
Complete 20 Daily Friend Challenges

See Anything You Can Do... achievement description for more details.

 Anything You Can Do... (20 points)
Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys

Beat a friend's challenge 5 times. 
For this you need to beat a friend's challenge under the Challenge menu. You will have to accept the challenge for it to count. Once you have beaten the Challenge given, go back to the Challenge menu and send the challenge back to your friend. Your friend will need to beat the challenge that was sent to them, and then they send it back to you. Each of you will need to do this 5 times and you have 24 hours to complete the first four, and the fifth on is 2 hours to complete. I would suggest deleting the friend's you have and only keep one, that you and him/her can just get each others challenges. Also if you get challenges like, exp. kill 2 enemies with melee, don't go around killing 20 enemies with melee. Just get 3 kills so its easier to complete. 

Note: That the player to complete the 5th challenge (500xp reward) will be the only one getting the achievement. So make sure the player who is going for the achievement finishes the 5th challenge. Also beating your own personal best also counts towards ...I Can Do Better.

Boosting Method: Have just 8 friends on your list with the game. Create 2 different squads, with 4 people in each. Go into a Squad match and search Decoy (3 rounds, 10 minutes each = 30min game mode) together. If one squad gets an empty lobby, back out and search for that empty lobby. Once both squads are in the same lobby you can do the challenges & volleys much easier, since all 8 of you are on each others friends list. Doing the fire volleys will also count towards your ...I Can Do Better achievement. This method also works to boost any of the other online/squad achievements, not just the challenges.

 Total Domination (40 points)
Complete all of the Domination achievements

To unlock this achievement you will have to unlock the following achievements first: 

  • Saboteur Domination
  • Decoy Domination
  • Siege Domination
  • Conflict Domination.

Remember has to be done in Squad Match NOT Quick Match.

To get all the 'Domination' achievements, you will have to create or be part of a squad. To create a squad, you simply go to the Main menu, scroll down to where it says Squad. Once your in the squad menu you will be able to create a name, set a motto and create your squad initials. You can have a minimum squad of 4 players and a max squad of 8, but you can have as many people under your squads name. To invite friends into your squad, press the  and click on your friend's name it will let you invite them. 

Note: If you're NAT is Strict you will not be able to host a match, but you will be able to be in one, create one & join a squad.

 Saboteur Domination (10 points)
Be part of a squad match where your team takes the bomb into the enemy base in under 2 minutes

See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

 Decoy Domination (10 points)
In squad matches your team completes the key objective first, five times.

This achievement no longer relies heavily on luck and chance. There is a sure way that you can get a key objective first every time.

  • Get your squad together and in a squad match.
  • Whomever needs the key objectives first challenges needs to be on Bodark team.
  • Start the match and no one on the Bodark team capture anything.
  • As soon as everyone has spawned on both Bodark and Ghost, the party leader on Ghost needs to quit out with his whole team.
  • If you are on Ghost team and it doesn't pull you out, then back out as well.
  • Bodark will automatically get the win and the key objective.

Join back together and rinse and repeat four more times and the achievement is yours.

It is a lot faster than guessing and having the 33% chance. The only tricky part is making sure that you get joined together. If one team searches and is in an empty lobby, then the other team searches - it improves your chances of getting joined together. As always if you "prefer" the people you are boosting with, there is a higher probability of joining them as well.

Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

 Siege Domination (10 points)
Be part of a squad match where your team captures the objective in under 2 minutes

See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

 Conflict Domination (10 points)
Be part of a squad match where your team wins by a margin of 500 points or more

See Total Domination achievement description for more information.

Note: This must be done in a Squad match NOT Quick match.

 Cross-trained (10 points)
Reach Level 10 on one Rifleman, one Scout, and one Engineer character

Play as each class until you reach level 10 for them. Shouldn't take too long to unlock depending on how much xp you get per game or if you win or lose.

 Backup (5 points)
Complete 5 Savior Kills in Quick Matches

To get savior kills, you must kill any enemy that is engaging your teammate. You will have to kill the enemy before they take out your teammate. Doing this will grant you an extra 300xp. If you hold  you will be able to follow one of your teammates around. Just cover them while they are getting shot at and you should get credit towards one savior kill. Do this 4 more times before the match is over and the achievement will be yours

Note: You will know you got the Savior kill when it pops up under your kill score on the top portion of your screen.

Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

 Actionable Intel (10 points)
Complete 10 Coordinated Kills

Any class can actually hack, you will have to attach the Stun gun (under secondary). First down an enemy and data hack their body. After a successful data hack enemies will be highlighted in red. Use the Coordination System  to create a path to the nearest enemy. This is done by holding , hold UP on the , you will see a small section on the top of the action wheel with a grid and crosshairs, release the . This will create a path to the nearest enemy. Kill that enemy to achieve a Coordinated Kill. Do this 9 more times to grab the achievement.

Note: If you were the one who completed the hack, IMMEDIATELY use the Coordination System () to highlight a target path to the player you just downed or stunned (who should be right next to you). Send a bullet to their head, execution style to get an easy Coordinated kill.
You will know when you get a coordinated kill because it will pop up under your kill score at the top of your screen.

Note:This does NOT have to be done in one game.

MeonOner Credits:  XcS Dead Deer for the solution.

 Mod Pro (40 points)
Spend 50 Attachment Credits to add attachments to various guns

For most this should unlock around the same time as the Armorer achievement.

See Armorer achievement description for more details.

 Tuned Up (25 points)
Customize all the internal parts of one weapon

Super easy. You will need 2 attachment credits. Just customize the Trigger & the Gas System for any gun. If any new attachment effects the guns stats take it off after the achievement unlocks. If you want this really quick, buy a Trigger for your Pistol and it will unlock. 

Note: Unlocks after you have saved all the new upgrades. You unlock 1 attachment credits every time you level for Bodark & Ghost.

 Field Tested (5 points)
Play 5 MP matches of each game type

Play 5 matches of each:

  • Conflict
  • Saboteur
  • Siege
  • Decoy 

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, the achievement will still unlock. Make sure you play a full match of each, 5 times. Joining in the middle of a match will not count. 

Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

 Counter-Intelligence (10 points)
Interrupt an enemy's attempt to data hack a teammate 5 times, by killing or stunning the enemy

This one is a little tricky, only because its hard to come across this happening. You will have to kill an enemy who downed one of your teammates. The enemy will be standing over your teammate. At this time, either shoot them or stun them to get credit for denying the enemies data hack. A message will appear on your screen when an enemy is data hacking one of your team mates.

 True Ghost (10 points)
Get 10 consecutive kills in one Quick Match without dying

Probably one of the hardest achievement to unlock on the multiplayer. At least for me took me forever. I personally did this using the Scout class on the Pipeline level during a Conflict match. I just took cover behind a wall on the second floor, wait to become invisible and press  to aim behind cover and  to bring up your scope and snipe the enemies as they try to capture the objective.

Basically choose a class your comfortable with and try to get a map you know your way around. Or if your lucky enough to find a match with some people that aren't very good at this game, focus on killing them, then capturing objectives. Good luck with this one!

 Recon Specialist (25 points)
Complete 5 Intel Assists in Quick Matches

To get an Intel Assist kill, you will have to assist a teammate in killing an enemy which is currently highlighted on the map/radar in a red outline. Using sensor grenades, cameras, data hacking players or anything that allows you to mark enemies will work.

Note: This does NOT have to be done in one game.

 Kitted Out (25 points)
Customize 1 weapon with an external attachment at every attachment point

You will need 7 attachment credits. Just customize the Barrel, Magazine, Muzzle, Optics, Side Rail, Stock, Underbarrel & (not sure if Paint counts, but add it anyways. Gives your gun SWAG.) Even if one of the parts you unlock changes the stats on the gun, buy it anyways and just change after the achievement unlocks. Save all new upgrades for achievement to unlock.

Note: You unlock attachment credits every time you level for Ghost and Bodark, no matter what team your on.

 Mod Rookie (5 points)
Add an attachment to any gun

Simply go to your load out and use a weapon credit to unlock any attachment you want, and POP it will unlock. This most likely be your second achievement unlocked.

 High-Value Target (5 points)
Kill a member of the dev team, or kill someone who has

This is a viral achievement and it should be your first multiplayer achievement. Don't really focus on this one, because the chances are that the first enemy you kill will give you the achievement. If not keep playing.

 Coordinated Assault (5 points)
Use the Coordination System to reach an objective

This will probably another of your first multiplayer achievements. Hold  to bring up the Coordination System and select the objective that is listed. Follow the yellow line that is taking you straight to the objective. You do not have interact with it. Just simply make it there and it will unlock instant.

Thanks to Maka for the great description and video.

 Armorer (35 points)
Spend 25 Attachment Credits with each role

You get credits for both sides, Ghost and Bodark. Just stick to one class at a time and just unlock attachments for the weapons you unlock and have. You will need to get the Scout, Assault & Engineer to at least level 13 each, to have enough credits. The Mod Pro achievement will most likely be unlock for some at this point. 

Note: Pistols also count towards this achievement. I'm not sure if there is a way to track how many attachments you have bought for one class. 

 High Speed, Low Drag (50 points)
Reach Level 50 on any character

Choose one class that best suits you. You get XP pretty much for anything: 

  • spawning of teammates
  • killing enemies behind cover
  • getting collateral damage
  • shooting through thin objects
  • capturing objectives
  • data hack
  • healing, etc. 

To get XP quick, without going for objectives. Use the Stun gun or under barrel Stun attachment. Stun your enemies, then quickly run to them and Data hack them, after you complete a successful Data hack, hold , up on the  and then  for a Coordinated kill. Rinse and repeat. I believe doing this method for XP grants you about 1000+xp, and you also get a 1.5xp bonus on the first hour you play. Keep in mind healing a downed teammate gives you 500xp-750xp for every pick up. Spawning off teammates give you 35xp-75xp.

 Call, Answered (35 points)
Complete all Tours of Duty

This achievement and the other 'Tours of Duty' achievements will take you some time and dedication on the multiplayer. You will have to win 3 MP game modes: 

  • Conflict
  • Saboteur
  • Siege & Decoy

Choose one game mode until you have won on each map. I suggest making a checklist of the maps name and what game modes you have won on them. 

Note: You can win the same game mode 3 times for each map, it doesn't have to be 3 different ones.

**Some say this can be done in quick matches. A win does not count if you join a session in progress or if the host leaves. If anyone could confirm this, please PM or post in thread**

 Tour of Duty: North Sea (25 points)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Harbor, Cargo, and Rig maps

See Call, Answered achievement description for detail.

 Tour of Duty: Arctic (25 points)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Underground, Mill, and Alpha maps

See Call, Answered achievement description for detail.

 Tour of Duty: Nigeria (25 points)
Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Pipeline, Market, Sand Storm, and Overpass maps

See Call, Answered achievement description for detail.

 Tour of Duty: Moscow (25 points)
Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Skyline, Riot, and Evicted maps

When looking for a game, be sure to set the settings to the "Battle - Arctic Strike" maps. This will allow you to play on those maps specifically. Once you've done that, just win at least 3 games on each of the three new maps.

 Stockade Domination (10 points)
Be part of a squad match where your team eliminates the enemy in under 2 minutes.

This requires you to have a squad that is capable of defeating a team quickly, or able to get matched up against awful teams.

If you usually fly solo, head HERE to see if you can get yourself a squad.

This can be boosted by breaking into an 8 person group of 2 4 man teams looking for squad matches at the same time until the two groups meet in a match. Either way, you will need to have your teammates do their best to stay alive while you quickly eliminate the enemies. For every teammate your enemy kills, one of their own teammates will be revived, thus increasing the time it takes to finish the game (like dodgeball).

 Dirty Work (50 points)
Complete all 3 maps in Raven Strike on Elite

When loading up a new game in the DLC (you can choose between the standard game and DLC missions), be sure to switch the difficulty to Elite, and then finish the three new missions on that difficulty (without changing it).

 Maximum Effort (25 points)
Defeat all tactical challenges in Raven Strike

If you've beaten the main campaign, chances are you know what to expect from the challenges. It's the same deal for this DLC, with most of the challenges involving the pistol and stealth kills, adding an extra bit of difficulty to the missions, especially on Expert. But, that's nothing a true Ghost should have a problem with. If you do have any problems, look HERE for my 100% tactical challenges guide.

 Tour of Duty: Peshawar (25 points)
Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Switchback, Palace, and Transit maps

When entering multiplayer, change the settings to "Battle - Khyber Strike" to allow you to play the new maps. From there, just win 3 games of any type of each of the maps.

 Takeover Domination (10 points)
Be part of a squad match where your team wins by more than 100 points.

You will need a squad for this one, as well as the ability to play Takeover mode with all of them. If you are in need of a squad, check HERE.

Once you're in a Takeover game, start off by hacking the enemy's objective, which will grant you 3x score. From there you will need a 34 kill lead to win by more than 100 points. Obviously this will be easier to do with two 4 man teams searching for a game at the same time until they join the same game. Then they just need to swap achievements.

Secret Achievements
No Loose Ends (20 points)
Eliminate the leader of the Raven's Rock faction

Story related, can't be missed.

Relieved of Command (20 points)
Kill the general commanding the Moscow defenses

Story related, can't be missed.

Special Election (20 points)
Rescue Russian President Volodin from the prison camp

Story related, can't be missed.

Breathing Room (20 points)
Destroy the second piece of enemy artillery

Story related, can't be missed.

Fuel for the Fire (20 points)
Secure the drilling ships and complete the mission

Story related, can't be missed.

Blood Brother (20 points)
Rescue the Georgian Spec Ops

Story related, can't be missed.

...Must Come Down. (20 points)
Destroy the plane with the weapons system on board while it is in flight

Story related, can't be missed.

EOD (20 points)
Destroy the Russian weapons transfer station

Story related, can't be missed.

Source Control (20 points)
Secure the VIP and transfer them to the exfiltration team

Story related, can't be missed.

Precious Cargo (20 points)
Secure the VIP and transfer him to the exfiltration team

Story related, can't be missed.

What Goes Up... (20 points)
Shoot down the cargo plane

Story related, can't be missed.

Loose Thread (20 points)
Secure Gabriel Paez

Story related, can't be missed.

Package Delivery (20 points)
Secure General Kozlov

Story related.

This will unlock once you finish Secure Dawn on any difficulty.

Tables Turned (20 points)
Fight your way out of a Bodark ambush

Story related.

At the end of Cold Walker you'll get attacked by a Bodark Spec Ops ambush that you must annihiliate to both finish the mission, and get this achievement. One thing to note is keep an eye on your back as enemies spawn all over the area, and not just in front of you.

Clean Slate (20 points)
Take down all four HVTs

Story related.

This is your primary objective for the mission, and it will unlock once you kill the last HVT.


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