DeathSpank - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Destroyer Of Chickens (10 points)
Kill 100 Chickens

This achievement should probably be the very first one you get. In fact, there're so many chickens in the first area, you should get it in the first ten minutes of the game. One of your first quests, 'Vicious Chicken Lips' given to by Ms. Heybenstance will have you killing roughly 20 chickens or so. Just keep killing them until you become the Destroyer of Chickens.

 The Day the Music Died (20 points)
Kill Sergeant Orque

He is located at the top of Camp Orqawanga, which is situated southeast of Pluckmuckel and west of the Haunted Forest. There are a lot of enemies besides Sergeant Orque in the Camp, so try to kill everyone of them before you attack him. Although they probably won't attack you during the fight, you don't want to take the chance.

One of the first storyline bosses you'll face. He is level 16 and can take a punch. Like all enemies, if you leave the area, he will regenerate health and since he can hurt you somewhat fast, I suggest you have a lot of health potions on hand. They immediately give you health while the food is a timed replenishment process. Every so often he takes out a trumpet and calls out several level four foot soldiers. They're easy, but pests, so take them out as soon as he calls them!

The main thing is, to just keep hitting him with everything you've got and when you're health drops low, instantly give yourself a health potion. He is rather slow and has no ranged attack, so if you have no health potion but plenty of food, grab a bite and run around in his general area, but stay in his general area so he keeps chasing you. If he turns back and walks away, his health will regenerate to 100%.

 Can't Kill Me... (5 points)
Resurrect at an Outhouse

This is another easy achievement. You'll most likely die at least once in this game and once you do receive that fatal blow, you'll come out of a outhouse, one achievement richer. You'll be low on health however, so before you run into combat again, make sure to give yourself a chicken leg, or whatever else you have for health.

If for some reason, you just can't wait to die naturally, just run up to a group of enemies and let them kill you. Since you discover a Outhouse early on, you won't have to worry so much about what will happen to you if you haven't found a magical Outhouse/transporter.

 Extermination (15 points)
Destroy all 3 Queen Greems

You need to kill 3 Queen Greems for this achievement. It's easy to keep track of because you get the objective to kill the Queens through a side-quest from a man known as the Greem Exterminator. He is located shortly west of the Mayor in Pluckmuckel and looks like the person in the achievement picture. He'll tell you that his father needs to be avenged and that you'll need to kill the Queens for his honor to be returned. He'll give you a whistle and the location and you must do the dirty work.

Each Queen Greem is located at a mating stone in a certain area. Walk up to the stone and use the whistle you get for each quest with the stone. Walk up to the stone and press  to go to your inventory. Select the whistle and the Queen will appear. Once you kill her walk over her dead body to recover the Queen Greem Sack and return it to the Greem Exterminator. Do this three times and you'll net your achievement.

  1. The first Queen Greem (Lvl 15) is located at the Greem Lake Mating Stone. The best way to get there is to use the Outhouse teleporters, travel to the Slimey Outhouse and travel southeast.
  2. The Second Queen Greem (Lvl 18) is located at the Haunted Forest Mating Stone in Zombie Greem Camp. The best way to there is to use the Outhouse teleporters, travel to the Haunted Lake Outhouse and travel north.
  3. The Third Queen Greem (Lvl 20) is located at the Farmhouse Mating Stone. The best way to get there is to use the Outhouse teleporters, travel to the Wretched Outhouse and travel south towards Greem Camp.

Once you kill the last Queen the achievement will unlock. You don't have to turn the quest in to get the achievement, but I suggest turning it in anyway for the experience points.

 Man In The Hole (15 points)
Complete 6 Spelunker Quests

Spelunker is the Indiana Jones look-a-like and is always near a cave. His quests are simple: Go inside cave, kill whatever enemies are inside the cave, grab a cave crystal sample, exit the cave and turn the quest in for the reward. The quest names and locations are:

  1. Crystal Eyeball - Eyeball Cave. Located directly east from Pluckmuckel. You'll know when you reach the area when you are getting attacked by large eyeballs.
  2. Haunted Crystal - Haunted Forest Cave. Located in the southeast part of the Haunted Forest and below the Haunted Mansion,
  3. Get Swamp Crystal - Swamp Cave. Located in the northeast part of the Swamp which is south of Cabins For The Rich.
  4. Enchanted Crystal - Enchanted Forest Cave(Located in the southwest part of the Enchanted Forest and west of the Leprecolony)
  5. Get Wretched Crystal - Wretched Cave. Located east of the Demonic Stones and southeast of Castle Von Prong.
  6. SabreTooth Crystal - Sabretooth Cave. Located in the northeast part of the Field of Donkeys. The Field of Donkeys is northeast of the Demonic Stones and north of the Wretched cave.

You do not have to complete these quests in my order above, they are just the locations and the order I did them. They can be done at any time and in any order. Unlike extermination, you must turn in the last crystal quest to receive your reward and the achievement.

 Extracurricular Activities (20 points)
Finish 50 Side Quests

Another achievement you will achieve as you progress in the game. Before the Orphan quest, you receive little main quests, so the side quests which are known as 'Unimportant Things I Need To Do' will be your main stay for most of the beginning. Although these quests aren't required, they're recommended since you'll get a lot of experience if you do them, and you'll need the experience to reach level 20.

The main thing you should remember though, is that you have to turn them in to completely finish a quest. Any quests that need to be turned in will be highlighted green in your Quest Log.

 Justice Dispenser (25 points)
Kill 2500 Enemies

This will come naturally as well. Everything you can kill counts as an enemy, so kill away! You'll definitely reach this before the game is over since all areas respawn after a certain amount of time and you have to cross each area several times to get where you need to go and do what you need to do. If you want to know how many enemies you have killed so far, just go to the leaderboards in either the main menu or pause menu. When it's loaded up, press  and you'll see your name pop up as well as the number of enemies you've killed thus far.

 I'm an Addict (10 points)
Drink 50 Potions

Since you will get hurt a lot, even on easy, this achievement will come naturally as you progress. Instead of eating any food stuffs to replenish your health, use the health potions (the red bottles) to heal yourself. It doesn't matter what size they are, as long as you drink 50 of them. If you can't find enough through exploring the world, you can buy them at the General Store in Pluckmuckel, which is the first major town you go to. It's to the north of your starting location and you reach it after the Demon Mines.

 Mr. Tough Guy (30 points)
Reach Level 20

There's no real super fast and easy way to get this achievement, but reaching level 20 is pretty fast to begin with. It's the last level you can rank up to, so probably one of the last achievements you'll get. The easiest way to rank up is to complete the quests. The quests net you a lot of experience and it's a lot faster and more entertaining than grinding it out by going to the same area over and over again.

It's good to know that difficulty does affect how much experience you get when you kill enemies or complete quests. If you have completed everything but still have not reached level 20, you should bump up the difficulty and kill anything you see. The most efficient enemy to kill are Prong Soldiers. They die in 1-2 hits depending on your weapon, and give you a good amount of XP when they're killed.

 Underground Subway (15 points)
Discover all 30 Teleporting Outhouses

There are a total of 30 Outhouses you have to discover. When you walk up to an Outhouse, it will say activated, but you have to press  on it to fully 'discover' it. Outhouses are large brown buildings that are mostly found on the side of roads and usually right before a difficult part of an area. They're not hard to spot and you can easily see them in the area maps. Don't be mistaken about the Outhouses inside any demon caves. Since they're Out-Of-Order, they don't count for this achievement. All Outhouses that you need for the achievement are out in the open world.

Map showing all locations of the Outhouses: Link

 Menu Hero (10 points)
Dispense the Good, Vanquish the Evil

Another very simple achievement. This one is so simple, it actually involves you doing nothing in the actual game! When in the Pause Menu, go to Help & Options->Settings->Global Game Settings, and then adjust the two sliders so Good is all the way to the right and Evil is all the way to the left. I'm not really sure what the actual outcome is for changing the Good/Evil settings, but it doesn't matter, you'll still get the achievement and if you're unsure if you want to keep it that way, just press  to Reset to Defaults.

 Take Back The Knight (25 points)
Kill Lord Von Prong

Lord Von Prong is the last boss you'll face before a dramatic conclusion and a hint at a possible sequel. He is located in the heart of Castle Von Prong which in this world rests in the top northeast part of this strange and exotic world. You'll definitely know who he since he has a massive head of hair and an extremely small donkey he rides on.

Probably a good idea to have a good supply of potions on hand before starting the fight. Kill his minions first. They can regenerate his health. He has a stun attack that can lasts long enough for him to kill you. It is entirely avoidable. You will notice him start to sing before pounding the ground causing his area of effect stun. When he starts to sing that particular tune, get out of range. As soon as he's done pounding the ground you can go right back in while you still see the musical notes swirling and start hitting him again. The only weapon that does any damage to him is the Prongenator 3000 you got from Eubrick. Don't waste your time with anything else. Just keep beating him with it until he's dead making sure you avoid getting stunned. If you die, you have to start the whole fight all over again. 


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