SBK X: Superbike World Championship - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Do you know your engineer? (15 points)
Use the Technical Meeting in any Simulation game mode for the first time
 My bike is better than yours (15 points)
Save a setting in any Simulation game mode for the first time
 Nice to meet you (15 points)
Create your first rider in Arcade or Simulation
 Worldwide time (40 points)
In simulation beat all the track records on dry tarmac in Time Attack mode only with SBK® class
 Are you a pro? (30 points)
Win your first quick race in Simulation with opponents at Real level
 From Naples to London (30 points)
Ride for at least 2000 km in any game mode, in Arcade and/or Simulation
 The fastest player in the west (30 points)
Pass the final three chapters of the SBK® Story Mode
 We esteem you (50 points)
Reach 999 reputation points in Career Mode
 Career man (40 points)
In the same career, win at least one season in STK, WSS™ and SBK® in Career Mode
 It's a long way to the top (20 points)
Upgrade all bike components in Career Mode
 And the winner is... (15 points)
Beat at least one Special Opponent in Career Mode
 Your path begins here (15 points)
Win your first race in Career Mode
 You have the right to retire (30 points)
Complete Career Mode at least once
 Extra is more than "normal" (45 points)
Unlock all the Extras
 Tuner time (15 points)
Unlock your first bike upgrade in Career Mode
 Not so popular (25 points)
Lose at least 100 reputation points in Career Mode
 Your life is a failure (45 points)
Finish one entire season in Career mode without winning it
 Now you have to keep them clean (30 points)
Win all the cups in Career Mode
 Sign on the dotted line (20 points)
Accept an offer by an STK team in Career Mode
 It gets serious (25 points)
Accept an offer by a SBK® team in Career Mode
 What a beautiful tree! (25 points)
Reach at least one goal in all chapters in the Story Mode
 Congratulations 4 your marriage (25 points)
During the same Career sign at least three contracts
 Win in one breath! (20 points)
Win a Quick Championship
 The first time was quick (15 points)
Win at least one race in the Quick Championship
 Climb towards success (20 points)
Reach all podium positions at least once in Simulation in different Quick Races
 Have you ever watched them? (15 points)
Watch the credits
 Think for yourself (15 points)
Watch a replay for the first time
 Money well spent (5 points)
Thanks for purchasing SBK®X
 Rookie of the lobbies (20 points)
Win your first Championship race on Xbox LIVE
 The first in a long series (30 points)
Win your first Championship or Crew Championship on Xbox LIVE
 Burn the chronometer (30 points)
Win a Time Attack on Xbox LIVE
 Quickly online (15 points)
Win your first Quick Race on Xbox LIVE
 Failed cheater (15 points)
During a Quick Race take a disqualification in Simulation
 Mach 0.28 (15 points)
In Simulation, reach 300 km/h with any bike on any track in any game mode
 Go ahead against the wall (20 points)
Total a bike in Career Mode
 Rest in pieces (25 points)
Sustain enough injuries to force your rider into retirement in Career Mode
 It is not so difficult (15 points)
Enter the Pit Lane for the first time in any game mode in Arcade or Simulation
 We are tired of your sim! (40 points)
Win at least one Quick Race with 100% race length in Simulation
 Step on the gas! (25 points)
In Arcade win your first Quick Race
 Fashion victim (15 points)
Win a Race Weekend in Simulation dressing your rider with the Milestone helmet
Secret Achievements
Finding Goblin (30 points)
Create your rider in Arcade or Simulation, choosing face number 6.
Do you remember Mister Macaco? (15 points)
Create a rider called Mister Macaco in Arcade or Simulation.

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