Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duel - Achievement Guide
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Become a Duelist (10 points)
Play a single player game

This achievement will will unlocked when you play through the story. Win or lose, the achievement unlocks.

 First to become a true Duelist (10 points)
Win a Preliminary Tournament

Preliminary tournament:

If you are about to lose a duel in the tournament you can quit to the main menu and continue; this will start over the duel with the person you are about to lose to. This can become an effective means of studying an opponent's deck if you are losing and it doesn't effect your place in the tournament.

You must duel 3 opponents and you are scored based on how well you duel. This is going to take some trial and error and abuse of the exit and reload strategy. Easiest way to make sure you advance is to win all 3 duels. Win the first one and if you are about to lose in round 2 quit out and try again. You get to keep your round 1 win but get another shot at the person in round 2. Once you win round 2 move to round 3, keep quitting if you are about to lose so you don't have to start over.

Scoring is used in the event of a tie in the number of wins so if you have 2 wins and the AI has 2 wins whoever has more points will advance. Having 350 points heading into round 3 is a good benchmark.

Scoring breakdown:

  • Winning + 100
  • Win match + 50
  • Perfect +10
  • Lifepoints difference (no exact formula)
  • Number of turns +2 per
  • Number of times using spells +2 per
  • Number of times using traps +2 per
  • Synchro summons +4 per
  • Tribute summons +4 per
  • Maximum ATK +1 for every 500 atk points
  • Maxmimum damage reflected +1 for every 100 reflected
  • Cards you forced opp. to discard + 2 per
  • Fill up moster zone +10
  • Fill up magic zone +10
  • Win w/ less than 5 cards in deck left +20
  • Comeback +10
  • Win on opp's turn +10
  • Deck your opp. +20
  • Win w/ no cards in your deck +100
  • Getting an opponents life points to exactly 0 +20
  • Fusion summons +4 per
  • Unused special summons +5 per
  • Win with no more than 1000 life points left +20
  • Win by inflicting battle damage only +10
  • Maximum damage inflicted (not to be confused with reflected) (No exact formula)
  • Unused traps +5 per
  • Unused spells +5 per
  • Win in the first 3 turns +10

Knockout tournament:

This is a bracket style tournament, with Jack or Yusei as your opponent in the finals.

Using the exit and reload option you can edit your deck for you next opponent if you are finding your current deck isn't good enough.

 Become a Signer (10 points)
Defeat Yusei

Boss monster: Stardust dragon 2500 atk/ 2000 def

Effect: You can Tribute this card to negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that destroys a card(s) on the field, and destroy that card. If you negate an effect this way, you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard during the End Phase.

Key to victory: Removal engines and just in general keeping his critters off the field.

Yusei uses a Junk / Synchro Deck, so he will try to spam the field with easy to Special Summon lvl 2 monsters like Giant Germ or Nimble Momomga. Then he'll try to Synchro Summon Junk Warrior with Junk Synchron and those pesky lvl 2 monsters he'll keep spamming. Junk Warrior can get very dangerous if there's still some lvl 2 monsters left on the field when it is summoned, since it gets an attack boost for each of those monsters. He can summon a Junk Warrior with 6000+ ATK, so you'll want to keep his critters at bay. Torrential Tribute and Needle Ceiling work well here for the crowd control. Black Horn of Heaven, Bottomless Trap Hole, Royal Oppression can stop Junk Warrior from being summoned. Yusei can also summon and special summon Junk Synchron quite easily too. He has 3 The Warrior Returning Alive, which he'll use to get his Junk Synchron back from the Graveyard. It's very annoying because with this long reserve of Junk Synchron, he'll keep trying to summon Junk Warrior, or worst, Stardust Dragon. So just be ready, don't waste your Bottomless Trap Hole or Sakuretsu Armor/Widespread Ruin and you should be able to neutralize his strategy!

Recommended Cards:

  • Royal oppression
  • Sakuretsu Armor
  • Torrential Tribute
  • Black horn of heaven
  • Any removal engine
 Absolute King of the Turbo Duel (10 points)
Defeat Jack

Boss monster: Five headed dragon 5000 atk/ 5000 def

Effect: The Fusion Materal Monsters for this card are any 5 Dragon-Type monsters. This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card does not take any Battle Damage and cannot be destroyed by battle with an Earth, Water, Fire, wind or Dark monster. (Battle Damage is still inflicted to players.)

Key to victory: Keeping Future fusion from being played.

Jack uses a very fast Dragon beat down deck' and as such he can be brutal if your strategy takes too long to implement. I noticed that he has very few low level creatures compared to the amount of monsters that require as such he wasn't able to bring out creatures until his 3rd or 4th turn. The main key to success to beating Jack is hit him hard and hit him fast. If you get a monster out for each of your first 3 turns and beat him to playing Future fusion you can defeat him in 3 turns. In case you aren't able to do this, stack some instant magic stomping action like magic jammer and monster crushing traps like bottomless trap hole. If he can use future fusion he can use 1 of 2 combos. 1 being able to summon Five headed dragon which has 5000 atk and def. Having a bottomless trap hole ready for it will save the day. If he is able to throw out 5 dragons for the five headed dragon he will revive them using an assortment of monster effects and magic cards.

Recommended Cards:

  • Bottomless Traphole
  • Waboku
  • Magic Jammer
  • Heavy Storm
  • Magic Cylinder
 You have talent! (10 points)
Save an original Deck Recipe

To get this achievement you need to play a duel to earn a new card then go to the deck editor, and put in one of the cards you got and then save it. Make sure to rename it as well; I rename it after every edit to make sure that I am using my new recipe. When you play against the AI; for every 20 points you score you get a card. So if you win you are auto entitled to 5 cards.

Check out the Deck Building guide for helpful tips on building your deck.

 Create a friend! (10 points)
Play a Tag Duel

Requires 4 players

This is an online achievement. Play a tag duel all the way through; win or lose it unlocks. See "Friendly duelist" for more information regarding tag duels.

 You became a tag Duelist! (10 points)
Win a Tag Duel for the first time

4 players required.

This is an online achievement. Win your first tag duel. See "Friendly Duelist" for more information regarding tag duels.

 Becoming a special Duelist (10 points)
Win and get a Rare Card

Win your first duel and this unlocks. Keep playing and unlocking cards, don't get discouraged if you keep losing you will eventually get the cards you need to win.

 Violent Duelist (20 points)
Inflict at least 1 million total damage

This seems difficult, but if you win every duel you play it will take a minimum of 125 duels to accumulate 1 million damage. Do to the insane AI you will probably get this way before "Lonely Duelist" or "Friendly Duelist"; you will rack up damage from duels regardless if you win or not and duels from multiplayer also count. You will get this with ease if you are going for all the other achievements.

Boosting method: If you want to go out of your way to boost this; I have a strategy for it.

Cards you will need: Neo-spacian Hummingbird, Mistbody

Summon Hummingbird and equip mistbody to it. On each turn activate hummingbird's ability to recover lifepoints. On you friend's turn have him attack hummingbird. Since Mistbody is active, he won't die and your friend deals damage to you, counting towards his 1 million damage. Repeat this until it unlocks or your decks run out.

Having more than one of each in your deck will make them easier to draw and make this easier to get started. Only recommended if you boost all your win achievements.

 Lonely Duelist (30 points)
100 wins in Single Mode

Single mode means not matches. So 1 duel, no best 2 out of 3. You can boost this while going for tag wins as well, just set it to single duel matches and it will count.

 Friendly Duelist (30 points)
100 wins in Tag Duel

4 players required.

This is an online achievement. You must win 100 tag duels. If you want to do this legit (non-boosting) you will need co-operation from your teammate as you can set magic and traps for your partner to use and vice-versa. Create strategies together cause on whoever's turn it is. Both players can see your hand and you can see their's on their turn. So if its your turn; your partner can see the cards in your hand but not his. When its his turn you can see his hand but you can't see yours. You are playing on the same play mat so even though there are 2 duelists you only have 5 monster spaces and only 5 magic so plan accordingly. You can boost this in custom games; just set the game to private and invite 3 people to boost with.

 Ultimate Duelist (40 points)
200 wins in any mode

Just win 200 duels can be a mix of tag/singles and single duel/matches. This will most likely be your last achievement for the game.


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