Dark Void - Achievements
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There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Prologue (15 points)
Complete Prologue
 Crash Site (15 points)
Complete Crash Site
 The Village (15 points)
Complete The Village
 Spare Parts (15 points)
Complete Spare Parts
 Village Attack (15 points)
Complete Village Attack
 Into the Void (30 points)
Complete Into the Void
 Prophesied One (15 points)
Complete Prophesied One
 The Survivors (15 points)
Complete The Survivors
 Prison Escape (15 points)
Complete Prison Escape
 Breaking Camp (30 points)
Complete Breaking Camp
 Defending the Ark (15 points)
Complete Defending the Ark
 The Collector (15 points)
Complete The Collector
 The Revolt (15 points)
Complete The Revolt
 Tower of Return (30 points)
Complete Tower of Return
 Dark Void (100 points)
Complete Dark Void
 Ultimate Bad Ass (60 points)
Ultimate Bad Ass - Complete Dark Void on Hardcore
 Dear Diary (15 points)
Dear Diary - Find a journal
 Bookworm (30 points)
Bookworm - Find all journals
 Tesla's Apprentice (15 points)
Tesla's Apprentice - Upgrade first weapon
 Grease Monkey (30 points)
Grease Monkey - Upgrade all weapons
 Pack Rat (30 points)
Pack Rat - Acquire 30,000 Tech Points
 Grand Theft...UFO? (15 points)
Grand Theft...UFO? - Hijack 20 UFOs
 Demolition Derby (30 points)
Demolition Derby - Collide with another UFO 10 times
 Blind Luck (15 points)
Blind Luck - Kill one of each enemy footsoldier using blind fire
 Big Bang (30 points)
Big Bang - Destroy a Knight using a grenade
 Captain of the Ship (15 points)
Captain of the Ship - Destroy 10 enemy aircraft while yours is on fire
 Forgot My Tow Cable (15 points)
Forgot My Tow Cable - Fly through an Archon's legs
 Fireworks (15 points)
Fireworks - Kill 10 airborn enemies using grenades
 Get Your Feet Wet (15 points)
Get Your Feet Wet - Buzz the water
 99 Red Balloons (15 points)
99 Red Balloons - Kill 10 enemies while they are in an anti-gravity bubble
 Cliffhanger Killer (15 points)
Cliffhanger Killer - Kill 50 enemies while in vertical cover
 Death from Above (15 points)
Death from Above - Kill 50 enemies while hovering
 Bird of Prey (15 points)
Bird of Prey - Kill 25 footsoldiers using your rocket pack guns
 Mark of the Adept (15 points)
Mark of the Adept - Destroy 5 UFOs in the Prologue
 Rocket Clothesline (15 points)
Rocket Clothesline - Melee an enemy immediately after landing
 Terminal Velocity (15 points)
Terminal Velocity - Free fall for 10 seconds
 The Squishy Center (20 points)
The Squishy Center - Kill a Sarpa piloting an Archon
 Cleanup on Aisle Three (15 points)
Cleanup on Aisle Three - Kill 100 enemies with headshots
 Rochambeau, I Go First (15 points)
Rochambeau, I Go First - Kill 50 enemies with melee attacks
 Blue Light Special (15 points)
Blue Light Special - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade
 Killing Spree (20 points)
Killing Spree - Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds
 Those Aren't Fortune Cookies (15 points)
Those Aren't Fortune Cookies - Step on 10 slugs
 Light Up the Sky (30 points)
Light Up the Sky - Destroy 25 targets with the Ark's AA guns
 Master of Arms (15 points)
Master of Arms - Kill an enemy with every rifle weapon
 I'm a Rocketman, Baby (15 points)
I'm a Rocketman, Baby - Perform 100 special maneuvers with the rocket pack
 The Devastator (30 points)
The Devastator - Destroy 25 UFOs while piloting a Survivor fighter
 Float Like a Butterfly (20 points)
Float Like a Butterfly - Escape from 10 melee attacks

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