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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Gutter King (15 points)
KO'ed 100 enemies by throwing them against the panel edges.

This achievement can only be unlocked with Rick. To pick up an enemy press  and once you’re holding them, press  to throw them. The panel edges are the white lines that you see at the edge of the screen/comic page. If you haven’t unlocked this after the first playthrough you can keep replaying episode 1 because all of the enemies there are weak. You actually have to kill the enemy with this move for it to count toward this achievement. Some of the tougher enemies will take two throws.

 Squarebound Saga (25 points)
Defeated the final boss.

There are 10 episodes and the final boss is at the end of the tenth one. He is no different from any other boss so just keep bashing  and  or you could go for a little more finesse and use your combos on him.

This can be achieved in co-op and it will make the achievement easier, if you are Lori keep using your and  move and if you are Rick a good choice is the  and  move which gives you quadruple damage for a short period of time.

 Secret Origin (10 points)
Fully upgrade any skill.

When killing certain enemies and bosses you will receive skill coins, the skill coins are red and have a number 1 on them. To access your skill tree press  at any time. Each ability takes 3 skill coins to fully level up. Once you have completely filled in one skill, the achievement will unlock.

 Silver Aged (15 points)
Sustained a 6x multiplier for 60 seconds.

Your current multiplier is shown underneath your health/stamina bar and you’ll need to kill enemies to build your multiplier up to 6 without taking a hit. Once you have x6 multiplier just block or continue killing enemies and avoid getting hit for another minute and the achievement will unlock.

Method #1
This can be unlocked on episode 9 with a fully upgraded Lori. She has an ability to automatically dodge for you which can be a great help. Playing in co-op can help but the other person has to kill a minimum amount of enemies as you may clear the level without getting the achievement.

Method #2
Develop Lori´s skills enough so you have poison and mind control. Hide in the shadows and then use mind control followed by poison. This can easily be obtained on the first level if you have maxed out both abilities. After using poison, hold  to block incoming attacks. You access Lori´s special abilities by holding  and then pressing the button assigned to the power you want to use. Repeat as needed. When you get the x6 multiplier, you can just stay in the room for 60 seconds if there are no enemies left alive. If you still have enemies around, hide in the shadows or just block with  until the achievement pops.

Method #3
Play as Lori on Issue 2 and play until the part where you're required to pull three levers in a specific order. Keep on pulling the lever on the very left over and over whilst sustaining your combo by hiding in the shadows and increasing your combo (pressing Y makes her throw disc-shaped objects that increase your combo). Keep repeating until you have a 6x combo. Once you have it, hide in the shadows for one full minute and the achievement should unlock. (Thanks to McGoogles)

Method #4
Max out Vanish, Reflexes, and Venom Cloud for Lori. Once that is done, visit Issue 2 and just press  and  to kill the enemies. Try to avoid them as best you can. Move on to the next pages but wait for stamina to fill up beforehand. Once you have the 6x and the enemies are clear, feel free to just stand there. Thanks to Tyger7 for the stragey and the video below.

 Shadow Artist (15 points)
Assassinate 50 enemies while invisible.

To start working towards this achievement you’ll need to spend at least 10 skill point coins so you can unlock the assassinate ability. This ability is found in the "Power" section of her skill tree. Once it is unlocked, there will be dark spots in places of the game with floating silvery specs. If Lori stands in there you will notice she goes transparent and if an enemy is near you, press  and she will assassinate the enemy. The more the ability is upgraded the more often she will manage to pull it off.

You can also unlock this achievement by standing in the dark spots and using your knife throwing attack by pressing . Each kill you earn with the knife, whilst transparent will count towards this achievement. If you haven’t unlocked this after the first playthrough you can keep replaying episode 2 as it is the quickest.

You can also just work on your Assassination kills while playing Survival mode. Select survival mode, choose the first area and Lori as your character. There are shadows in the top left and right corners of the small area and an unlimited amount of enemies to kill. If no one is close enough, just pop out of the shadows so they can see you and then walk back in to hide again. You can even heal yourself (assuming you unlocked the ability) if you run into trouble.

 Femme Fatale (20 points)
Unlocked Lori's entire skill tree.

You can view the skill tree at any time by pressing  or at the end of the levels. There are 5 different "branches" to the tree and you will need to fully upgrade every ability, which will cost 3 skill point coins each. After 1 playthrough you should be about halfway through this achievement. The quickest episode to gain skill point coins is episode 1. You gain around 5-7 coins in this episode so it shouldn’t take too long. Rick needs 60 Skill point coins to fully upgrade whereas Lori needs 66.

Avoiding The Glitch
If you are playing this in single player with Lori there is a chance you may not unlock this achievement. A glitch can occur when you complete all episodes and complete the game. Completing the game will cause the abilities in the "talent" section of the tree to auto upgrade. This means you won’t be able to upgrade them without deleting your data and starting over. To avoid this you can either play in co-op, or make sure you spend your skill points on this section of the tree as soon as possible, to stop the game from upgrading them for you.

 Pristine Mint (20 points)
Completed a full issue without taking any damage.

This could be the most difficult achievement in the game but with a second controller it is almost a non-issue. Start the game in local multiplayer and select episode 9. This level is the shortest and only takes a little over 4 minutes to complete. Now with the first controller, hold or tape down  to have your main profile block the ENTIRE level. Use the second controller to defeat all the enemies. At the end of the level, the player that blocked the whole time will unlock the achievement.

If you don't have a second controller, the shortest and easiest episode is still the ninth. You’ll need to kill 4 enemies right at the beginning and then enter a cage where you have to fight about 10 more enemies. Once that’s done you’ll need to kill 3 more goons and the mission will be completed. This should be done in co-op with the person who wants the achievement as Lori. The best tactic is to stay away from the first fight and once you enter the cage just hide in the bottom left corner, while using your  attack as often as you need to. The other player should play normally with Rick but keep an eye on Lori as an enemy may wander over to her now and then. If you find there are too many enemies surrounding you, use Rick's ground pound attack to clear them out (, ). Once you are in the final room Lori should retreat to the bottom left corner and Rick can finish the last few goons off.

Another alternative is to attempt it on level 2. Play as Lori, abuse poison and try to always stand in the shadows. The boss in this level dies fairly quick from just spamming the poison ability. Do it in co-op to make it easier. Once you enter the boss room head straight into the shadows behind him (I managed to get by him every time without any problems).

 Liver Thief (20 points)
Unlocked Rick's entire skill tree.

See “Femme Fatale” for details.

 Bagged and Boarded (15 points)
KO'ed 50 enemies with thrown objects.

This achievement can only be unlocked with Rick. To pick up an item you have to press  whilst standing over it, then press  to throw the item at an enemy. You need to actual KO them so you may need to soften them up with regular attacks first. Picking up an enemy, throwing them at another enemy and KO’ing them will still count towards this achievement. See “Gutter King” to learn how to throw enemies.

 Golden Aged (20 points)
Earned 75K points in Survival mode.

This can be gained in both single player and co-operative play, but is much easier in co-op. You can access survival mode from the main menu at any time. This achievement also becomes much easier once you’re characters have maxed out their abilities and both players have a good knowledge of the game mechanics and combos. This should take around 20-30 minutes. Here are a few tips:

  • Build up to and retain a high multiplier, this will gain points quicker giving you a better chance of survival.
  • Play co-operatively, this pretty much doubles your chance of gaining this achievement.
  • Use Lori’s  abilities, cloning herself and confusing the enemies are some the most effective moves in the game. Remember she also has the ability to heal herself and can hide in the shadows.
  • If you are using Rick, picking up debris and using it as a weapon does almost twice as much damage as his fists, making him a much more useful tool.

Another option is to choose area 1 and use Lori. Hide in the shadows in either the top left or right corners and just keep pressing  to throw knifes from a distance. If no one is around, use poison and it will affect everyone while also letting the enemies move in range for more knife kills. If you get into trouble move to the other corner, hide in the shadows and heal yourself. Repeat the whole process until you have the required score.

 Epic Crossover (15 points)
Completed 5 Story issues in Co-op mode.

Unbound Saga has local as well as Xbox Live co-op. This achievement can be earned either way and each episode is pretty easy and straightforward and should take around 7-10 minutes. The achievement will unlock at the statistics screen at the end of the level.

This can also be unlocked by replaying the same episode over and over. Once again episode nine is the shortest at only a little over 4 minutes. If you don't have a second controller or a co-op buddy, you can find one here: Achievement Trading Thread.

 All-star Team-up (10 points)
Completed a Story issue in Co-op mode.

See “Epic Crossover” for details.


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