Gray Matter - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Fast Play (50 points)
Finish the game under 5 hours
 Chatty chatty mouth (50 points)
Play 1000 dialogs
 A Small Act of Kindness (25 points)
Put all wild flowers into vases
 He can be nice too (25 points)
Speak with Mrs. Dalton about the bike
 Divided and Conquered (25 points)
Win the "Divide and Conquer" game without losing any hand
 You should make money out of it (25 points)
Fully Succeed the Ball and Cup trick
 The Beast Within (100 points)
Finish the game with all bonus points
 Gray Mattered (40 points)
Finish the game
Secret Achievements
A Plant in the House (20 points)
Finished "A Plant in the House" Puzzle Set
Setting a Trap (20 points)
Finished "Setting a Trap" Puzzle Set
There was Something in the Water (20 points)
Finished "There was Something in the Water" Puzzle Set
Memory of a Summer's Night (20 points)
Finished "Memory of a Summer's Night" Puzzle Set
A Message from Laura (20 points)
Finished "A Message from Laura" Puzzle Set
A Day in the Rowboat (20 points)
Finished "A Day in the Rowboat" Puzzle Set
What Happened the Day Before (20 points)
Finished "What Happened the Day Before" Puzzle Set
The Experiment (20 points)
Finished "The Experiment" Puzzle Set
C Railer Swoll (20 points)
Finished "C Railer Swoll " Puzzle Set
Psi and the Mind (20 points)
Finished "Psi and the Mind" Puzzle Set
The Events at Horspath Track (20 points)
Finished "The Events at Horspath Track" Puzzle Set
Sam plays Lab Assistant (20 points)
Finished "Sam plays Lab Assistant" Puzzle Set
Lambs for Dr. Styles (20 points)
Finished "Lambs for Dr. Styles" Puzzle Set
Houdini's habitat (20 points)
Finished "Houdini's habitat" Puzzle Set
Dread Hill House (20 points)
Finished "Dread Hill House" Puzzle Set
A Spectral Presence (20 points)
Finished "A Spectral Presence" Puzzle Set
Psi and Psi again (20 points)
Finished "Psi and Psi again" Puzzle Set
The Betrayer's Price (20 points)
Finished "The Betrayer's Price" Puzzle Set
Sam gets carded (20 points)
Finished "Sam gets carded" Puzzle Set
The Mysterious Dr. Styles (20 points)
Finished "The Mysterious Dr. Styles" Puzzle Set
Investigating the Lambs' Club (20 points)
Finished "Investigating the Lambs' Club" Puzzle Set
That Piece of Junk (20 points)
Finished "That Piece of Junk" Puzzle Set
Bittersweet Memories (20 points)
Got your first memory flash
Back to the Basics (20 points)
Completed your very first magic trick
Suspicions about Samantha (20 points)
Finished "Suspicions about Samantha" Puzzle Set
In the Lab (20 points)
Finished "In the Lab" Puzzle Set
Terror in the Dinning Hall (20 points)
Finished "Terror in the Dinning Hall" Puzzle Set
The Ghost of Dread Hill (20 points)
Finished "The Ghost of Dread Hill" Puzzle Set
Altering the Plan (20 points)
Finished "Altering the Plan" Puzzle Set
I'm Laura Styles! (20 points)
Finished "I'm Laura Styles!" Puzzle Set
In the Lion's Den (20 points)
Finished "In the Lion's Den" Puzzle Set
Where is She Now? (20 points)
Finished "Where is She Now?" Puzzle Set
The Game of Life (20 points)
Finished "The Game of Life" Puzzle Set

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