Nexuiz - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Trained (10 points)
Win a match in bot training.
 RTFM (5 points)
Read the manual.
 Top Dog (15 points)
Win your first Quick Match!
 Mutate (50 points)
Max out a Tier 3 Dynamic Mutator.
 Rule Changer (5 points)
Use a Dynamic Mutator for the first time in a Quick Match.
 In Your Face (20 points)
25 Headshots in a Quick Match.
 CTF Champion (5 points)
Use a CTF Dynamic Mutator to aid your team in a Quick Match!
 Dynamic! (30 points)
Use 25 Dynamic Mutators in a Quick Match.
 Mister Melee (15 points)
Kill 3 players in a row with melee attacks in a Quick Match.
 KillFonic (10 points)
Kill a member of IllFonic or someone who already has this achievement in a Quick Match.
 Medal Master (20 points)
Acquire 50 unique medals.
 Globe Trotter (15 points)
Played a match on every map in Quick Match.

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