ilomilo - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 15 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 the student (20 points)
Complete your first level
 gaining ground (10 points)
Get to chapter 1
 move on (10 points)
Complete six levels in chapter 1
 almost there (10 points)
Get to the third chapter
 catch the train (10 points)
Meet on the train in chapter 3
 bonus champ (10 points)
Complete one bonus level
 free bonus (10 points)
Unlock the first bonus level
 green fingers (20 points)
Collect all green Safkas
 color of the sun (10 points)
Collect all yellow Safkas
 purple rain (10 points)
Collect all purple Safkas
 hard boiled (10 points)
Collect all eggs
 safkas are saved (20 points)
Collect all the Safkas in the game
 the hunter (20 points)
Complete all bonus levels
 party hat (10 points)
Complete all eggilogue levels
 finally together (20 points)
Complete all levels in the game

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