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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Replay (10 points)
Replayed levels 1, 2 and 3 after level 4 is unlocked

After completing and reaching the score requirement on the first 3 levels of the game, simply load back up and play levels 1 through 3 once. This one is really self explanatory.

 In A Hurry (10 points)
Achieved a 2X time bonus

This one is simple: after completing a level you can play again except there is one new factor, timing. The faster you complete the level the higher your ending total point multiplier will be. There will be a multiplier at the top of the screen counting down, when going for this make sure you complete the level when the time is at 2.0x or higher. If it drops below that before you finish the level, you should just restart. Easily done on the early levels, do NOT worry about the points, just complete the level.

 The Answer (10 points)
Achieved a high score of 42,000,000

To reach 1,000,000 is incredibly easy and can be done on the first level or any other. Level 4 is recommended for 42,000,000.


  • Be quick for time bonuses.
  • When no points are around to pick up kill off swarmites.
  • Keep your multiplier alive.

 Sacrificial Lambs (5 points)
Killed 50 Swarmites

This achievement will come naturally, it is easy to lose over 150 in the first level alone. This will be your first achievement.

 The first million (10 points)
High scores add up to more than 1,000,000

See "The Answers".

 Medals of Honor (10 points)
Unlocked 9 Death Medals

Please refer to the Death Medal Guide found HERE.

 Genetic Blueprint (25 points)
Collected all DNA

DNA is found on every level of the game except the boss levels. There are 10 non-boss levels. There are 5 per level. To advance to the boss levels you will need a specific amount of DNA. DNA is usually easy to spot and is scattered throughout the entire level. You can tell it is DNA if you see strands of colors: purple, blue, green, yellow, and red. The DNA appears in the same order throughout the level as it does in the menu. Example: If you collected all DNA except blue, when you reach where purple was then your not there yet, and if you reach where green was then you have gone to far.

 Multiplicator (25 points)
Reached a 70X multiplier

Whilst playing Swarm, you will recognize quickly that completing a level is not dependent on advancing only, but racking up a massive amount of points. When you begin collecting points it puts these points into your "buffered" points amount. You continue to collect points into your buffered points amount until you run out of your multipliers time limit. Once your buffered points section is over it adds to your total. So in order to reach 70x multiplier in one go, you would have to consistently collect points. If there are no points available to you, you can actually kill a swarmite to add to your multiplier and keep your "buffered" points adding up. The best place to obtain this is on level 4. Here is a video further explaining multipliers and scoring:

 Death Becomes You (50 points)
Unlocked all Death Medals and turn all Progressive Death Medals to gold.

Please refer to the Death Medal Guide found HERE.

 You Are On Fire (5 points)
Lit your mutliplier on fire.

To light your multiplier on fire you must rapidly increase your multiplier a few times. Easily done at the end of level 1.

 King of the Hill (20 points)
Killed the 1st boss

After completing the first 5 levels of the game you unlock level 6 which is the "fire boss". You will need 15 DNA to begin the level. The tactics to defeating the boss are fairly simple and repetitive. First, he will saw into the ground, so avoid the saws and the marks they leave behind. Then he will have lasers that move across the screen. Just boost jump over them, and when he reveals his arm with the red mark, boost into them. Finally, he will spit out red, exploding bugs of doom. Avoid them, stack up your guys, and attack whichever eye of his is open. Once that is done, meteors will rain down so collect the points and repeat 3 more times.

Note: He will get more aggressive each time. More saw marks, faster and twice as many lasers.

 Hat For Momma (20 points)
Killed the final boss

The last boss is in the final level of the game. To unlock the level you must complete level 11's required score and have 30 DNA. You will begin the battle dodging cannon balls that are falling from the sky. Once one lands that isn't red, push it into the cannon. Then the circular floor panels beneath you will open and spikes will come up. Kill the spikes before they go back under the panel. Then once he does his roar, get under a spike as arrows will cover the entire level except underneath those. Repeat this 4 more times and the achievement is yours.

Note: Each time you repeat he becomes more accurate and faster.


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