Haunted House - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Beastmaster (25 points)
Defeat all four bosses in Haunted House
 Boo!!! (5 points)
Get frozen in fear 100 times
 Exorcist (20 points)
Kill 100 ghosts
 Heart of Stone (20 points)
Complete game without dying while frozen in fear
 Immortal Beloved (25 points)
Beat the game without dying
 In the attic, with the knife (20 points)
Collect the Empty Revolver, Rusty Knife, Bloody Candlestick, Lead Pipe, and Rope
 Locksmith's Apprentice (25 points)
Unlock 50 doors in multiplayer mode
 The Bright Side (10 points)
Use light sources a total of 1000 times
 The Hungerer (10 points)
Consumed 100 health packs
 This belongs in a Museum! (5 points)
Find your first treasure
 Veni, Vidi, Vici! (25 points)
Escape the mansion after defeating Zachary Graves in multiplayer
 You call this Ocheology?? (10 points)
Kill 50 enemies with a magical light source

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