Arcania: Gothic 4 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Teacher Beater (5 points)
Prove your mettle to your secret mentor
 Family Man (5 points)
Obtain Ivy's agreement to marry you
 Queenslayer (5 points)
Defeat the loam vermin queen
 Bane of the Bandits (5 points)
Clear the bridge to Stewark
 Kingmaker (15 points)
Bring stability to Stewark
 Champion of Silverlake (15 points)
Obtain access to the Silverlake archives
 Master of the Elements (20 points)
Obtain an audience with the Grand Master of Water in Tooshoo
 Chosen by Fire and Shadow (25 points)
Learn the secrets of the abbots of the Sea Cliff Monastery
 Bad Dog (30 points)
Defeat Jabo’s watchdog
 Seeker (35 points)
Gain access to the forgotten temple
 Forged by Destiny (40 points)
Claim the power of the divine forge
 Avenger (50 points)
Obtain revenge for Feshyr
 Saviour (150 points)
Defeat an ancient evil
 Deft Hands (5 points)
Craft your first item
 First Blood (5 points)
Emerge victorious from your first battle
 Initiate (5 points)
Annihilate an enemy with a spell
 Hunter (5 points)
Finish an enemy off with a well-placed shot
 Weaponsmith (20 points)
Craft 5 weapons
 Alchemist (20 points)
Brew 50 potions or elixirs
 Battlemage (20 points)
Kill 100 enemies with magic
 Champion (20 points)
Kill 100 enemies with melee weapons
 Marksman (20 points)
Kill 100 enemies with ranged weapons
 Merchant (20 points)
Sell 200 items
 Explorer (20 points)
Cover more than 50Km on foot
 Awakened (5 points)
Reach Level 2
 Greenhorn (10 points)
Reach Level 5
 Adventurer (20 points)
Reach Level 10
 Veteran (40 points)
Reach Level 20
 Legend (20 points)
Reach Level 30
 Conqueror (50 points)
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty level
 Deadly Adversary (20 points)
Defeat 500 enemies
 Army of One (25 points)
Defeat 1000 enemies
 Richer than Diego (20 points)
Hoard 200`000 pieces of gold
 Arcane Reaper (20 points)
Kill 300 enemies with magic
 Duelist (20 points)
Kill 100 enemies with flurries
 Sniper (20 points)
Kill 100 enemies with headshots
 Geek (40 points)
Obtain all other achievements
 Chickenbane (5 points)
Kill 10 chickens in the game
 Glutton (10 points)
Consume 200 items
 Knight in Shining Armor (10 points)
Complete all quests
 Master Chef (10 points)
Learn all recipes
 Jackrabbit (10 points)
Jump 1000 Times
 Relaxed Attitude (10 points)
Use beds or chairs for 60 minutes
 Ancient Treasure (25 points)
Obtain all ancient relics
 Radiant Blessing (25 points)
Obtain all Innos statuettes
 Dark Reward (25 points)
Obtain all Beliar artifacts

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