Costume Quest - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 All Decked Out (15 points)
Collected all Creepy Treat Cards.

You get the cards by defeating monsters, the bobbing for apples quests, and trading with other kids. There are fifty-four cards in total. Click HERE for a complete list.

 Battle Buds (5 points)
Defeated a monster in combat with a friend by your side.

After freeing Everett from the gang of Mummies, he will join you on your quest. The first Grubbin you defeat with Everett will unlock this achievement.

 Binary Bouncer (10 points)
Used the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.

This is done by using the ramps to access the backyards in the neighborhood. Fifteen ramps are in Auburn Pines and can be accessed before going through the black gate.

 Chompin' Champ (15 points)
Won all prizes in Bobbing for Apples.

Score the needed number of points before time runs out by getting the Green apples (three points) and Red Apples (one point) while avoiding the Apple Cores and Worm Filled Apples. Use the to move from right to left and press when you are over either a Red or Green Apple. In each of the following areas you will need to talk to the apple guy three times and collect the target number of points before the time runs out.

- 1st spot to do this is in the Park in Auburn Pines. 20 - 25 -30 Points
- 2nd spot is in the mall on the lower level by the costume contest. 25 - 30 - 35 Points
- 3rd Spot is just south of the Ferris Wheel in the carnival. 30 - 35 - 45 Points

 Do the Monster Bash (10 points)
Got the jump on 10 monsters.

Once you visit all twenty houses in Auburn Pines, you can enter the Black Gate. At this point, you will see the monsters in the streets. Sneak up behind them and press to do a pail bash. Do this ten times to get this achievement.

 Downsized! (15 points)
Defeated BoJonn in battle.

BoJonn is found after cutting through the cemetery. He is basically a really big Grubbin with a Megaphone. Take out his megaphone first, as he will use it to continually summon other monsters. Otherwise he is pretty simple, just watch out for his attacks, as he is powerful.

 Dozer Dodger (15 points)
Defeated Metxel in battle.

You fight Mextel after going through the Black Gate in the mall. Make sure to have someone wearing the Knight costume. If one of your players says something indicating that they are going to be attacked next, make sure to shield that player on that turn, or Mextel will kill them in one hit. Mextel has 1000 HP. When he gets to 0 HP his Bull Dozer blows up and he gets 850 more HP.

 Dressed to Quest (5 points)
Acquired 5 Costumes.

- Robot: Start the game with this costume
- Knight: Save Everett from the Mummy bullies in Auburn Pines
- Statue of Liberty: Pattern and Materials from the Patriot kids in Auburn Pines
- Space Warrior: Pattern from the Autumn Haven Mall security guard and the materials from the friendly workers in the closed section of the mall.
- Unicorn: Pattern from winning the Costume contest in the mall. The pieces are hidden throughout the mall. The hardest one to find entails you falling through the railing of a higher level.
- Ninja: Pattern after collecting the three horns for the Monster Slayer Kids (Ninjas) on the 2nd level of the mall. The materials are found scattered through the 1st floor of the mall. Talk to the kids to get them.
- Pumpkin: See the Last Gourdian below. Each material piece is found by talking to the scarecrow on the three different stages.
- Vampire: Pattern from the carnival ticket-taker when you enter the fair. Materials are found in coffins around the same area.
- French Fries: Get this from Chip at the French Fry stand North of the carnival entrance.
- Black Cat: Get this costume as a reward for collecting all the Creepy Treat Cards.
- Grubbin: Get the pattern and the materials from the Grubbins in the corn maze. Enemies won't fight you while wearing this costume.

 Leave some for the rest of us! (15 points)
Collected a total of over 4,000 candies.

Collect a total of 4,000 candy. This is a cumulative achievement - you do not need to have 4,000 in your pail at once. I got this halway through the mall.

 Make it Work (10 points)
Won the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.

Once you meet up with Lucy, you can enter the group costume contest in the mall. Lucy can be found in the tunnels after defeating BoJonn in the ARR-cade. You can then go talk to the judges in the orange shirts on the lower level of the mall. They will each tell you what kind of costume they like. Put on the correct costumes and return to the contest area to get the achievement.

- EDUCATIONAL costume with DEPTH: Statue of Liberty
- HI TECH costume: Robot
- CHIVALROUS costume: Knight

 Mask-O'-Raider (25 points)
Completed all Quests in the game.

- Robot Repair
- Programmed For Protection
- Pie For The Putterpan
- The Patriot's Party
- These Tombstones Aren't Styrofoam
- Suburbs Bobbing For Apples
- Auburn Pines Hide 'n' Seek
- This Card Is So Rare
- Suburbs Collect 'em All
- Tickets For Treats
- Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge
- The Mall-O-Rail Is Broken
- The Dark Side Of The Mall
- Extreme Costume Challenge!
- This Card Is Rarer
- Mall Collect 'em All
- Mall Bobbing For Apples
- Mall Hide 'n' Seek
- The Original Costume Quest
- All's Fair That Ends Fare
- Children Of The High Fructose Corn Syrup
- Fall Valley Hide 'n' Seek
- Fall Valley Bobbing For Apples
- This Card Is Rarest
- Fall Valley Collect 'em All
- Defeat Dorsilla
- Stop The Monsters Once And For All (Defeat Big Bones)

 Master of Disguise (10 points)
Used every Costume Ability in battle.

In battle you have a charged attack set to the . On your third turn you will be able to do your special attack. Do this with each costume except the Grubbin costume to get this achievement.

 Sweet Justice (25 points)
Finished the game!

This is done by defeating BIG BONES. I suggest fighting him after you reach level 10. I used:

Robot with the Headless Banshee stamp
Knight with the No-Eyes Vampire Bat stamp
Pumpkin with the Vegetarian Witches Brew stamp

Big Bones will start with 4000 HP. Once he gets down to 1000 HP he goes on a sugar high. The only real difference between the two modes is that you have less time to respond to the quick time event.

 The Last Gourdian (10 points)
Acquired the Pumpkin Costume.

The Pumpkin costume is found in multiple neighborhoods. You get the pattern and the pieces from talking to the scarecrow. The first is in the cemetery, the second is in the lower level of the mall near the costume party, and the third is right before the corn maze at the carnival.

 They'll be worth a lot someday (15 points)
Collected all Battle Stamps.

Battle stamps can be bought from Sally in the park, her dad's camping store in the mall, and north of the carnival in Fall Valley. They can also be won in battles. Collect all twenty-four to get this achievement. Note: You will get the last one from defeating Dorsilla.

 Birdbrain Beatdown (15 points)
Defeat Araxia in battle.

To defeat Araxia you need to enter the final Monster Gate, where a cutscene will ensue. You will fight him alongside Big Bone (they both have 4000 Hp), dont worry though, you only have to hurt Araxia. After dealing roughly 1000 damage, Araxia will jump into the air. You need to attack him 3 times so that you force him into Big Bones. This will knock Big Bones down again, stopping his attacks against you, which hurt ALOT. Rinse and repeat. This boss fight is rather tough, unless you are either lucky of who Araxia attacks, or have the correct set-up.

Reynold: Robot or Pumpkin, equipped with Skeleton of the Wolf. Keep reynold as the main damage dealer, doing 400 - 500 per hit.
Everett: Yeti equipped with either Disembodied Six-Fingered Hand, or Galvanized Mummy Gauze, as you want to keep Everett alive so that he can protect the team with his Yeti's Abominable Armor. You need to use this when Big Bones is upright and glowing (Pre-attack phase), the only exception is if you have the chance to knock Araxia into him, do that instead.
Wren: Unicorn equipped with Headless Vampire Bat - Wren is your healer for this, just use My Pretty Panacea on a member of the party who will die from getting hit, or either dead/incredibly injured after being attacked.

 Jeepers Peepers (5 points)
Acquire the Eyeball costume.

For this you need to find all the materials required, along with the pattern. Details below:

-Pattern is found within the chest that is in the maze type area, opposite the 'Secret Cave'
-Track Suit is found in a cave, south of the first bridge in the game, you have to jump down and follow a series of planks to get to it.
-Wire Mesh is found within the cave that you need to use the grapple hook to get to. The line is just before the cave where the Track Suit material is found.
-Crepe Paper is found after the first bridge, just follow the southern fence until you reach a gap, just drop down and it's in the chest on the same platform.

 Playin' Hooky (5 points)
Use the Pirate hook on 5 unique ziplines.

In order to use Grapple Hook Ropes, you need the Pirate Costume. For information on how to obtain the costume, see here.

1 - The first grapple hook location is just before the first bridge that you can cross over, you need to head southwards from said bridge, walk off what seems to be a waterfall and follow the wooden planks down till you get to it.
2 - The second is just northwards, but in the same area, as to where you find the chest that has the Eyepatch material in.
3 - Third grapple is found at the top of the scaffolding type area, next to the monster gate in the east of the town.
4 - This one is a required grapple, you need to gain entrance to a tomb for the Trowbog elder.
5 - Another mandatory grapple, you need to be on the way to find the yeti, through the first cave.
Extra Grapple Locations
6 - After getting to the snowy ledge, before heading into the yeti cave, you can head east, up some wooden planks. It heads back down to the gate.
7 - Mandatory grapple point, you need to do this to carry on the game. It is located up the slope after opening the final gate.

 Revolutionary Hero (15 points)
Complete all quests in Repugia.

You need to complete all the listed quests AND defeat Araxia in the final fight.

1 - Viva Repugia! - Gained by walking past the Grubbin behind the 'Revolution' Stall - Visit 20 Houses
2 - Hook, Line & Freethinker - You gain this quest by talking to the grubbin leader, who is in the 'Secret Cave' just east of where you are pushed off the cliff. - Talk to the grubbins in town to find the 3 materials.
3 - Grubbin Lovin' - Given to you by the grubbin guard, near the Monster gate, on the east side of town - Talk to the elder (Who is just north of the bridge) about getting through the gate. Then go rescue his ladyfriend who is in the hotel. To get to her, you need to use the zip line that is next to the gate that you got this quest originally, then use the Fry costume to lure her up the ramp and off the drop, back to the elder.
4 - Tome of the Trowbogs - This mission is to get the next gate open. The tomb is found west, right next to the gate.
5 - The Case of the Missing Yeti - This is to open the third gate (Crestwailers gate). You need to find out where the yeti has gone. You will eventually run into a crestwailer who will give you the costume for the Yeti. You need to simply exit the cave, head south a little so you are at the ledge and it will show a little cutscene. After that, return to the leader, who is eastwards.
6 - Save The Escapees - You can gain this quest by talking to any of the hiding kids, use my guide here for help on their locations. The earliest kid is just south of the first bridge, within the maze area. 6 kids to find in total.
7 - Bobbing for Eyeballs - Beat the 3 tiers of the Bobbing for Eyeballs minigame.
8 - This Card is Ultra Rare - Gain an extra care to trade.
9 - Repugia Collect 'em All - Gain an extra card to trade.

 Short Stack (10 points)
Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia.

To get to Short Stack (Charlier from the XBLA game Stacking), you need to drop off a cliff. This cliff is found south of the Trowbog Elder. Go over the first ramp, then the second but before the third (Everrett will comment on a satellite view of repugia), there is a cactus style plant on the right, you simply need to walk between the two plants and off the cliff and then enter the cave at the bottom of the drop, the achievement will pop after that.

The Elder in question is the second Elder, the TROWBOG, not the GRUBBIN Elder. He asks you to explore the Trowbog national monument cave.


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