Microsoft Flight - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 38 achievements with a total of 1275 points.
 Fledgling Career (5 points)
Complete Tutorial 1: Flight Essentials.
 Crashtastic (5 points)
1st catastrophic crash.
 Download a Free Preview (15 points)
Download an aircraft preview from the hangar.
 Aerocache Neophyte (10 points)
Find any 5 Aerocaches.
 Ten Aerocaches of the Day (20 points)
Find 10 Aerocaches of the Day.
 Aerocache Hound (35 points)
Find any 50 Aerocaches.
 Pentacontacache (50 points)
Find 50 Aerocaches of the Day.
 Fly Buddy (30 points)
Fly multiplayer with a Microsoft Flight Team member or with anyone who has earned this achievement.
 G-LOC (10 points)
Reach 12 positive G's.
 Redout (10 points)
Reach 6 negative G's.
 Inverted (30 points)
Accumulate 1 hour of inverted flight.
 Inverted Down Low (30 points)
Fly less than 10 feet above the ground or water, upside down, at over 150 knots.
 Dizzy (30 points)
Complete 5 consecutive spins.
 Aerobat (40 points)
Complete the Aerobatics Competition mission.
 Mach 1 (20 points)
Exceed Mach 1.
 Silent and Deadly (30 points)
Successful landing with empty fuel tanks.
 32K (40 points)
Fly to over 32,000 feet above sea level.
 Backwards (50 points)
Land a fixed wing aircraft backwards.
 Icon A5 Landing Master (30 points)
Earn gold on all Icon A5 landing challenges.
 Stearman Landing Master (40 points)
Earn gold on all Stearman landing challenges.
 RV-6A Landing Master (40 points)
Earn gold on all RV-6A landing challenges.
 Maule M-7-260C Landing Master (50 points)
Earn gold on all Maule M-7-260C landing challenges.
 Princely Cargo (20 points)
Deliver cargo to Princeville Airport on the island of Kauai.
 Maui Bound (20 points)
Transport happy and satisfied passengers to Kahului airport on Maui.
 Tormentor (20 points)
Frighten 10 or more passengers while flying jobs.
 Flying Zoologist (20 points)
Fly light cargo missions and deliver 6 varieties of animals.
 Under the Radar (40 points)
Transport 4 tons of clandestine cargo with at least 80% cargo security.
 Gold Rush (40 points)
Earn gold on Hilo, Windfarm, and Ford Island Gold Rush challenges.
 Military Brat (20 points)
Land at all military airfields in Hawaii.
 Hawaii Explorer (50 points)
Land at all Hawaiian airports.
 Mission Accomplished (75 points)
Complete all Hawaii missions.
 XP Grinder (75 points)
Exceed 500,000 total XP.
 Liquid Airstrip (25 points)
Perform a water assisted landing in a non-amphibious aircraft.
 Airborne Mountaineer (25 points)
Perform a landing above 16,000 feet.
 Alaskan Gold Mine (50 points)
Earn gold on each Gold Rush and Challenge Course in the Alaska Wilderness Pack.
 Alaska Landing Master (50 points)
Earn gold on 7 landing challenges from the Alaska Wilderness Pack.
 Northern Exposure (25 points)
Deliver cargo or passengers to Wiley Post (PABR) at Barrow, Alaska.
 Centi-Explorer (100 points)
Land at 100 different airports around the world.

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