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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Two Birds (10 points)
Smack a bomb so that kills two or more enemies (Individual)

Easiest in Underground River. There will be two sections in the beginning of the level where bombs are dispensed from the ceiling as a few spiders are around. Lure two spiders toward a bomb you hit (I recommend uppercut to keep it in place) and let it blow up. Must be done by one player without assistance if playing in Co-op.

 Overkill (15 points)
Destroy six enemies with one Beam Shot (Individual)

This one can be done just after acquiring the power. Several Jellyfish will be up in the air above. Start the beam at one side and sweep it along the group. There are other opportunities to kill six enemies at once if you miss this chance. Must be done by one player without assistance if playing Co-op.

 Untouchable (25 points)
Defeat any boss without taking damage (General)

The best and least stressful opportunity is against the Golem boss. He has three main attacks: his ground spikes, his spawned crawlers, and the polarity rain. The only tricky part is knowing when to jump off his hammer; watch the ground spikes as they travel away from the Golem and return. His hammer will flash which is your signal to jump off. Crawlers can be taken care of by heading close to the Golem and sliding to the left until they are all dead. If you've already killed the Golem and don't want to start over, arcade mode works as well. Some extra tips are located here

 Environmental Exterminator (5 points)
Destroy a Spider using spikes (General)

There are two easy ways to do this: in the second Origin Story area, below the large group of crawlers there is a pit with spikes that raise. A spider can be lead onto the spikes. If you missed that, there are many areas beginning in the Underground levels where changing polarity will raise or lower spikes, usually with a spider somewhere nearby. Once you notice the spikes lead a spider on top of the trap and switch polarity.

 That’s Teamwork (5 points)
Destroy an enemy using a Kamikazer (General)

Kamikazers are the small spinning orange guys that blow up that are first encountered in the Jungle. They get agitated when you get close enough and spin off in the direction you approached from. Jumping over an enemy to piss one off and letting the enemy take the hit nets you this achievement.

 Survivor (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies in a row with only 1 health left (Individual)

This must be done without leaving an area and is best done early in the game. Reduce your health to one heart and kill 20 enemies. The Jungle areas are a reasonably easy area to do this in. Be sure to use your slide ability to daze enemies and take your time. If a heart spawns from an enemy or a jar that's blocking your path attack it until it turns into doubloons. Must be done by one player without assistance if playing Co-op.

 Collector (30 points)
Collect all Marks of the Gods (Single Player only)

There are 42 Marks of the Gods in Outland. Fortunately, each area's map will tell you how many remain. None of them are missable but keep in mind that not every area has a teleporter so you will have to walk. Can only be done in single player. Here is a guide with maps.

 Millionaire (30 points)
Collect 1 000 000 Doubloons (Single Player only)

This one will take a while and will probably be your last achievement. Smaller coins are worth 50 and larger ones are worth 1000. Aside from money vases there isn't a quick way to do this besides grinding on enemies and picking up their loot. Money vases will show up on the map after 32 Mark of the Gods are collected and might speed the process up a bit. You can check your progress in your book by pressing once. One good area is the hidden Jungle: In the Treetops area, as it's packed with enemies. Can only be done in single player.

 Grand Master (30 points)
Complete the full game (Individual)

This is obtained after defeating the fifth boss: the Sisters. The game isn't too hard if you get used to the polarity mechanic and make use of your character's talents.

Here are some general tips, and for help on this specific fight:

 Don’t Go Alone (10 points)
Complete any Co-op Challenge Room (General)

Obtained after completing a Co-op challenge room, which are unlocked in the story mode. There are five options to play. The first option that you can unlock in the Jungle, El Dorado, is the easiest. Complete the challenge under the time limit to get the achievement.

 Arcade Master (20 points)
Complete any Arcade Chapter below the target time (General)

This can be obtained by beating the first arcade chapter, Jungle, in 20 minutes. You can technically skip everything and be hit as much as you want and still come under par. Don't stray far from the guiding light and you should easily make it under par. You can select Arcade mode when starting a single player game.

 Enthusiast (10 points)
Collect 10 Marks of the Gods (Single Player only)

See Collector


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