Ninja Gaiden 3 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 55 achievements with a total of 1240 points.
 Falcon Dive (10 points)
Learn the Falcon Dive.
 Sliding (10 points)
Learn how to slide.
 Kunai Climb (10 points)
Learn the Kunai Climb.
 Wall Run (10 points)
Learn the Wall Run.
 Flying Bird Flip (10 points)
Learn the Flying Bird Flip.
 Rope Crossing (10 points)
Learn how to cross a rope.
 Izuna Drop (10 points)
Learn the Izuna Drop.
 Ultimate Technique (10 points)
Learn the Ultimate Technique.
 Steel on Bone (10 points)
Cut down 100 enemies with Steel on Bone attacks.
 I Got Your Back (10 points)
Play a Co-op Ninja Trial with a partner.
 Initiation (10 points)
Play a Clan Battle.
 Teamwork (10 points)
Win 10 team battles.
 One Against the World (10 points)
Win a battle royale match.
 Shady (10 points)
Perform a betrayal.
 Sneaky (10 points)
Perform a ghost kill.
 An Honorable Death (10 points)
Perform harakiri.
 Snowman (10 points)
Play the Snowfield stage 10 times.
 Guardian of the Village (10 points)
Play the Hidden Village stage 10 times.
 Observer (10 points)
Play the Watchtower stage 10 times.
 The Spice of Life (10 points)
Get 10 customization parts.
 Walking Dictionary (50 points)
Get 100 kanji.
Secret Achievements
Inferno (10 points)
Learned Ninpo.
Steel on Steel (10 points)
Destroyed the Steel Spider.
The Grip of Murder (10 points)
Finish Day 1.
Mind the Gap (10 points)
Escaped from the monorail.
Bumpy Ride (10 points)
Finish Day 2.
Beyond the Flames (15 points)
Made it through the fire.
Antediluvian Slumber (15 points)
Finish Day 3.
Abysmal Creations (15 points)
Escaped from the Chimera Disposal Facility.
The Great Escape (15 points)
Finish Day 4.
The Acolyte (15 points)
Successfully responded to Sanji's ambush.
The Karma of a Shinobi (15 points)
Finish Day 5.
Evil Twin (15 points)
Defeated the Epigonos.
Waiting (15 points)
Finish Day 6.
Ahab (15 points)
Land on the Black Narwhal.
Advent of the Goddess (15 points)
Finish Day 7.
Brothers (15 points)
Defeated Cliff.
Atonement (15 points)
Defeated Theodore.
Hero (50 points)
Cleared the game on Hero.
Shinobi (50 points)
Cleared the game on Normal.
Mentor (60 points)
Cleared the game on Hard.
Master Ninja (100 points)
Cleared the game on Master Ninja.
Initiate (10 points)
Cleared 10 Acolyte Trials.
Veteran (10 points)
Cleared 10 Mentor Trials.
Prestige (10 points)
Cleared 5 Leader Trials.
Overlord (50 points)
Cleared 5 Master Ninja Trials.
Ultimate Ninja (100 points)
Cleared 3 Ultimate Ninja Trials.
Master of the Katana (15 points)
Raised the katana to level 10.
Hayabusa Style Grand Master (15 points)
Reached level 50.
Lone Ninja (50 points)
Cleared 10 Solo Ninja Trials.
Legendary Ninja (120 points)
Clear the story on the Ultimate Ninja play style and Ultimate Ninja Trials 4 & 5.
Bloodied Talons (15 points)
Defeat 100 opponents in Clan Battles with the Metal Claws.
Grim Reaper (15 points)
Defeat 100 opponents in Clan Battles with the Great Scythe.
Warrior (45 points)
Clear all Ninja Trials included in Ninja Pack 1.
Sage (45 points)
Clear all Ninja Trials included in Ninja Pack 2.

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