Crimson Dragon - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1500 points.
 Not Bad Rookie (10 points)
Earn a mission medal playing on any difficulty
 Act of Courage (10 points)
Start your first mission with Icarus Division
 Easy Pickings (25 points)
Killed 50 enemy creatures
 Piece of Cake (10 points)
Score “C” rank or higher on a mission in any difficulty mode
 Close Call! (15 points)
Use a Revival Gem to revive your dragon during a mission
 Do a Barrel Roll! (15 points)
Perform a barrel roll by leaning left or right
 Primary Plus (40 points)
Kill 200 enemies using only your dragon’s main skill
 Vermin Exterminator (30 points)
Kill 500 enemy creatures
 Antibody Archivist (15 points)
Collect 18 different Antibodies from creatures on Draco
 Magic Missiles (35 points)
Fire 3000 tracking missiles
 Focused Willpower (40 points)
Kill 200 enemies using only you dragon’s secondary skill
 Crimson Skies (45 points)
Kill 2000 enemy creatures
 Data Harvester (35 points)
Collect 500 beacons
 Death from Above (25 points)
Defeat 3 enemy bosses
 Skilled Seeker (10 points)
Score “A” rank during any mission in Classic mode
 First Time Buyer (15 points)
Purchase 1 item Pack using credits or Jewels
 Treasure Hunter (20 points)
Loot 1 rare item and 25 common items
 Act of Honor (50 points)
Complete all missions for Coral Lake East, Coral Lake West, and Underground Lake on any difficulty
 Draco Delta-731 (100 points)
Complete all story missions on Classic difficulty
 Roger That! (20 points)
Activate your wingman dragon communicator and issue a voice command
 The Navigator (15 points)
Use voice commands to navigate to the Shop, inventory, and Dragon Roost
 Overachiever (100 points)
Acquire all medals for every story mission in the game
 Equipped for Battle (10 points)
Use 1 Ampoule during a mission
 Ampoule Addict (25 points)
Use 10 Ampoules
 Act of Valor (50 points)
Complete all missions for Forest, Ancient Ruins, and Lava Lake on any difficulty
 Act of Truth (50 points)
Complete all story missions on Casual or Classic difficulty
 Skill Awakening (15 points)
Unlock a new skill by feeding your dragon
 Survival of the Fittest (20 points)
Evolve your first dragon
 Dragon Master (35 points)
Purchase 3 dragons from the shop
 Seeker Lieutenant (20 points)
Achieve player level 5
 Seeker Captain (20 points)
Achieve player level 10
 Seeker Colonel (25 points)
Achieve player level 20
 Seeker General (50 points)
Achieve player level 40
 Go-along! (25 points)
Multiplayer: Cleared mission 25 times.
 Seekers Unite (10 points)
Multiplayer: Completed 1 multiplayer mission
 Seeker Squadron (15 points)
Multiplayer: Completed 5 multiplayer missions
 Trying to Rewrite the Past (25 points)
Multiplayer: Defeated the White Phantom 3 times
 Strike from the Skies (50 points)
Multiplayer: Completed all multiplayer missions on any difficulty
 Ace Dragon Rider (25 points)
Multiplayer: Scored "S" rank 3 times
 Seeker Legend (100 points)
Achieved player level 50
 Breaking the Bank (25 points)
Collected over 2,000,000 in credits in your account
 Crimsonscale Erradicator (75 points)
Killed 10000 enemy creatures
 Open Season (100 points)
Defeated bosses 10 times in "S" rank.
 The Finer Things (25 points)
Looted 50 rare Items
 Enhanced Abilities (25 points)
Used 100 ampoules

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