F1 2010 - Achievements
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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Rocking the boat (15 points)
Finish ahead of your senior team-mate in your first season with a new team
 Practice makes perfect (10 points)
Participate in all 3 Practice sessions of a race weekend
 Rookie driver (10 points)
Successfully complete your first career race
 Face the press (10 points)
Complete your first media interview
 Seeking performance (10 points)
Successfully complete an R&D test
 Hot property (15 points)
Accept a contract with a higher placed team
 One-Two (10 points)
Achieve a one-two finish with your team mate in a career race
 Clean license (15 points)
Complete a race without being involved in an accident
 Speed demon (10 points)
Travel above 220 mph / 353 kph
 Well protected (10 points)
Complete a single player race using only the cockpit view
 Silver arrow (10 points)
Win the German Grand Prix in single player driving for Mercedes
 Rain meister (20 points)
Win a single player Grand Prix of no less than 20% distance in heavy rain
 Against all odds (30 points)
In a single player race take the win after starting in last place
 I ain't afraid of no ghost (15 points)
Set a time in Time Trial mode
 It's a set-up (15 points)
Win a race using one of your own set-ups
 2nd chance (10 points)
Go on to win the race after using a Flashback
 Seasoned (25 points)
Complete your first season in Formula 1
 Well drilled (15 points)
Perform the perfect pit stop
 Semi auto (20 points)
Complete a race using manual gears
 The magic number (5 points)
Take your 3rd career victory
 Impress the boss (10 points)
Exceed a career objective set by your team
 Attracting attention (15 points)
Win a race where a new contract has been offered
 The big one (20 points)
Meet the contract requirements of a Championship leading team
 Team leader (25 points)
Become the No. 1 driver of a team by promotion or moving to another team
 Built to succeed (40 points)
Win the Constructors' World Championship
 Crushing victory (20 points)
Outclass your team mate at each race, over one season
 Schuperb (35 points)
Take victory from pole position 41 times in your career
 Made perfect (20 points)
Top the time sheet for all 3 Practice Sessions
 Pole position (20 points)
Achieve your first pole position in a single player race
 Podium finish (25 points)
Finish on the podium in a Career or Grand Prix race
 Top step (30 points)
Win a Career or Grand Prix Race
 Unforgettable (10 points)
In single player take pole position and win in Monaco
 World Champion (40 points)
Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship
 World Champion - Expert (60 points)
Win the Formula 1 Drivers' Championship on the Expert Difficulty setting
 Double World Champion (50 points)
Become a double World Champion
 Triple World Champion (60 points)
Win the World Drivers' Championship for a third time
 Strength of character (15 points)
Chose to pit yourself against the toughest Championship Rival
 Tifosi (10 points)
Win a single player race in a Ferrari at Monza
 Taking it online (10 points)
Win your first online ranked Grand Prix
 Perfect 10 (10 points)
Reach level 10 online
 2 and 5 (25 points)
Reach level 25 online
 Nifty 50 (50 points)
Reach level 50 online
 A true gent (10 points)
Complete a multiplayer race without making contact with an opponent
 CV submitted (10 points)
Beat a member of the F1 2010™ Dev team or a player who has done so
 Limelight (15 points)
Complete a season ahead of your Championship Rival
 Commitment is the key (10 points)
Complete 7 full Championship seasons
 Clean sweep (15 points)
Qualify in pole position setting the fastest time in each sector in a single player game
 Consistency is the key (25 points)
Score a point in every round of a season
 True racer (25 points)
Win a single player race with all driver aids switched off
 Full house (10 points)
In single player set the fastest time in practice, take pole position and win the race

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