X-Men Arcade - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Super Mutant (10 points)
You took an energy pill.
 Largest Party (10 points)
You played in a 6-player match with five other people.
 Grounded (10 points)
You completed Level 4 without jumping.
 Xavier Would Be Proud! (10 points)
You used a mutant power 5 times in one game.
 Turn Pyro to Toast (10 points)
You defeated Pyro without using any mutant powers.
 Kidnapped (10 points)
You learned that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X.
 Bamf (25 points)
You completed the game in 25 minutes or less.
 X-pertise (25 points)
You completed the game on Expert difficulty.
 Master of Magnet (30 points)
You defeated Magneto with all 6 X-Men characters!
 Welcome to Die! (10 points)
You were welcomed to die by the White Queen.
 You Fell to Our Trap! (25 points)
Mystique tried to fool you and five other players in a 6-player game.
 Score Inflation (25 points)
You earned at least 250 points in one game.

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