Rocket Riot - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Deathless Destruction (15 points)
Finish a destroy the object level without killing an enemy
 Nice Beating You (10 points)
Finish the first set of levels by beating the first Pirate boss
 One Meeeeeelion Blocks! (10 points)
Destroy a total of 1.000.000 blocks. All blocks you destroyed from all levels are counted.
 I'll Show You Fits Of Rage (15 points)
Shoot 20 enemies in 60 seconds. All game modes are counted.
 You're Like Some Kind Of Robot (15 points)
Shoot 50 enemies with a longshot.
 Been There, Shot That (15 points)
Use every power-up at least once.
 Two Thumb Master (30 points)
Defeat BlockBeard to finish the single player campaign.
 On A Gamer's Diet (20 points)
Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers, all levels are counted.
 Natural Born Gamer (20 points)
Shoot 5000 enemies in total, all levels are counted.
 The Things I've Seen (20 points)
Shoot every type of enemy at least once, all levels are counted
 A Wilhelm Scream (5 points)
Die while fighting BlockBeard on the final level.
 One Shot, Thrice The Score (25 points)
Using the Triple Rocket power up, kill 3 enemies with one shot

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