Trouble Witches Neo - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Oh, cherry blossoms♪ (7 points)
Clear the game with SAKURAKO. ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY or STORY MODE. Continue OK.

Just as the description states, simply finish the game as Sakurako on either Single Play of Story Mode, she is the one selectable to the right next to Pril. Story mode contains 6 stages and you can work toward achievements such as "Don’t go touch crazy!" and "You’re a card master, too!" during this run. Don’t worry about lives here as they are not an issue, dying is permitted. Just get a feel for the game and its humor and this will unlock before the credits.

 You’re really into it, eh? (15 points)

Make sure you complete the game on each of the 3 difficulties on Single Play Mode NOT Story Mode. You are free to use continues here so don’t bother trying to avoid bullets unless you’re trying to become a pro and there’s nothing wrong with that! Be sure to use a different Witch for each playthrough so that you can work toward the “Cleared all characters!” achievement.

 Star Coins MAX to the MAX power! (11 points)
Maximise Star Coins in ARRANGE 360 MODE SIGLE PLAY, Score attack + Boss attack of CHALLENGE MODE.

This is probably the second hardest achievement in the game. In order to add this one to your collection of achievements you must max out your Star Coin Counter in Single Play, Score Attack, and Boss Attack modes. Your Star Coin Counter is located at the lower bottom of your screen, keep an eye on it and make sure it maxes out to the required number. You earn Star Coins when destroying enemies/bullets while you have Magic Cards in effect by pressing . Difficulty determines how fast you will get this achievement since the higher the difficulty the more Star Coins you can earn. Here is the maximum amount of coins possible for your Star Coin Counter in each Mode: 

  • Single Play: 2500
  • Boss Attack: 2500
  • Score Attack: 5000

Single Play
Head into Single Play mode and purchase the 3 cheapest cards every time you visit the shop. Activate your card and destroy as many enemies and bullets as possible during the duration of each card, use your barrier for extra coins too! You're going to want to avoid dying too or else your Star Coin Counter will go down. Get your counter to 2500 (MAX) in Single Play and then you can move on to Score Attack and Boss Attack upon dying or completing Single Play.

Boss Attack
In Boss Attack survive as long as possible and defeat as many bosses as possible. Magic Cards will be rewarded to you after defeating each Boss and you can hold up to 3. Activate your cards right before you defeat each boss to get your Star Coin counter up to the needed amount. Make sure you don't lose any lives or else your counter will go down. Boss 6 is the best one to get coins on and you want to use the right cards at the right time. Using a Roll Card on Boss 4 nets you a good amounts of Star Coins too. This takes a while but after enough rounds you can get your counter to 2500 (MAX) to complete this portion of the achievement.

Score Attack
This one is easier than the other two. In Score Attack mode you have to score as many points as possible before time runs out. I suggest selecting the 5 minute time limit given to you before starting to give you extra time if you need it. When the game starts on Stage 1 be sure to use your magic barrier and destroy enemies and their bullets. Let go of the shoot button so that you can collect cash for purchasing cards at the shop that appears early on. Buy 3 cards at the shop, everything costs 1000G in this mode. Head back into battle and use the cards as fast as you can to rank up your Star Coin counter. Shops will repeatedly appear until time runs out so be sure to buy potions and the best cards every visit you make. Just make sure you don't die and rank up points using your cards you purchase until you hit 5000 (MAX). Avoid dying and let time run out to be a done with this portion of the achievement. You can also sneak into a shop and let the time expire there once you have MAX to keep your 5000 easier.

Note: Make sure once you get your MAX to keep your number until it's game over, do NOT quit out. You must MAX out your Star Coin Counter in ALL 3 of the modes not just one. Also make sure your Settings are at default before attempting this achievement or else it won't unlock.

Mega thanks to Reimu for correcting my MAX out numbers needed for each Game Mode.

 Cleared all characters! (25 points)
Clear the game with every character. ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY and STORY MODE. Continue OK.

There are 8 playable Witches to choose from and you must complete the game with each one while working toward multiple achievements so this will come in time. Not all 8 Witches are available from the start, however you will unlock more as you finish the game with other characters. The DLC character Luca does not count toward this achievement. Don't forget to buy a 1UP heart each playthrough to work toward "Hearts are a good thing!"

 Cleared no continues! (25 points)
No continue clear all ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY or STORY MODE with any character.

Just as the description states you must clear Arranged Single Play or Story Mode without using a continue. To make this easier play on No Problem difficulty and use the Witch you are most comfortable with. Conan seems to be the best Witch to do this with seeing as her mace shot is somewhat broken. There are also Magic Cards such as the Roll Card that make this much easier. 1Ups are just as useful too, so save up money and buy as many items as possible when the Shop shows up.

Here are other tips to getting this achievement:

  • Keep bullets away from your hit box at all times, which is the star in the middle of your Witch.
  • Purchase 1UPs and Potions whenever the shop has them in stock which is from the middle and toward later in the game.
  • Using Magic Cards will not only improve your offense but act as shields if you get hit by a bullet, your special effect however will be immediately negated once you're hit.
  • Purchase Roll Cards whenever they're in stock, they work well in dire situations.

Once you defeat the Final Boss, Draupnir in this run (without using a continue) the achievement will unlock. You will also unlock Mind Blowing difficulty after the credits.

Would like to thank The Stray for the Conan tip!

 It’s so mind blowing! (42 points)

Mind Blowing mode is unlocked once you 1CC the game on any difficulty. 1CC is a shoot em up term meaning "1 Coin Clear" or "1 Credit Clear" meaning you must beat the game without using a continue. I suggest going into Help & Options from the main menu then Settings. From here you can set your lives to a maximum of 9 making it easier to get through the game without continuing. Be sure to also play Single Play/Story Mode on No Problem difficulty to unlock Mind Blowing easier! Once unlocked, change settings back to default and finish a Single player game on Mind Blowing difficulty to unlock this achievement and yes, continues are permitted.

 A challenger! (3 points)
Play Score attack mode and Boss attack mode of CHALLENGE MODE.

A very easy achievement to nab when you first download the game. From the main menu go to Challenge Mode and select a Witch. The game will give you a choice of playing Score Attack or Boss Attack mode, choose whichever and get a feel for your chosen mode. You can simply die on purpose then hit up Challenge Mode again and play the mode you didn’t choose before. Intentionally get a game over and then the achievement will unlock once you’re back at the main menu. You must finish or die in each mode in order for this achievement to unlock you cannot simply quit out.

 Master alchemist! (29 points)
Turn enemy bullets into cash cumulative total of 1000000G. ARRANGE MODE SINGLE PLAY + STORY MODE.

This is a cumulative achievement meaning, this is the total amount of cash you collect from enemy bullets over time with each character playing in each Arranged Single Player Mode. You are free to spend the money you earn from enemy bullets. When defeating enemies, make sure you let go of the  button to collect cash dropped from enemies. You will get this achievement over the course of working toward other achievements so fear not, just keep using your Magic Barrier and this will pop before you know it!

If you want to grind for this achievement then play Single Player on Mind Blowing difficulty (if unlocked) and use your Magic Barrier on every bullet that is shot at you. You will die a lot in this mode but the money adds up substantially.

 How far will you make it?! (20 points)
Beat the 20th round's Draupnir. boss attack mode of CHALLENGE MODE.

Clearly the most difficult and time consuming achievement in the game. For this achievement you must play through Boss Attack Mode in Challenge Mode and get past the 20th round with only 2 lives. Boss Attack mode is sort of a "Boss Rush" mode where you must defeat an endless array of Bosses until you lose all your lives. Every time you defeat a Boss you will be rewarded a Magic Card and the Bosses get progressively harder to defeat the further you get.

Once you reach the 20th round you must defeat that rounds boss, Draupnir who appears at 20-7. You are permitted to change your lives to 9 and work your way to Round 20-1, but you must change settings back to default before attempting this achievement. The game will save your progress every round you complete so you won't have to play all 19 rounds again. Head back into Boss Attack and you should be able to select round 20-1 from the start. Carefully work your way to round 20-7 and Draupnir will appear. Defeat Draupnir and the achievement will unlock once you reach round 21-1. Please check out the Boss Guide HERE if you need help defeating the Bosses. Here's a video playthrough of Round 20, this will no doubt take some practice without losing all your lives:

Note: Remember to use your lives sparingly because you only get 2 on default settings! It's really all about learning the Boss' moves without getting hit.

Credit goes to Todays Forgotten for the tip and Reimu for the video!

 You’re a card master, too! (5 points)
Use all kinds of magic card. Add result of both ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY and STORY MODE.

When playing Story Mode or Single Play, purchase as many different cards as you can from the shop and use them in battle with the button. You have to use all 11 cards at least once in order to get this so see the Shop section HERE and check them off as you go. You can only hold 3 at a time so use them then purchase new ones each time you visit the shop. This achievement will unlock after using all 11 cards in battle and may take 2 playthroughs to achieve.

 Hearts are a good thing! (5 points)
Buy ten 1UP heart. Add result of both ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY and STORY MODE.

1UP hearts can be purchased at the Shop, however they are not always available! Hearts usually start becoming available by the time you reach Stage 3 and are quite expensive usually 40,000G the first time they are available. After purchasing it once per playthrough the price will raise to 130,000G and then 220,000G after purchasing one again. Just be sure to purchase at least one heart for each character on each playthrough to help work toward this one. This achievement will unlock upon purchasing your tenth 1UP heart.

 Don’t go touch crazy! (13 points)
Kicked out from the shop 13 times. Add result of both ARRANGE 360 MODE SINGLE PLAY and STORY MODE...

Throughout Story Mode or Single Play, floating hot air pumpkin balloons that read "Shop In" will appear up to 3 times each Stage. Fly into it to visit the shop. While there, you can move your cursor over to Autumn the shop keeper’s head and hit button to fondle her. Autumn will react to your groping multiple ways, it’s quite funny. Continue to press  maybe 7 times at least and her sister Jules will kick you out of the shop for your inappropriateness. You only have 30 seconds to make your purchases and do this before the shop closes each visit. Repeat this 12 more times and this will unlock right after Jules gives you the boot the 13th time you have “gone too far” with Autumn. Sometimes Jules will even be the cashier when visiting!


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