Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Bad Touch (10 points)
Touch a high-yield target to lock on and score a kill.
 Dawn of A New Day (15 points)
Detonate a Sunburst device.
 First Hand Experience. (10 points)
Destroy a high-yield target using manual control.
 First Time Buyer. (10 points)
Use the map to choose a location for your first base.
 Get Offa My Lawn (5 points)
Destroy 100 Freaks within 10 seconds.
 Gift from Afar (20 points)
Unlock a weapon by playing Crackdown 2 Deluge Pack on Xbox LIVE or Start your 5th base.
 Homeland Security (15 points)
Destroy 1000 Freaks.
 No Soliciting! (5 points)
Destroy a Freak from 1 kilometer away.
 Paint The Town Red (10 points)
100 enemy vehicles destroyed via touch targeting.
 Poker Night (10 points)
Station 5 Friends in your base.
 Respect My Authori-tah! (5 points)
Kill 100 Freaks with an auto-aimed weapon.
 Scavenger Hunt (10 points)
Collect components by changing location in the real world.
 Shoulda Seen It When I Got Here (5 points)
Upgrade a weapon
 Skills for Kills (10 points)
Max out your proficiency on a single weapon type.
 Slumber Party (15 points)
Score a kill at 10 Friend's bases.
 To The Max (5 points)
Attain level 50
 Walking Tall (15 points)
Attain level 10
 Welcome Mat of Doom (10 points)
Destroy 1000 Freaks with auto-targeted weapons.
 What Goes Around (5 points)
Attain the rank of Duck Caller in Chuck's Ducks 2 on Facebook or detonate a solo Sunburst attack.
 Workin' Overtime (10 points)
Destroy 10000 Freaks with manually aimed weapons.

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