Deal or No Deal: Vegas Gold (Cancelled) - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 0 achievements with a total of 0 points.
  Life Member (20 points)
Finish the fourth floor.
 Bad Karma (15 points)
Stick to the chosen case in the end with the lowest prize on the boar in Deal or No Deal.
 Beat the Banker (10 points)
Stick to the chosen case in the end with a bigger prize than the previous offer in Deal or No Deal.
 Bluff Pro (5 points)
Win a hand after the opponent has folded while having only a high card in poker.
 Counting Cards (5 points)
Get a hand of 5 cards totaling 21 or less in blackjack
 Diamond Member (15 points)
Finish the third floor.
 Gold Member (5 points)
Finish the first floor.
 Grand Combo (10 points)
Get 5 top combos in slots.
 Hard Roller (15 points)
Win on all hardway bets in craps.
 Magician (10 points)
Win 5 times in a row in roulette on a specific bet.
 Perfect choices (10 points)
Placed bets on all possible positions on roulette table.
 Platinum Member (10 points)
Finish the second floor.
 Poker face (10 points)
Win after going all-in in poker.
 Power-up Fanatic (10 points)
Use each power-up at least once in Deal or No Deal.
 Reel Fever (20 points)
Play 1000 rounds of slots game.
 Seven Eleven (10 points)
Win on 3 consecutive Pass Line Bet in craps.
 The Killer (10 points)
Eliminate all 3 other players in poker.
 Winning Hands (10 points)
Get 3 hands all better than 3 of a kind in poker.

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