Zombies!!! - Achievements
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There are 17 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 Don't be a Hero (10 points)
Win a game by reaching the Helipad.
 Hail to the King, Baby (10 points)
Kill a Zombie with Chainsaw & Shotgun cards in play at the same time.
 King of the Zombies (25 points)
Kill 200 Zombies.
 Master of Arms (15 points)
Play every weapon card at least once.
 Night of the Hoarder (20 points)
Collect 50 tokens (Hearts and Bullets).
 Omega Man (30 points)
Kill all Zombies in a Survival Horror game.
 Overkill (10 points)
Defeat a Zombie with a roll of 7 or greater.
 Survivalist of the Dead (20 points)
Win a Survival Horror game.
 Unstoppable (25 points)
Kill 6 Zombies in one turn.
 Was it worth it? (10 points)
Use 3 or more Hearts in a single combat, then win by using Bullets.
 Zombie Hunter (15 points)
Win a game by killing 25 Zombies.
 Zombie, Interrupted (10 points)
Kill a Zombie by playing Grenade when “Alternate Food Source” is in play.
 Blunt Force Trauma (10 points)
Kill 3 zombies while 'No Guts, No Glory' is in effect.
 Night Drive (10 points)
Play 'The Keys Are Still in It!' while 'Too... tired... to... run' is in play
 Fresh Meat (10 points)
Kill 50 zombies with the Meat Cleaver.
 It's Me! Let me in! (10 points)
Use "There You Are!" to move your pawn from an outdoor square into any building.
 Shop Smart (10 points)
Use "Hey, I Got One of Those" to gain a Shotgun

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