Doritos Crash Course - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 15 achievements with a total of 300 points.
 Tarzan (10 points)
Swung from rope to rope 10 times in a row

This achievement is earned in the country USA - Level 3 - Jungle Gym Hijinx. From the start, make your way past the few obstacles to the second checkpoint in front of two ropes. Jump on to the first rope using and carefully judge your jump to the next rope whilst swaying left to right to keep up your momentum with the . Once again repeat the above but this time jump back to the first rope. Repeat these steps until the achievement is unlocked.

 Frequent Flyer (15 points)
Flew from fan to fan 20 times in a row

The achievement "Frequent Flyer" is earned on the country - USA - Level 5 - Nothing But Air. This achievement is gained towards the end of the level, so familiarize yourself with this level before attempting to go for this achievement, as it can be quite tricky. As you progress throughout this level you will come to 5 hammers which smash down onto rotating flooring, pass this obstacle and you will come to a single fan which progresses onto several more fans. Pass over the single fan and once in mid air immediately pull down on the to go underneath the raised flooring and over the many more fans. From here on, just glide over the fans moving left and right with the until the achievement unlocks.

 Hopscotch (20 points)
Bounced from trampoline to trampoline 12 times in a row

This achievement is found on the country USA - Level 4 - On the Rebound. Once again, familiarize yourself with the level as it could be tricky for some people. A quarter way through the level you will come to some blue see-saw type obstacles. Pass these to get to a checkpoint. Directly after this checkpoint are two trampolines, jump on to the first trampoline keeping as near to the center of the trampoline as possible, while in mid air push right on the to move over to the second trampoline, once again trying to keep as close to the center as the trampoline as possible. This time whilst in mid air push left on the to move back over to the first trampoline, repeat these two stages until you have bounced a total of 12 times and the achievement unlocks.

 That's Gotta Hurt (10 points)
Got smashed by 3 hammers in a row

This achievement is gained in the country - USA - Level 5 - Nothing But Air. From the start make your way through the level until you come up to the 5 hammers which smash down as seen whilst doing the "Frequent Flyer" achievement, simply walk underneath these hammers and get squished by them 3 times in a row.

 Competitive Spirit (10 points)
Beat a friend in an Xbox LIVE race

This achievement cannot be done over Local Multiplayer! This achievement must be done with someone on your Xbox Live friends list! Simply host a game and invite your friend, or join your friends game and beat them in any level that is chosen.

 Roadrunner (10 points)
Run at top speed when you're about to wipe out

This achievement is easiest gained in Europe - Level 2 - Conveyance. As soon as the level has started, hold down and and sprint forward. You will come up to rotating flooring, carry on sprinting forward and you will start to trip over and fall, at this point the achievement will unlock.

 Euro Star (20 points)
Finished the Europe Levels

See "Social Climber" for more information.

 I’m Big in Japan (20 points)
Finished the Japan Levels

See "Social Climber" for more information.

 Going for Gold (40 points)
Earned a gold medal on each level

Before going for gold on every single level, i would suggest playing through each level several times to learn how each level is laid out. If you become stuck on a level just practice it until you know what is coming and how to pass each obstacle with ease. A list of gold medal times is below.

Level 1 - Safety First - 00:45.00
Level 2 - Learning the Ropes - 01:05.00
Level 3 - Jungle Gym Hijinx - 01:15.00
Level 4 - On the Rebound - 01:25.00
Level 5 - Nothing but Air - 01:20.00

Level 1 - Slip Slide Ride - 01:30.00
Level 2 - Conveyance - 01:25.00
Level 3 - Elevation - 01:25.00
Level 4 - Shaky Footing - 01:20.00
Level 5 - Swinging in the Rain - 01:55.00

Level 1 - Rebounding Again - 01:20.00
Level 2 - Domou Arigatou - 01:15.00
Level 3 - Peak Performance - 01:45.00
Level 4 - Muzukashii Wheel - 01:45.00
Level 5 - Get Carter - 01:35.00

 Social Climber (15 points)
Finished every level in Xbox LIVE

For this achievement have a willing friend on your Friends List to play through every single level with you over Xbox Live. Start at USA Level 1 and work through to Japan Level 5. This will only take roughly 20-30 minutes. I would recommend playing straight on Xbox live with a friend just to have a taster of what all the levels are like. If you use this method you will unlock the following achievements, "Euro Star", "I’m Big in Japan", and "American Hero".

 Sore wa kantan desu (10 points)
Finished Japan level 4 with a time of 1:40 or better

In my opinion this is probably the hardest achievement in the game, it requires you to beat Japan - Level 4 - Muzukashii Wheel in 1:40. I would advise for you to play this level and learn it by heart. Take a look at the video below for tips on how to speed up your play through of this level.

 American Hero (20 points)
Finished the USA Levels

See "Social Climber" for more information.

 London Bridge (40 points)
Survive the collapsing bridge in London 5

At the end of London 5: Abbey Road there will be a collapsing bridge with a wheel that chases you. The collapsing bridge is the last obstacle, and as long as you don't "chicken out" and skip it, you will unlock the achievement. Just keep running forward, jumping or ducking for the obstacles and make sure to push your boost () to the max.

 Hats off to You! (40 points)
Get launched through the magic hat in Vegas 5

Near the end of Las Vegas 5: Fear and Loathing, there will be a box on a conveyor belt and you have to jump over a flipped out wall obstacle. After the first wall that flips out there will be a giant Top Hat with a Green Arrow going through it. Simply jump into the hat. You will be transported and the achievement will unlock. This achievement is hard to miss.

 Party Pooper (20 points)
Pop 5 balloons in a row without touching ground

This can be done on Las Vegas 1: Jackpot. You'll want to start off the combo by hitting the two balloons that float extremely closely together (touching) and then hit another 3 that will be spawned beneath them

Alternatively you can do this on London 4: Cheers. Near the end of the level there will be a large amount of balloons to jump on making it easier to pop 5 in a row without hitting the water.


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