Dead Rising 2: Case West - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Zombie Hunter (20 points)
You killed 1000 zombies. Is that it?
 Handy Man (20 points)
You created all the new combo weapons in Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST. Duct tape, to the max!
 Fantastic (20 points)
You completed Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST. Frank West would be proud.
 Amateur Photography (10 points)
You took your first picture. Ain't it pretty.
 Professional Photography (20 points)
You took a picture of all the PP Stickers. You've got a good eye.
 Phenotrans Sabotage (10 points)
You killed 5 Hazard Units. Looks like working there was hazardous to their health.
 Petty Vandal (20 points)
You destroyed all security cameras in a single playthrough. Lights out for Phenotrans.
 Phenotrans Nuisance (10 points)
You killed 20 Security Guards. What did they ever do to you?
 Phenotrans Bubble Burster (10 points)
You killed 10 Zombie Handlers. Looks like they couldn't handle you.
 Savior (20 points)
You saved all survivors in a single playthrough. Really? Even after all Phenotrans did to you.
 Double the Fun (20 points)
You completed Dead Rising 2: CASE WEST with a co-op friend. Must be nice to have a friend.
 Ultimate Power! (20 points)
You got to level 50. Can you feel the power?

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