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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Goblin Hunter (20 points)
Kill 1000 Goblins

This achievement is cumulative across all characters, so you can get 999 kills with one, and 1 kill with another and the achievement will unlock. There is nowhere on the game you can check your progress, which is a little irritating.

You will most likely pick this up on your way to "Four of a kind", but if you don't then keep replaying chapter 1. As the Goblins are plentiful on that chapter.

 Thank you for being a friend (15 points)
Complete Co-Op campaign

You don't have to actually complete the whole game in co-op for this achievement. As long as you complete Chapter 4 with a friend/multiple friends then it will unlock.

 Four of a Kind (25 points)
Reach level 10 with all character classes

There are four classes in total - Halfling Wizard, Elven Rogue, Human Fighter and Dwarven Cleric. You'll need a total of 700,000 experience to get to level 10 and this is equal to about 1.5 playthroughs of the game, including all side quests.

On Chapter two you go out the right door, kill every mob until the arena (that place where the relic has to get to 100%) kill everything in there then come back the way you came (mobs respawned. You gets Health pots at arena too, loads. It's about 5-7 exp bars a run depending on level, and time is normally 15 minutes but the levels will vary. Also, it is best to do it on single player because mobs die so much quicker.

 The Big Stick (25 points)
Deal 75 damage with a single attack

The easiest way to unlock this is during the Rezlus/Red Dragon battle in Chapter 4. On either side of the room there are catapults, pulling the level will launch a flaming barrel. If you hit an NPC with this then you'll do 150 damage, and the achievement will unlock.

It is possible to hit over 75 with a level 6-8 mage/fighter, but it is dependent on your gear and how you assigned you skill points.

 Solid Gold (20 points)
Have 100 000 gold in your bag at one time

This does not carry across characters, making it slightly difficult. There is an easy method to do this and you'll need a friend you trust and an Xbox Live connection. Call yourself PA, and your friend PB.

  • PB hosts an Xbox Live game.
  • PA joins and drops the most expensive item
  • PB picks up the item
  • PA quits to dashboard without saving his game, then rejoins PB
  • Now PA should have his item back and PB should have one too
  • PB drops the expensive item(s)
  • PA picks up item(He should now have two) and saves his game
  • PA drops both items and quits to dashboard and rejoins game again
  • There should now be 4 items, 2 on PA and 2 on PB
  • Now restart from step 6 until your inventory is full
  • Sell items for until you have 100,000 gold

If you're unable to do this method then pick up every weapon you see and loot every chest. Then, sell your drops to the merchant. Chapter 3 seems to have the most drops/chests.

 Man at Arms (20 points)
Collect 1 of every weapon in the game

This is mostly speculation at this point, but I believe what the game refer to is weapon types. If you look closely at your weapons tab in the inventory, all weapons have their own little blurry circular images. A weapon called [Effect] + [Name/Type] + [Effect or Modifier] share the same weapon icon with [Effect] + [Name/Type] so a Fiery Dagger +1 is the same as a Deadly Dagger.

I kept track of all the unique weapon names I could find through one playthrough, and the achievement popped on a Heavy War Pick during the end. Here they are:

--- EDGED (Blades / Axes / Special) ---
Short Sword
Elven Short Sword
Tiefling Bastard Sword
Dragonborn Greatsword
Dwarven Waraxe

--- BLUNT (Hammers / Clubs / Picks / Staffs / Special) ---
Dwarven Warhammer
Heavy War Pick
Ornate Quarterstaff
Elven Quarterstaff

--- PROJECTILE (Thrown / Bows / Crossbows) ---
Throwing Dagger
Throwing Hammer
Dwarven Throwing Hammer
Hand Crossbow
Elven Greatbow

Secret Achievements
Raze the Dalelands (10 points)
Complete Chapter 4 - The Altar of Bane

This is a short chapter and only contains two boss fights, Rezlus and the Dragon. To kill Rezlus you'll just need to put everything you have into him, his defences are pretty high so you might struggle a little. Don't waste time firing the catapult, it never hits him and the mages can easily down you whilst you're controlling it.

To kill the Dragon you'll need to keep attack both his legs, once they have no health left his head will lower onto the ground. Now go over to the catapults and fire at him, you'll most likely land 2 hits (300 damage) and you''ll have to repeat the process again. Once you've done this 3-4 times the fire around his feet will disappear for a short while, and you'll be able to get to Rezlus. Run up to him and hit  and you'll see a cutscene.

Left in Ruins (10 points)
Complete Chapter 1 - Ruins of Tethyamar

This will be unlocked after the quests where you have to kill the Goblins who are pushing a giant crossbow, before they reach a certain point. These Goblins are pretty tough so it's best to use any fear/freezing moves you have to stall them.

Into The Deep (10 points)
Complete Chapter 2 - The Depths

At the end of Chapter 2 you'll have to kill Skull Lord, a skeleton mage with three heads. Keep attacking him and when he crouches down on the floor you'll be able to attack the support pillars around the room. Knock them down and they'll fall on him, doing hefty damage.

Open Wide (10 points)
Complete Chapter 3 - The Mouth of the Void

The final boss in this Chapter is two rock golems, called Obsidian and Granifax. They can prove to be pretty tough. There's no trick to beating these, you'll just need to keep attacking and attacking. It will help if you have a good Cleric on your team, to keep you health topped up

Welcome to Tethyamar (10 points)
Complete Tutorial - Descent into Darkness

This is just a short mission where you have to kill 5-7 Goblins, and are taught the game controls. Just finish it and the achievement will unlock.

Iron Man (25 points)
Log 24 Hours of Gameplay

Once you have the Four of a kind achievement you should be around 18+ hours of gameplay. You can either play the game over and over again to get to 24 hours or you can leave xbox on whilst you do something else, school/work/sleep.

Although if you're leaving your xbox on then you'll either need a wired controller or a wireless controller which is plugged in with a play 'n' charge kit.


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