Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Goblin Hunter (20 points)
Kill 1000 Goblins
 Thank you for being a friend (15 points)
Complete Co-Op campaign
 Four of a Kind (25 points)
Reach level 10 with all character classes
 The Big Stick (25 points)
Deal 75 damage with a single attack
 Solid Gold (20 points)
Have 100 000 gold in your bag at one time
 Man at Arms (20 points)
Collect 1 of every weapon in the game
Secret Achievements
Raze the Dalelands (10 points)
Complete Chapter 4 - The Altar of Bane
Left in Ruins (10 points)
Complete Chapter 1 - Ruins of Tethyamar
Into The Deep (10 points)
Complete Chapter 2 - The Depths
Open Wide (10 points)
Complete Chapter 3 - The Mouth of the Void
Welcome to Tethyamar (10 points)
Complete Tutorial - Descent into Darkness
Iron Man (25 points)
Log 24 Hours of Gameplay

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