Crash Time 4: The Syndicate - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Race King (30 points)
30 Laps on racing track "Sprit-Raceway (R)".
 Off-road King (30 points)
30 Laps on off-road track "4x4 Club Circuit (R)".
 Peeping Tom (20 points)
Installed every single camera possible.
 Police Questioning (20 points)
Activated every single informant possible.
 Amateur (10 points)
Won 10 single races.
 Hotshot (10 points)
Destroyed 10 enemies.
 Riot (10 points)
100 Cars exploded.
 Pro (50 points)
Won 50 single races.
 Pilgrim (50 points)
Driven 1000 km in the game.
 Track Tester (30 points)
Driven a race on every track in the game.
 The Syndicate (30 points)
Level 3 finished.
 Alone against the Evil (40 points)
Level 4 finished.
 The Usual Nonsense (10 points)
Level 1 finished.
 Answer All Questions (20 points)
Level 2 finished.
 By all Means (100 points)
Finish your career successfully.
 Track Owner (20 points)
Unlocked every track.
 Test Driver (30 points)
Driven every car in the game at least once.
 Vision becomes Truth (100 points)
100% in the Single Player Game Completion stat. achieved.
 Garage Owner (20 points)
Unlocked every car.
 Rampage (10 points)
Trashed 1000 Objects.
 Online Legend (50 points)
Won 20 ranked online races.
 Online Rookie (Checkpoint Race) (20 points)
Won 5 ranked online checkpoint races.
 First Online Victory (10 points)
Won an online event (ranked or standard) in any mode.
 Online Rookie (20 points)
Won 5 ranked online races.
 Online Legend (Checkpoint Race) (50 points)
Won 20 ranked online checkpoint races.
 Unlimited Health (10 points)
Played a deathmatch to the end without dying.
 Godmode (20 points)
Won a deathmatch without dying.
 Gangster (20 points)
Won 5 ranked online deathmatches.
 Killer (50 points)
Won 20 ranked online deathmatches.
 No Speed-Limt (10 points)
Driven 280 km/h for 15 seconds.
 Clean Lap (10 points)
Lap without damage.
 Clean Race (20 points)
Race without damage.
 Roadhog (10 points)
Collided 100 times with traffic.
 State of Emergency (10 points)
Caused 1 million damage in one race.
 Long Jump (10 points)
Jumped 100 m.
 The Two-Wheeler (10 points)
Lost 2 wheels or more at once.
 Car-Scrap Bonus (10 points)
Totaled your car.
 Free Fall (10 points)
Fell 30 meters.
 Wrong Direction (10 points)
Driven 200 m backwards.

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