TNT Racers - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 14 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 Globetrotter (25 points)
Win an online ranked match on each track of the base game (forwards and backwards).
 'Normal' Champion (10 points)
Beat all Normal Challenges.
 'Fast' Champion (15 points)
Beat all Fast Challenges.
 Race Apprentice (5 points)
Win your first race.
 Newcomer (5 points)
Win your first online ranked match.
 Homerun (20 points)
Win 3 online ranked matches in a row.
 Score Seeker (20 points)
Score at least 15000 points in Turbo Challenge #13.
 Motorhead (30 points)
Unlock all Tracks, Vehicles and Race Classes.
 Wrong Direction (10 points)
Complete a lap on Peak in 18.1s - driving in the wrong direction, multiplayer only.
 'Turbo' Champion (25 points)
Beat all Turbo Challenges.
 Destructoid (25 points)
Waste 100 opponent vehicles with weapons in any mode.
 Shadow Takedown (10 points)
Pull out one opponent with the Speed Disruptor in Shadow Mode.
 'Drift' Champion (25 points)
Beat all Drift Challenges.
 'Formula TNT' Champion (25 points)
Beat all Formula TNT Challenges.

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