Deer Hunter 3D - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Headshot! (5 points)
The first Headshot!
 Perfect Headshot! (15 points)
All trophies from the day are headshots.
 Clean Kills (5 points)
No injured animals for the whole day.
 Trifecta (5 points)
Limit includes 1 Deer, 1 Moose and 1 Bear.
 Only The Best (5 points)
Bagging the 3 largest animals in the area.
 Back By Lunch (5 points)
Getting a limit by 10:00am.
 Naturalist (5 points)
Identifying every animal in the area.
 Elite (15 points)
All skills acquired.
 Patriot (10 points)
American Midwest completed.
 Viking (10 points)
Northern Europe completed.
 Comrade Shooter (10 points)
Western Russia completed.
 Caballero (10 points)
Northern Mexico completed.
 Month Long Hunt (15 points)
Play 30 hunting days.
 All Year Round (25 points)
Play 365 hunting days.
 Three In A Row (10 points)
Bag 3 animals in one scene.
 Double Kill (5 points)
Bag 2 animals in one scene.
 Multi Kill (15 points)
Bag 4 or more animals in one scene.
 Two in the Hand (10 points)
Shoot 2 birds in one scene.
 Thanksgiving (10 points)
Kill 100 turkeys.
 Deadeye (10 points)
20 consecutive hits. (spanning multiple hunts).

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