Tropico 4 - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 60 achievements with a total of 1250 points.
 Filthy Rich (20 points)
Make $100 000 for your Swiss Bank account in a mission

This is the final task in Mission 17: 'Forgiveness'.

You can get this earlier:

  • Start a mission, 
  • Build a ministry,  
  • get a minister of economy, 
  • use the 'Building Permit' edict in the 'Economy and Tourism' tab

then progress through the mission. You will get swiss bank money for every new building you purchase. Additionally, you can build a Customs Office and set it to 'Customs Duty Evasion'.

 Tropican Fiesta (50 points)
Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%

Can easily be done in almost all missions, as long as you do not finish the tasks for ending the mission itself. In preparation, you shouldn't have 'Cheapskate' as a trait when altering your avatar. First, try to keep all happinesses high:

Food quality 

Just have farms with corn, ranches with cattle and goats, and a few fishermen's wharves. Use the 'Food for the people edict' and build some marketplaces in regions where a lot of people are. It should easily rise over 80% by just doing this.

Housing Quality 

At the start of the mission, do not build any houses, but get mines and farms to get a good economy. Buy a foreign office, a ministry, and a minister of foreign affairs. Use the edict 'USSR Development Aid' when you can, else use 'Praise the USSR' and wait for 'USSR Development Aid' to become available.

After using the edict, build only apartment blocks where shacks are and use the 'Free Housing' edict. After progressing further with your campaign scenario, get a power plant and upgrade all apartment blocks with climate control. You should have amassed some money now, keep going and buy mansions and condominiums.

Religion Quality

Buy a lot of churches and cathedrals, the 'Christ the Savior' Landmark, build a High School and College and switch them to Parochial Education. Also, you can use the Papal Visit edict to raise Religion Quality.


Buy all of the entertainment buildings and place them where a lot of people are.

Healthcare Quality 

Buy some clinics and hospitals, make sure to switch the type to 'Obstetrics' and 'Gerontology' so you have every kind.

Crime Safety

Build some police stations, armouries, army bases. Usually only a few will get you a very high rating unless you are on the campaign scenario with a lot of crime. Don't forget to make a secret police and to issue wiretapping.


You can put tons of Gardens and Trees all over the place, they're instantly built. I did not care for this when I was attempting the achievement, so maybe you can leave it out as well, as it is quite annoying to put all these things onto the map.


Never issue 'Martial Law', but use the 'Sensitivity Training' edict. Build a Radio Station switched to 'Radio Free Tropico'.

Job Quality 

Leave this out for now, we'll come to that later.


Leave this out for now, we'll come to that later.

After you've raised the overall happiness to around 60%, progress through the scenario requirements and amass a lot of money. When you're on the last task of the scenario to finish it, raise all job payments to the maximum of 50. This can be easily done in 3 steps: Select a farm, raise the wage to 50, and then click the right-most icon right next to it 'Set wage for all uneducated workers'. Do the same with a high school and a college, so all groups of workers now have a wage of 50.

After doing this, your money will go WAY down unless your economy is really good. Over the time of 2 years your overall happiness should easily go over 70%. Yes, you need OVER 70%.

It can be done on Mission 6: 'Bickering Factions' where you get lots of rebels. Your last task will be to prepare for a final rebel invasion that gives you the time of 2 years to prepare. Use this to raise all the wages and then just wait it out. The mission will finish after you win the last rebel fight, regardless if you treasury is negative or not.

 Curse of the Llama (10 points)
Survive 10 disasters

You need to survive 10 disasters in one mission. During the campaign, disasters occur randomly, there is no way to trigger them. If you did not get this achievement during the campaign, start a Sandbox game and set 'Random Events' to 'Plenty' and length to maximum. A disaster will happen every 2-3 years - you should have no problems getting ten.

 Coup de Grace (10 points)
Suppress a Military Coup

Build an Armoury and stop paying the generals. Your adviser will start warning you about a coup that will happen if you don't do something about the militarist's happiness. When the coup happens, you have to win it with just your palace guards.

 Homes for Everyone (20 points)
Have population of over 300 and no Shacks

During the campaign you may come across a communist faction task 'Help the Homeless' which requires to have no shacks on the map. You don't need to have the task active, however, it gives a good overview of how much shacks are left.

At the start of the mission, do not build any houses, but get mines and farms to get a good economy. Buy a foreign office, a ministry, and a minister of foreign affairs. Use the edict 'USSR Development Aid' when you can, else use 'Praise the USSR' and wait for 'USSR Development Aid' to become available. After using the edict, build apartment blocks where shacks are and use the 'Free Housing' edict.

To locate shacks, go to the Almanac -> Lists -> Residents - Housing. On the last page you'll see all people that live in shacks. Press on one, then select 'House: Shack' and press . The game will show you the shack. Just build an apartment block over it and he/she will move in after a month.

 God Complex (10 points)
Finish a Sandbox game in God mode

From the title screen, select 'Sandbox'. In the game settings, activate god mode, set the game length to minimum so you can finish this quickly. You don't actually have to do something in god mode, so you may just wait and confirm any spam messages from your people.

 Elitist (30 points)
Construct 1337 buildings

It will unlock during the campaign missions, it is cumulative over all missions, so just keep building.

 Top Exporter (20 points)
Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game

Build some farms (more than 4 for 1 factory) that produce coffee, tobacco, sugar - or build gold mines or logging camps, whichever is best for the island's resources. Then just build the corresponding factory and wait for the exports to get you all the money. It works great with Weapon Factories, Rum Distilleries, Cigar Factories and the likes.

 Iron Fist (15 points)
Suppress an uprising

An uprising will happen during mission 10: 'Independence Day', even if your overall happiness is way over 50%. You're required to build a radio station. This ratio station will be occupied by rebel agents, have your army deal with it. Later, you have to switch your Ministry to People's Commitee and gain 130 Revolutionists. A 'fake' uprising will happen right after you've gathered them. After a few seconds Penultimo will inform you that it is a real uprising. You will win the campaign mission if you suppress this uprising, it will also unlock the achievement.

 Heavy Traffic (15 points)
Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages

As the description says, build 4 garages and 1000 meters of road. 

 Metropolis (20 points)
Construct 200 buildings on one island

Just complete 200 buildings on the same island.

 Militarist (15 points)
Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game

Build 4 Armouries, 4 Army Bases and a bunch of guard stations. To speed things up, build a high school and college switched to military education.

 Paradise Island (20 points)
Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game

Build a tourist dock, lots and lots of hotels and attractions. Use tourism edicts to promote your island. It'll take a lot of time to amass one million, the best mission for this is No. 12 'The Olympic Heist', as you barely have anything else to rely on but tourism, sugar and logging.

 Dictatorship for Dummies (10 points)
Finish all tutorial missions

Complete the tutorial. If you're not familiar with Tropico you will have to do it anyway.

 Domestic Agenda (20 points)
Complete 10 Faction tasks in a single mission

Finish 10 tasks, given to you by the factions. These will pop as a blue (!) on the map. It'll include things like building churches, destroying logging camps and other very easy things.

 National Agenda (10 points)
Complete 20 agenda tasks in a single mission

Agenda tasks are the tasks with a red (!) that will randomly pop up on the map. Most of them help you in a certain way to complete the mission, they can be optional sometimes. Complete 20 of them in a single mission.

 Foreign Agenda (20 points)
Complete 10 Foreign tasks in a single mission

Finish 10 tasks, given to you by other countries. These will pop as a blue (!) on the map. It'll include things like paying money, exporting goods and other very easy things.

 War on Crime (10 points)
Arrest 10 Criminals in a single mission

Easiest to do in Mission 16: 'Operation Endgame'. Brunhilde will 'offer' to send 10 criminals onto your island after you've exported 1000 goods, right after the start of the mission. Decline for now and finish the next task to get 10 policemen. Build 2 prisons. Later, she will drop the 10 criminals on the beach of the island. In the almanac under Lists -> Residents - Job you will find the criminals. Simply press A on one and select to arrest him. Note that it'll take time for the police to catch them.

 The Full Monty (10 points)
Have a full Ministry cabinet

Build a ministry and recruit a minister for each position.

 You are Fired! (10 points)
Fire a Minister because of his gaffe

A gaffe will randomly occur if you have ministers, so you should always employ some. Penultimo will inform you when one happens, then just fire the minister.

 Your Lucky Day (30 points)
Hire an unemployed citizen as a Minister

Start a mission, build a ministry right away. Lock all job slots on all buildings, check the ministry for an applicable minister of defense, fire that person from the palace and lock those job slots too. After the person shows up as 'unemployed' under Almanac -> List -> Residents - Education -> High School, nominate him/her as minister of defense.

 The Golf Balls Solution (20 points)
Clean an Oil Spill in less than 4 months

Oil spills are random. There is nothing specific that you can do to trigger them.

When an oil spill occurs, select it and choose to immediately clean it up. It'll cost you a lot of money ($40000 - $50000), but gets the achievement done. 

 Year Of the Dragon (20 points)
Put out 10 buildings on fire in a single mission

Have a few fire stations. The firefighters will automaticly work on any fires. The best missions for this are #10: 'Independence Day', but it is even easier to get in #15: 'Best Served Cold' due to continuous sabotage when you are required to build houses. Just delay building the condominiums and mansions until you have your achievement.

 Old Faithful (20 points)
Survive 3 Volcanic eruptions in a single mission

Most islands have a volcano. Volcanic eruptions happen randomly and won't kill you, you just have to see three of them in one mission to get the achievement.

 Tornado Valley (20 points)
Survive a Tornado Outbreak with no human casualties

You don't need a fully upgraded weather station. Just the upgrade that detects Tornados. It will prevent deaths during randomly occurring tornadoes. Then just wait for a tornado.

 Modern Agriculture (20 points)
Have no dry fields at the end of a Drought

During a drought, select a dry field around your farms and choose to manually water it. Do this with all dry fields until the drought ends. Pause the game time on the beginning of each month and keep looking for dry fields.When a drought is going to occur you get a warning that it is coming. Select the option to limit people from wasting water. You are able to get the achievement without any input on fields from selecting this option.

 Head for High Ground (20 points)
Survive a Tsunami with no human casualties

You don't need a fully upgraded weather station. Just the upgrade that detects Tsunamis. This requires electricity to purchase. It will prevent deaths during randomly occurring tsunamis. Then just wait for a tsunami.

 Building Blues (20 points)
Unlock 20 Blueprints in a single mission

Buy all the blueprints in the building tabs you can find.

 The Power of the Atom (30 points)
Generate 1 000 MW of electricity in a Nuclear Power Plant

Build a nuclear power plant. Make sure you have enough import funds and space on the freighter import Uranium (you can change this values on the dock). Now get a full staff for your power plant, their experience will grow over time, and so will the amount of electricity generated.

 Nuclear Future (30 points)
Have a Nuclear Power Plant and a Nuclear Program built on your island

Build a nuclear power plant and then a nuclear program anywhere on the island. You just need to have both at once.

 Made In China (30 points)
Distribute more than 1 000 Luxury Goods from a Shopping mall

In the mission 'No One Left Behind' you will have to build 2 shopping malls. Switch one of them to 'Outlet Store'. Selling 1000 luxury goods will finish in a short time after you have both. You can also do it on any other mission, of course.

 Smells Like Chemistry (10 points)
Buy all upgrades for a Chemical Plant

Build a chemical plant and purchase all upgrades.

 Mona Llama (15 points)
Earn more than $30 000 from selling Tropican art in a Museum of Modern Art

Build a museum of modern art and switch it to 'Promote Tropican Art'. It will sell art ever so often, the achievement will unlock in time.

 Special Taxes (15 points)
Gain $15 000 for your Swiss account from a Customs Office

Build a customs office and switch it to 'Customs duty evasion'. It'll unlock after some time has passed and your exports keep going.

 The Rumors of my Death... (20 points)
Have one of your clones die instead of you during an assassination attempt

Two knowns ways to achieve:

  1. Have a secret police, whenever it discovers an assassin, choose to send a clone after him. There is a certain chance that the assassin will shoot your clone. If it happens, the achievement is yours.
  2. Have an academy of science. Should any assassin try to shoot El presidente, he will kill a clone instead.
 It's a Trap! (30 points)
Kill 5 rebels at once with a trap in your Mausoleum

Buy a mausoleum and upgrade it with booby traps. Don't use Military Modernization. Make sure your people are not too happy so they keep becoming rebels, they need to outnumber your army. The best missions for this are No. 6 'Bickering Factions' and No. 13 'The Blind Revolution'. Once you think there are enough of them, save the game and use the edict 'lure the rebels', they will attack your mausoleum. After the rebels win, the mausoleum will blow up, taking out all the rebels around it. It works if there are a lot around, not if they already fled or are still walking out of the blast radius. Your army shouldn't be too small (I fired most, but not all), because all the rebels actually need to be in the place before they win. The trait 'Coward' might help. 

 Theme Park (10 points)
Have a Roller Coaster near a Ferris Wheel and an Aqua park

Build a Ferris Wheel, an Aqua Park and a Roller Coaster right next to each other.

 Prepared For Everything (15 points)
Buy all upgrades for a Weather Station

You will come across this achievement while going for Head for High Ground and Tornado Valley.

 Past and Present (15 points)
Have both a Dungeon and a Colonial Museum in the same mission

In some missions like #4: 'IMPORTant Business' and #12: 'The Olympic Heist', you can upgrade 2 existing ruins on the map, make one a dungeon and one a museum.

 Competent (15 points)
Have Character Trait at level 5

See Expert achievement description.

 Specialist (25 points)
Have 3 Character Traits at level 5

See Expert achievement description.

 Expert (30 points)
Have all Character Traits at level 5

When you start a mission, choose custom avatar and select traits on the last page. You will need to upgrade all these traits to the maximum. Finishing one campaign mission will level up all selected traits by one level. You need to complete 51 missions or sandbox games to get this. The easiest way is to just go for god mode sandbox games with a duration of 10 years. You don't actually have to do anything during these 10 years, so just confirm any messages you get and keep repeating, till you have one star left to do (or one star per trait), then start a sandbox game without god mode and play through it normally. God Mode locks any kind of achievement, it will also prevent you from getting this one, so disable it for your final round.

 Foreign Cuisine (20 points)
Import 2 000 food

Purchase some marketplaces and allow them to import food. If you don't build any ranches, fishermen's wharves or corn farms, it'll unlock even faster.

 IMPORTant business (30 points)
Import 10 000 resources

This will unlock during the campaign mission 4: 'IMPORTant Business', you have to import 10000 resources. Build some industry buildings and allow imports for them, it'll unlock quickly.

 Kill Juanito (15 points)
Issue an Execution order on a citizen called Juanito

Have some army men and go to the Almanac -> Lists -> Residents - Origin and keep looking for someone called Juanito. 'Origin' makes looking for him easier, since the name is Spanish/Hebrew. I found him coming from Spain, certain other countries might be possible, too. When you find him, just select him and order your army to kill him.

 Instant Construction (10 points)
Issue the Quick-build command on 10 constructions

Purchase a building and instead of having it built by the people, select 'Quick Build' after selecting the construction site. Do this 10 times. It doubles the cost of buildings.

 Office Space (30 points)
Have a Babel Tower with 50 employees

You unlock The Babel Tower in 1996. Once unlocked, build it under Welfare & Economy structures. It costs $120,000, upkeep $120/month, requires 50MW of electricity.

Following this, hire 50 uneducated foreign employees to quickly fill the building and unlock the achievement.

 Better Than Tenements (30 points)
Have a Ziggurat with 50 families as tenants

You unlock Ziggurat in 1994. Once unlocked, build it under Housing structures. It costs $100,000, upkeep is $150/month and it requires 100MW of electricity.

Tip: Set the rent of the Ziggurat to $1 and raise the rent of all other types of housing. By a lot. You will then be able to fill the building more quickly.

 Capo Di Tutti Capi (20 points)
Renovate your Palace

Achievement requires four steps to satisfy.

1. Reach 250 population.

2. Reach at least $20,000 in your Swiss Bank Account.

3. Reach 60 in population happiness.

4. Pay $20,000 from the Treasury for your 'Presidency.' 

Tip: You won’t necessarily reach the requirements for each step in order, but wait for steps 1 - 3 to be complete before actioning step 4.

Once you complete Step 4, your palace will automatically quick-upgrade.

 Going Green (20 points)
Build 4 Bio Farms and 4 Organic Ranches in a single mission

Bio Farms and Organic Ranches become available between 1970-1975. Ranches and Farms costs $4,000 and $5,000 respectively, without discounts.

 Heaven On Earth (20 points)
Build a Diamond Cathedral before 1990

The Diamond Cathedral unlocks around 1988. It costs $40,000.

 A Better Tourist Trap (30 points)
Build an Aerodrome and a Seven-star hotel in a single mission

The Seven-Star Hotel unlocks in 1979 (replacing the High-Rise Hotel). It costs $30,000.

The Aerodrome unlocks in 1983 (replacing the Airport). It costs $24,000.

Once both are built, you should unlock the achievement.

Secret Achievements
Tropico VS The World (20 points)
Made Tropico the best country on the planet

Finish campaign mission 5: 'Tropico Above All'

Scapegoat (20 points)
You escaped the wrath of your opponents

Finish campaign Mission 8: 'Survival'

The Mastermind (30 points)
Found out who the Mastermind behind your downfall is

Finish campaign Mission 17: 'Forgiveness'

On Top of the World (50 points)
Fulfilled Presidente's dreams for Tropico

Finish campaign Mission 20: 'Tropican Utopia'

Crisis Measures (10 points)
Resolved the Great Tropican Crisis

Awarded for winning Modern Times Campaign Level 1. Unmissable.

Tip: Build a gold mine and invest in cattle ranches early. Cattle ranches pay off as the export price is increased a number of times.

Tip: Can pay to hold off completing the requirements of resetting your Panic Meter, so that you have a little extra time to develop your economy. This put s you in a better position to meet the next resetting requirement on time.

Tip: For the last objective you will be tasked with arresting 17 criminals. To do this you will need multiple prisons, as when the panic meter hits 100, more criminals will be released. You can kill any excess.

The Conclave (20 points)
Learned the true name of your enemy

Awarded for winning Modern Times Campaign Level 4. Unmissable.

Tip: You will have to do a lot of rebuilding during this level, so make sure you have Construction Offices. Save your progress whenever you see the "Disaster Imminent" notification. Earthquakes are the most dangerous natural disaster on this level.

Averted World War 3 (20 points)
Foiled the Conclave's plans

Awarded for winning Modern Times Campaign Level 6. Unmissable.

Zeitgeist (50 points)
Completed the Modern Times campaig

Awarded for winning Modern Times Campaign Level 12. Unmissable.


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