Risen 2: Dark Waters - Achievement Guide
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There are 56 achievements with a total of 1100 points.
 Just a little tipple... (10 points)
Drank first rum

Just acquire a rum through any means and drink it.

 Big Game Hunter (50 points)
Killed 2000 monsters

This, along with All-Rounder, is one of the two big time-consuming, grinding achievements. You have to kill 2000 monsters across all playthroughs; note you do not have to save the game, as all kills will stack. If you really want to grind this out in one location, a good place to do it is at the entrance to the Water Temple, as there are at least half a dozen enemies at the entrance, and you have your entire crew to help. Another good spot to do this is at the end boss, as she will periodically spawn anywhere from 3-10 enemies. Just don't kill her and wait for her to spawn her henchmen, then kill them.

To give you an idea of how long it will take, I had around 800 kills after doing all the other achievements through 1 1/2 playthroughs. Took about 8-12 hours to grind the rest out.

 Bane of the Beasts (30 points)
Killed 500 monsters

Refer to Big Game Hunter.

 Pet Cemetery (10 points)
Killed 20 ambient animals

Whenever you see any animals (non-hostile monkeys, turkeys, rats, and tame warthogs), just kill them. Alternatively you could find one, save your game, kill it, and load without saving, then rinse and repeat.

However, do note that there have been reports that the re-loading trick may not work for this achievement. Even if it doesn't, it shouldn't present any real problem in the long run, as there are more than enough animals in the game to get the achievement naturally.

 Deep Sea Fisherman (10 points)
Killed 50 sea monsters

Simply kill 50 crabs, sand-devils, Sunken Ones, or Leviathans. As with any of the “kill x number of this” achievements, you could simply reload one section over and over again, though you shouldn’t need to.

 Crab Catcher (10 points)
Killed 10 giant crabs

Same as the other “kill x number of this” achievements, only kill 10 giant crabs. To kill them easily, you should have learned the “kick” skill from a skill trainer; then, when the crabs come at you, simply hold  and press  to kick them. You’ll flip them for several seconds, during which they are extremely vulnerable.

Alternatively, you could also have Patty in your party (as she has the kick skill), or Venturo (since he can just shoot them with his musket). You could also shoot them with a musket yourself, if you’re following the Inquisition path.

 Beginner (10 points)
Killed 10 monsters

Refer to Big Game Hunter.

 Legendary Hero (20 points)
Collected 20 legendary items

There are 20 legendary items in the game, along with one other if you have the Treasure Isle DLC. You have to get all 20 of them to get the achievement (if you have the DLC the legendary item from that counts, meaning you only need 19 from the base game).

Refer to this guide for help on acquiring the items.. Scroll down the menu bar on the right side of the page until you get to “Legendary Items.”

 Storyteller (10 points)
Collected 10 legendary items

Refer to Legendary Hero.

 Treasure Hunter (10 points)
Found first treasure in the game

A treasure is only obtainable when you have a treasure map and a shovel. Once you have both, simply activate the quest on your map (press  on the quest screen to mark any quest as currently active), and go to the location it indicates. Once there, you should see a red "X" marked on the ground. Just stand over it and press  (there will be no prompt to do so), and you’ll dig up the treasure.

 Made of Money (50 points)
Acquired 300,000 gold

You won’t get this much gold naturally in one playthrough, but fortunately, as with all the other “get x number of this/kill x number of this” achievements, everything you get across all playthroughs stacks without you needing to save. Thus, you can get this easily by getting a good number of items in your inventory, saving in front of any vendor, selling them all your items, and then simply reloading your save and repeating the process. It does not have to be 300,000 in your inventory at one time.

 Cash Cow (30 points)
Acquired 100,000 gold

Refer to Made of Money.

 Skinflint (10 points)
Acquired 1000 gold

Refer to Made of Money.

 Protector (10 points)
Won duel against Severin

Severin is located in the main courtyard in Caldera outside the room you start the game in. When you talk to him, offer to help train his students and he’ll challenge you to a duel. Accept it and beat him. If you’re having trouble early on, you can always come back once you’ve levelled up a bit.

 Digger (10 points)
Dug up 50 treasures

There aren’t 50 treasures in the game, the best way to do this is to save right before you dig one up, re-load your save once you’ve dug it up, and repeat the process.

 Kleptomaniac (10 points)
Picked 100 locks

To pick locks you’ll need a lockpick (acquired during the “Freeing Largo” quest on Tacarigua) and enough points in your “thievery” talent to pick that particular lock. Then, find a locked chest and play the lock-picking mini-game. There are more than enough locked chests (and a few doors) to get this naturally during a single playthrough; however, you could always do the save-and-load trick used in other achievements if you want to get this out of the way.

 Crack Shot (10 points)
Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-game

The shooting mini-game is offered by 2 characters: Barney at the Pirate’s Den on Tacarigua and Henri on Antigua. Simply hit all 10 targets (but don’t shoot any bombs) that are thrown across the screen.  If you’re having trouble, keep your crosshair in the center of the screen when waiting for a target (in order to minimize the distance the cursor has to travel), and use the right thumbstick to aim. Note that you don’t have to have the exact center of the crosshair on the target to hit it; anywhere in the circle will do.

 Drunkard (10 points)
Won drinking duel mini-game 10 times

The drinking duel mini-game is offered a few places, the easiest of which to find is probably from Morgan in the bar near the dock on Antingua. Simply challenge him 10 times and beat him. When going for the bottles, make sure to grab them from the middle, rather than the edges.

 Birdbrain (10 points)
Used parrot 5 times

To get the parrot, you’ll have to have the Parrot Trainer skill, which requires you to have a cunning level of 8, and then buy the skill (which comes with a free parrot) from Flannigan on Tacarigua. From there, simply equip the parrot and use it 5 times; it does not have to be used in battle.

 Tour Guide (10 points)
At least 5 crew members on the ship

Simply have 5 crew members on your ship. 4 of these are unmissable; for the fifth, you’ll have to talk to Bones in Maracai Bay and get him to agree to join, unless you have either of the DLCs, which will each give you an extra crew member (though in the case of Treasure Isle, that crew member is only temporary).

 All-Rounder (30 points)
Learned each skill once

This, along with Big Game Hunter, is one of the two grinding achievements. To get this, you’ll have to buy every single skill in the game across all playthroughs. It is not doable in one playthrough, as to buy every skill for an attribute requires you to have level 10 in that attribute, and there is simply not enough XP in the game to do this. Also, having max Firearms and Voodoo is impossible, as the two are mutually exclusive (you can have a few skills in Voodoo if you choose Firearms, and vice-versa, but not all of them). Thus, the simplest way to get this achievement is:

  1. Save up 61,000 glory (xp) as this is the amount required to get to level 10 in an attribute (the xp needed will be a little less if you happen to have the legendary item for an attribute).
  2. Save up around 17,000 gold, the amount needed to buy all skills for a particular attribute.
  3. Once you have both above steps done, save your game in a new slot. Then max out any one attribute, and proceed to buy all the skills for that attribute from the various skill trainers in the game. This done, re-load your game without saving, and move on to the next attribute.

Regular-level trainers (for level 7 and under skills) are found on almost any island. However, there is only one master-level trainer for each attribute (for level 8-10 skills). They are:

  • Blades - Admiral Alvarez on Antigua. Note there is a bug with him, in that he will not offer to train you any further if you have told him you have all the Titan Artifacts. The only way around this is to load a previous save. Also note that you have to finish with Slayne's questline before he will offer to train you.
  • Firearms - Godin in the High Council in Caldera.
  • Toughness - Bones (initially in Maracai Bay, later on in your crew if you offer him a position).
  • Toughness - Alister on the top floor of Booze's bar at the Pirates' Den on Tacarigua (not a master level trainer, but he is the only NPC who will teach you the Distiller skill).
  • Cunning - Flannigan at the Pirates’ Den on Tacarigua.
  • Voodoo - Osamu in Maracai Bay.

If you’re having trouble finding someone, you can always go into the characters section of your journal (under Logbook), and set a marker for any type of teacher. It will show you all the ones who are on the island you’re currently on.

Firearms and Voodoo are mutually exclusive. You can only max out one or the other on a single playthrough; thus, you will have to start another game to get the one you didn’t choose. Or, you could simply reload a save from before being forced to choose between the Inquisition and the Natives, and play from there.

 Voodoo Wizard (20 points)
Learned everything about voodoo

To get this achievement, you need to get this attribute raised to level 10 (or level 11, if you have the legendary item for it). This will require 61,000 glory (xp). The best thing to do, therefore, is to save up that much xp, save your game, then max out the attribute you want. From there you can reload your save, and max out the others one at a time.

 Rogue (20 points)
Learned everything about cunning

Refer to Voodoo Wizard achievement description.

 Tough Bastard (20 points)
Learned everything about toughness

Refer to Voodoo Wizard achievement description.

 Gunslinger (20 points)
Learned everything about firearms

Refer to Voodoo Wizard achievement description.

 Blademaster (20 points)
Learned everything about blades

Refer to Voodoo Wizard achievement description.

 Mr Industrious (50 points)
Completed 250 quests

Simply do every quest you can find. For a full quest list, go here.

 Necromancer (20 points)
'The Split Soul' completed

To do this, you have to have Bones in your crew. Talk to him until he mentions something about a white scarf. Later on, while in the Underworld, you will find his other half. Simply talk to him until you get the option to mention the white scarf. Once this is done, talk to him in the real world again to complete the quest.

 Cheese Knife (20 points)
'The Cunning Captain' completed

Story-related, unmissable. Note there is a bug people sometimes encounter with this that makes the duel at the end of this quest line unwinnable (you can't hit him and he can't hit you). There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Reload a save from the beginning of the Isle of Thieves, making sure to follow Slayne the whole way and not go exploring on your own until after the cutscene with the chest.
  2. During the duel, either lure your opponent out onto the fields where there are monsters and stand next to your enemy so the monsters hit him while they're trying to hit you, or attack the townsfolk and do the same thing, so they're the ones attacking him. Make sure to have plenty of healing items. Once your opponent is defeated, you can simply run away from town until they stop chasing you (everything should be ok once you have the option to fast-travel); when you return, the townsfolk will no longer be hostile.
 Tub Captain (20 points)
'Build a Raft' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

 Friend of the Gnomes (20 points)
'The Gnome Eater' completed

Talk to Kaan (the Gnomes’ chieftain) on The Isle of Thieves, and he’ll give you this quest. This boss fight is very difficult (I found it to be by far the hardest in the game), especially since the creature will eat any weapons you have equipped except the Titan Spear. The best way of doing it, then, is to climb up to the back of a tiny little ledge on the right side of the clearing (it has what appears to be the head of a fallen statue lying upside down in front of it), and keep throwing the spear at the monster. If you’re positioned correctly near the back, it shouldn’t be able to hit you, even if it climbs up the wall itself. The parrot is also apparently useful here, though I didn’t use it myself.

 Provisions Master (20 points)
'Ship's Equipment' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

 The Hand of God (20 points)
'The Greedy Captain' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

 The Right Hand (20 points)
'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completed

Talk to any of Datu, Hakeke, or Zaalu in Maracai Bay to start this. (Though Hakeke and Zaalu may or may not offer the quest to you, depending on what faction you’re with. The rest of the quest is self-explanatory.

 Captain (30 points)
'A New Ship' completed

Story-related, unmissable. Note there is a bug during the "sabotage the cannons" phase of the quest, whereby Benito will not leave his post during the night (as he is supposed to). You therefore cannot sabotage the cannons stealthily, and thus have no alternative but to beat him up (try to lure him down the forest path to his right, to avoid having the whole city attack you) and sabotage the cannons while he is down.

 Harpooner (20 points)
'The Titan Weapon' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

 Liberator (10 points)
'Free Hawkins' completed

Story-related, unmissable. If you don’t have a thieving skill high enough to get the key, you can apparently blow the cell door open with a cannon or a bomb.

 Voodoo Pirate (20 points)
'The Ancestors' Blessing' completed

Story-related, unmissable if you are on the Native/Voodoo path. Unobtainable in that playthrough if you are not.

 Knight in Shining Armour (10 points)
'Rescue Patty!' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

 Robinson Crusoe (10 points)
'The Marooned Sailor' completed

Upon arriving at the Air Temple island, you’ll come across a marooned man named Creuse. Offer to take him home to Antigua, and do so once you’ve finished your business on the island.

 Templar (10 points)
'The Air Temple' completed

You get this quest from Eldric on Antigua. Simply follow it to its end.

 Alligator Jack (20 points)
Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle

For a map of all alligators, go here.

 Long John Silver (10 points)
Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time

Once you’ve got pages 2-4 of the diary and recruited Harlok, talk to Patty and Treasure Isle will be available for you to sail to.

Secret Achievements
Monkey Dance (10 points)
Used monkey 20 times

To get the monkey, you’ll have to have cunning at level 6, and buy the skill from Flanngan on Tacarigua. From there, simply equip the monkey, send it out, and then return it to your character. Rinse and repeat.

Seafarer (10 points)
Travelled by ship 20 times

You can either get this naturally or just sail back and forth between two locations.

The Curse Is Broken! (50 points)
'Kill Mara' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Lord of the Tentacle (50 points)
'Defeat the Kraken' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Ghost Pirate (20 points)
'The Journey to the Underworld' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Artefact Hunter (20 points)
'Steelbeard's Artefact' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Detective (20 points)
'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completed

Refer to the guide here. Note that this is missable, and also sets up a pretty difficult fight. Make sure to have lots of healing items and good weapons before doing this.

Bookworm (20 points)
'Following Garcia's Trail' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Pirate with Muskets (20 points)
'Four Muskets against Crow' completed

Story-related, unmissable if you are on the Inquisition side. Unobtainable in that playthrough if you are not.

Pirate (20 points)
'Become a Pirate' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

He Really Exists! (20 points)
'Find Steelbeard' completed

Story-related, unmissable.

Exterminator (30 points)
Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to Eldric

This quest is a bit buggy in that the gargoyles on the Air Temple island sometimes spawn in mid-air, or don’t spawn at all. This is problematic in that you have to kill them all. When they spawn in mid-air, you can either shoot them with a musket or throw the Titan Harpoon at them. Sometimes the bug can be fixed by simply reloading, and sometimes not. I’d advise you to save before setting foot on the island, and to save frequently in a different slot after each kill.

Once you've killed all the gargoyles on the Air Temple island, speak to Eldric on your ship and he'll tell you they've spread elsewhere across the seas. You have to then travel to each (non-DLC) island/location and talk to Eldric while in port; he will tell you whether or not there are more gargoyles/eggs in that location. Once you've killed them all and gotten their eggs, talk to him again and the achievement should pop.

For reference, there are six locations you need to visit for this. They are:

  • Caldera (no gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect, but you have to talk to Eldric anyway)
  • Isle of the Dead (ditto)
  • Tacarigua (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
  • Maracai Bay (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
  • Sword Coast (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
  • Isle of Thieves (some gargoyles to kill/eggs to collect)
Grave Robber (20 points)
Opened every deadly chest once

At the end of the Treasure Isle quest, there will be four chests you have to choose from. 3 of them will kill you, while the other will complete the quest. Simply save before opening any of them, and open each of them, one at a time, reloading after you die (the one on the left contains the treasure).


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