Battle: Los Angeles - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Private (15 points)
Complete the game on Easy Difficulty
 Kaboom (5 points)
Destroy the gas station
 Pool and Dive (5 points)
Survive the pool attack
 Droppin Bombs (5 points)
Call in the airstrike to defeat the Command Center
 Seen Your Video (5 points)
Watch an unlocked video
 Staff Sergeant (25 points)
Complete the game on Normal Difficulty
 Long Range (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies with a sniper rifle
 Color Me Impressed (10 points)
Complete a mission on Normal without dying, failing, restarting, or continuing campaign
 Hummer (10 points)
Kill 15 enemies on the HMV turret
 Rocketman (10 points)
Kill 2 aliens with one Rocket
 Sergeant Major (50 points)
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty
 One Hundo (50 points)
Unlock all the unlockables

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