Bastion - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 The End (20 points)
Complete the story.
 The Stranger (10 points)
Complete the Wharf District.
 Pet Sitter (10 points)
Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion.
 Vigilante (10 points)
Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.
 Altruist (20 points)
Complete 100 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.
 Calamity Kid (30 points)
Complete the story in New Game Plus.
 Mind Voyager (20 points)
Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.
 Kid-at-Arms (10 points)
Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon.
Secret Achievements
The Ura (20 points)
Stop the siege on the Bastion.
The Beginning (20 points)
Complete the story, embracing the New World.
The Survivor (10 points)
Complete the Hanging Gardens and speak with the Survivor in the Bastion.
The Singer (20 points)
Complete Prosper Bluff and speak with the Singer in the Bastion.

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