Hasta La Muerte - Achievements
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There are 16 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 First steps (5 points)
Got A+ Rank
 Those dear delicious ravens (20 points)
Got all the ravens
 A scrawny harvest (5 points)
10 freed Souls
 Crab cage (5 points)
Me-Crab beaten
 Leave in peace (5 points)
1 freed Lost Soul
 My name is Nobody (10 points)
Cyclops beaten
 Never Again. (10 points)
Mech-Ange beaten
 An acceptable harvest (10 points)
50 freed souls
 Emissary wannabe (10 points)
Got 20 A+ Ranks
 Collateral damage (10 points)
20 corrupted Souls
 First collect the weeds (10 points)
30 freed Lost Souls
 Deus Ex Machina (20 points)
You let the Scientist escapeā€¦
 Combine harvester (20 points)
300 freed Souls
 Almost perfect (20 points)
Got 25 S Ranks
 Monkshood (20 points)
100 freed Lost Souls
 United we stand (20 points)
Got all the Soulpets

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