Enigmo - Achievements
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There are 13 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Drop in the Bucket (5 points)
Complete the first level.
 Jr Technician (10 points)
Complete the first 10 levels.
 Lab Assistant (20 points)
Complete the first 25 levels.
 Mad Scientist (30 points)
Complete all 50 levels.
 Efficient (5 points)
Complete a level with 1 or more unused pieces.
 Spare Parts (15 points)
Complete a level with 2 or more unused pieces.
 Were Those Important (25 points)
Complete a level with 4 or more unused pieces.
 Better Than Nothing (10 points)
Finish a level with between 0 and 100 bonus points.
 Dedicated Dropper (20 points)
Play 20 consecutive levels in one session.
 Drop and Give Me Sixty (20 points)
Play for an hour.
 Respectable (15 points)
Score 250,000 points.
 Enigmaster (15 points)
Score 500,000 points.
Secret Achievements
No Use Crying (10 points)
Spill over 1,000,000 drops!

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