Burnout CRASH! - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Burnout Crash All-Star (40 points)
Collect all 270 Stars
 Hat Trick (10 points)
Win three Autolog Challenges in a row against the same Friend
 Fighting Back (10 points)
Take on an Autolog “Beat You” Recommendation and beat your Friend's score
 Maximum Carnage (5 points)
Trigger a Super Feature with 100% power
 Chain Reaction (5 points)
Get a 7x Explosion Chain or better
 The Big Bang (5 points)
Get a 25x Explosion Combo or better
 Trail of Destruction (5 points)
Get a 15x Smash Chain or better
 Longshot (5 points)
Make a Punt Skillshot of 50 yards or more
 Scattershot (5 points)
Make 5 or more Skillshots with one Crashbreaker
 Expensive Taste (10 points)
In any Road Trip, blow up all three Sports Cars and the Gold Car and finish the event
 Maximum Withdrawal (10 points)
Collect $9,000,000 from a single Bank Truck
 Did You Let One Go? (10 points)
Let a Gas Tanker escape without exploding
 Blast Zone (10 points)
Damage 20 vehicles or more with a single Crashbreaker
 Pure Gold (10 points)
Earn $30,000,000 from a Gold Car in one event
 Blind Luck (10 points)
Survive the Fog in a Road Trip with no escapes... but without using your Crashbreaker
 Set 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down (10 points)
Score $30,000,000 or more in any Pile Up, but without firing your Crashbreaker more than twice
 Button Masher! (10 points)
Fire your Crashbreaker 30 times or more in a single Rush Hour
 Damage Limitation (10 points)
In any Pile Up, get to Inferno with a x5 multiplier... but without blowing up a single vehicle
 That Sinking Feeling (10 points)
Jump down all three holes on Blueclaw & 1st in Road Trip, without failing the event
 Razed To The Ground! (10 points)
Destroy all the buildings in a junction in any single event (Super Feature doesn’t count!)

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