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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 The Patron (15 points)
Helped Madeleine open her shop.

Begin by speaking to Madeleine at the inn in Cassardis after defeating the Hydra at the beginning of the game. She will ask you to escort her to the encampment. Do so without her dying and she will ask for 1,000 gold to start her own business. Give her the 1,000 gold.

Once you've reached Gran Soren, complete the quest "A Matter of Myrmidons". Now you should be able to find a man named Mason in the Fountain Square sometime during the day. This is the man who spoke to you when you first entered Gran Soren. If you don't find him in the Fountain Square, complete a couple quests while you wait or try sleeping at the inn.

When you do find him, you can start the quest "Chasing Shadows". Stay at the inn until nightfall, then make your way up the hill to the Noble Quarters. Now follow the knight to the abandoned house. Speak with Arsmith to complete "Chasing Shadows". Try sleeping or exiting then re-entering Gran Soren so her shop is no longer called "Abandoned House". Now speak to her and the achievement will unlock.

Some people have mentioned they got the achievement without escorting Madeleine. That didn't work for me and you will need to escort her for The Hero achievement anyway, but you can try speaking to her if you missed the escort quest and completed "Chasing Shadows".

 The Coin Collector (30 points)
Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

You will most likely get this achievement during your second playthrough. It is cumulative, so all of the gold you earn or loot in your first playthrough will carry over to your second. Also, you don't need 10,000,000 at one time. The game counts all the gold you've ever held. To see the total gold you've earned, go to your History from the menu and find 'Total Earned' in General under the Adventure Log tab.

'Bosses' Method:
One way to obtain lots of gold is to defeat bosses in the Everfall post-game. You will receive gold and other rewards which can be sold. Your best option is to defeat the Ur-Dragon through the port crystal in Cassardis during your second playthrough. Sometimes he will spawn with low health and you can get an easy set of weapons and armour to sell. Also, your weapons and armour at the time of his defeat will become dragon forged and can be sold for large amounts of gold.

'Carrot' Method:
Another option is the carrot exploit. Put everything you own in storage, then go to The Rift and find sorcerer Pawns with the augment 'Sausion' (this part is unnecessary, but makes this go by faster). Holding the Badge of Merit (given to you by the Duke during "Reward and Responsibility" and an Idol if you have one, go to Lola's shop in Cassardis and buy as many carrots as you can for you and your pawns. Now sleep at the inn in Cassardis 3 times to turn the carrots into moldy carrots. If you go to your options and change to 'offline mode' you won't have to wait for the game to access the servers every time you wake. Go to Aestella's shop and sell the carrots for around a 250K profit.

As soon as your 'Total Earned' reaches 10,000,000 G, the achievement will unlock.

 The Ever-Turning Wheel (50 points)
Completed the adventure a second time.

When you've finished your first playthrough, choose 'Load Game' and start New Game+. You will know you have been successful if the prologue is skipped in the beginning. This doesn't have to be done in NG+, but it is highly recommended as the game will be much easier this time around. All of your stats and equipment will be available to you, the map locations will remain discovered, and port crystals can now be purchased making travel a thing of the past. You can also access the Ur-Dragon at any time via the port crystal at the beach in Cassardis. At the beginning of NG+ you can also change the appearance of your Arisen and Pawn.

This achievement will unlock after the final credits of your second playthrough.

 The Explorer (35 points)
Visited 150 locations.

This should come naturally if you go for The Hero and The Laborer achievements. Remember to explore every section of every cave and building. There are many locations you will discover without effort during the post game. If you've gone through the Everfall already in your first playthrough, remember that this achievement carries over to your second playthrough. Here is a map of the main locations in the game. This achievement is tracked in your Adventure Log and will unlock once you've reached 150 locations visited.

 The Vagabond (20 points)
Visited 100 locations.

Refer to The Explorer.

 The Tourist (10 points)
Visited 50 locations.

Refer to The Explorer.

 Into the Frontier Caverns (15 points)
Entered the southwestern caves.

The southwestern caves can be accessed through a hole in the ground in the Shadow Fort. To get into this area, speak to Ser Maximillian during the Wyrm Hunt quests and choose "Rout a monster infestation". Defeat the 2 Cyclops during this quest and you should find that there are many holes in the ground. Find the largest hole to the right, near the building at the back and follow the tunnel until the location box appears at the top and the achievement unlocks.

 Into the Manse (20 points)
Entered the duke's manse.

The only way to enter the duke's manse is through the "Duchess in Distress" quest.

To do this, when you first gain entrance to the Duke's castle in Gran Soren, speak to Mirabelle who will be standing in the the first room of the castle or in the gardens. Do the "Arousing Suspicion" quest she gives you. Now continue with the main questline until you've finished the quest "Reward and Responsibility". Do not speak to Aldous again until you finish this next part. Find Mirabelle outside the castle by the stairs and she will give you a set of armour to grant you access to the manse so you can retrieve Aelinore. Follow the quest marker to the Blighted Manse and put on the armour to enter and unlock this achievement.

 Into Soulflayer Canyon (15 points)
Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.

The Soulflayer Canyon has a west and east entrance. The west entrance is in the northwest part of the map, near The Greatwall. The east entrance can be found just west of The Catacombs. Either entrance can be accessed at any time and some side quests will require you to travel there. If you are having trouble, refer to this map.

 Into the Ancient Quarry (10 points)
Entered the ancient quarry.

This achievement cannot be missed.

You will receive this achievement as soon as you enter The Ancient Quarry, the north entrance being southwest of Gran Soren. To complete the main story quest, "The WyrmKing's Ring" you will have to enter.

 Into Dripstone Cave (10 points)
Entered the azure caverns.

To enter the azure caverns, you can go through the well in Cassardis. Alternatively, head passed The Encampment and follow a path leading to the left. Right around the entrance to that path you will see a wooden door which will take you into the azure caverns. Both entrances will unlock the achievement. There are also a few side quests that require you to enter.

 Affinity and Beyond (10 points)
Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

Any non-pawn's affinity can be raised. There are a number of ways you can raise a person's affinity. The easiest way is to give them presents. Press to speak with them, then press to choose a present to give them. Certain items will raise certain people's affinity more. If you look at the details of an item it will say if there is a specific person who favours it.

There are a couple methods that allow you to max someone's affinity quickly.

The easiest one is to complete the "Arousing Suspicion" quest. This will instantly raise Aelinore's affinity to maximum.

Another way is to do the quest "Talent in Bloom". To do this speak to Quina at the Abbey. Quina is the girl who helps you at the very beginning of the game. To find the Abbey, go west through the forest from the ancient quarry's north entrance. Present her the flower she gives you and complete the quest. If you're having trouble finding the Abbey, refer to this map.

Once you've reached maximum affinity with someone, you will know because you can hear a ringing noise each time you speak to them. The achievement should unlock as soon as their affinity has reached max.

 The Escort (10 points)
Acted as a reliable travel companion.

From the notice board in the Gran Soren inn you can accept escort quests. These require you to protect an NPC as you travel from the inn to another point on the map. One of the easiest to do is the escort quest for Mercedes Marten. Unlike most other NPCs you can escort, she has a weapon and armour and will actually fight if there is danger. To travel with the least amount of trouble, travel during the day and keep to the roads.

An easy method of obtaining this is to place a portcrystal near the escort's required destination, which you can first obtain after the quest "Griffin's Bane". When you defeat the Griffin, the portcrystal will be near the treasure. You can also purchase these in NG+ for 200,000 G at The Black Cat. So after placing the portcrystal use a ferrystone to get back to Gran Soren, begin the quest, then use another ferrystone to travel to the portcrystal you placed. You will have completely avoided harm and unlocked the achievement.

 The Philanthropist (15 points)
Gave 50 presents.

To get this achievement you have to give 50 presents to any non-pawn NPCs. Press to speak to them, then press to give them something. If you complete the Pawn Guild notice board quest "Bone of Contention" for defeating 36 skeletons, you will receive 60 skulls. These are one of the few items you can give as presents.

You can give 50 presents to just one NPC. Your progress carries over to NG+ and can be viewed in your Adventure Log. Once 50 presents have been given, the achievement will unlock.

 A Queen's Regalia (20 points)
Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

Go to The Black Cat in Gran Soren. You can find it by following the streets to the right as you enter the city. Speak to the owner and choose 'Buy'. Under Torso you can find Set of Lady's Grab available to purchase for 6,200 G. This is a full set of women's clothing. Go to your equipment and equip it to either yourself or your pawn depending on which is male. If both of you are female, go to The Rift and hire a male pawn to use as your puppet. As soon as you select the Lady's Grab to equip, the achievement will unlock.

 Well Equipped (30 points)
Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.

This achievement is earned by finding or purchasing weapons and armour. If you find any duplicates they will only count as one. This shouldn't be too much of a problem if you are carefully searching each area you enter, buying every weapon and piece of armour at each vendor you find, and completing all the pre-planned quests and lots of notice board quests. This will probably be obtained during your second playthrough. You should have lots of gold during it to buy all the equipment you find. If you fight the Ur-Dragon you can also get weapon and armour drops from defeating it. You can receive different equipment each time you defeat it.

Check your progress with this achievement in the Adventure Log. It will unlock once you have collected 350 different pieces across all playthroughs.

There is also DLC that can be purchased to count towards this.

 The Artisan (10 points)
Combined two materials to make an item.

This is obtained very easily and is almost unmissable. It can be achieved in the prologue. Make sure you have a Flask of Oil. Now open your inventory, go over your lantern and press . Choose 'Add Oil', then select the Flask of Oil and press again. Select 1 and the achievement will unlock instantly. This can also be done with other items. Select an item with , choose 'Combine' and you will see the items you can combine with. Pick one of them, press and choose your amount.

 The Knave (15 points)
Obtained a forgery.

To obtain forgeries, you must speak to the owner of The Black Cat in Gran Soren. Standard items will not unlock the achievement, but there is an easy way to get it without paying any gold.

Find a ladder outside of The Black Cat. Use it to climb onto a rooftop, then use the rooftops to make your way atop The Black Cat. There is a room with an open doorway and a chest inside. Open the chest and take the Wakestone Shard. This is a forged shard and will unlock the achievement as soon as you pick it up.

If the shard is not in the chest, save your game, then reload your save until it appears.

 The Savior (10 points)
Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

To receive a Wakestone you can either find a full one or collect 3 Wakestone Shards and hold them in your inventory to be combined into one. A full Wakestone is a rare find, but defeating the Ur-Dragon post games will reward you with 20 of them and other bosses in the Everfall will reward you with them. Shards can be purchased from The Black Cat and also found in locations around Gransys. If you kill a Drake, Wyvern, or Wyrm and carry their tears, enemies outside of the Everfall can drop Wakestones. If you buy the Dragon's Gaze from Fournival, it will reveal the locations of Wakestone Shards around Gransys. Some known locations of free Shards are:

  • A small path leading off from the main path just before the Bandit's Den on your way to Bluemoon Tower
  • The scar on the chest of the figure near Hillfigure Knoll
  • Behind the Abbey, near the graves

Refer to this map for assistance.

For the achievement to unlock you will need a full Wakestone. Either die and choose 'Yes' to use the Wakestone and be resurrected or follow the side quest "Reaper's Scorn" which can be found at the Blacksmith's in the area of Gran Soren where the Pawn Guild is.

 Inhuman Resources (20 points)
Changed your main pawn's vocation.

To unlock this achievement, speak to the owner of the inn in Gran Soren. Select 'Change Vocation'. Now press to select your pawn. If you would like your pawn to have one of the advanced vocations (Warrior, Ranger, or Sorcerer) you will have to wait until they have reached level 10. Once you spend the 1,000 Discipline, the achievement will unlock. Discipline is earned by killing enemies and you should have 1,000 by the time you reach Gran Soren.

For more info on Vocations, go here.

 The Captain (15 points)
Enlisted a large number of pawns.

By the end of your second playthrough you should have enlisted quite a few pawns, but most likely not enough for this achievement. You should work on this over the course of your playthroughs so it isn't so much of a grind in the end. You will want to constantly do this to have the highest level pawns you possibly can.

To enlist a pawn either find one walking around, speak to it, and enlist it, or enter The Rift by accessing a Rift Stone. These are located all over Gransys. There is one in the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren. Clear your party by pressing to speak to a pawn who is with you. Choose 'Release' for them to leave. To avoid going through the same tedious process of selecting a gift, rating, and choosing a message to send with the pawn, go to the options menu and select 'Offline Mode'. Now when you hire 'offline pawns' you won't need to send gifts and messages with them. This will likely cut the time it takes for this achievement in half.

You can enlist the same pawn and it will count towards the achievement. Just enlist 70 times and the achievement will unlock. Your progress can be viewed in the Adventure Log.

 Foreign Recruit (5 points)
Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

For this achievement you will need to enlist a pawn while in The Rift, which can be accessed by one of the many Rift Stones. You can first get this at The Encampment by accessing that Rift Stone, choosing any pawn inside and enlisting it.

 Local Recruit (5 points)
Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

For this achievement you will need to enlist a pawn while outside of The Rift. They can be found along roads during your travels and sometimes in Gran Soren. Once you find one, press to speak with it and choose 'Enlist'.

 The Veteran (35 points)
Defeated 3,000 enemies.

You will unlock this naturally most likely during your second playthrough. It is possible to run around Gransys enough in your first playthrough to unlock it, but all of your kills carry over to NG+. To check your progress on this achievement, look in your Adventure Log.

 The Specialist (40 points)
Learned all the skills of a single vocation.

To earn this achievement you will need to purchase all of the Weapon Skills, Core Skills, and Augments for one vocation on either you or your main pawn. To do this you will need to reach the maximum rank for a vocation and also have lots of discipline points.

I recommend you earn this by purchasing the skills for your pawns vocation. This will leave you room to change your own vocation without worrying about spending discipline. The Sorcerer takes a lot more discipline for this achievement than the other classes. The vocation that costs the least discipline is the fighter, and the advanced vocation that costs the least is the warrior. Choose one of these for your pawn and you should be able to get the achievement before the end of your first playthrough. You could easily get this with another class, but it will take a bit more time. Your discipline points will carry over to NG+.

You can save before purchasing the skills and reload after purchasing to keep your discipline points for trying another vocation. The achievement will unlock as soon as the lost skill is purchased.

 Human Resources (20 points)
Changed your vocation.

Like Inhuman Resource, unlock this achievement by speaking to the owner of the inn in Gran Soren. Select 'Change Vocation'. Now choose any of the classes you see. Keep in mind you have 3 more options than pawns. Available only to the Arisen are the hybrid classes: Assassin, Mystic Knight, and Magick Archer. You will need to be level 10 for any advanced or hybrid classes. Standard and advanced classes cost 1,000 discipline, while hybrid classes cost 1,500. Discipline is earned by killing enemies and you should have acquired more than 1,500 by the time you reach Gran Soren.

For more info on Vocations, go here.

 The Hero (40 points)
Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

This achievement carries over to NG+ so any quests completed in your first playthrough won't have to be redone in your second playthrough. It will take a bit of planning and reading ahead to ensure you complete all of the quests in the game. For a detailed guide on how and when to complete each quest, go here.

Once you complete all 53 quests, the achievement will unlock.

 The Laborer (20 points)
Completed 50 notice board quests.

Although this can be completed in your first playthrough, it is recommend that you start as many quests in your first playthrough that aren't escort quests. Most of these notice board quests are cumulative task, like killing x number of enemies. Accept them as soon as possible so you can get as much progress towards them as you can. On your second playthrough escort quests will be much easier because you can purchase portcrystals to quickly and safely escort the NPCs.

Frequently check the following noticeboards:

  • Cassardis Inn
  • The Encampment
  • Gran Soren Inn
  • Gran Soren Pawn Guild
  • Gran Soren Alehouse

All progress carries over to NG+ and you can view this achievement's progress in the Adventure Log. Also, DLC can be purchased for notice board quests and they will count towards the achievement.

Secret Achievements
Dragon Forged (30 points)
Strengthened equipment in wyrmfire.

This achievement is unmissable. Whatever equipment you have equipped when you defeat the dragon boss at the end of the game will instantly be dragon forged.

You can also obtain this earlier. If you defeat a Wyvern, Wyrm, or Drake, you have a chance of your equipment being dragon forged. If your equipment has a level 3 enhancement, it will have a higher chance of being dragon forged.

Alternatively, you can defeat the Ur-Dragon. Offline you only have a chance of your equipment being dragon forged, but if you defeat it online it will dragon forge your equipment instantly.

The Messiah (50 points)
Defeated the Ur-Dragon.

Your first opportunity to fight the Ur-Dragon is in the Everfall (after you defeat the dragon boss). Enter the Chamber of Lament, 7 chambers down. If you don't want to fight him here, you can find him in NG+. There will be a portcrystal on the beach in Cassardis which can be used to get to him.

His health is affected by everyone else playing the game online. Their attacks hurt him and when the Ur-Dragon kills them or one of them fleas, he gains health. If you're lucky, you will join the fight when he is at low health. If you join and he has lots of health you can leave and join again another time, but if you leave he gains health from it.

You can fight the Ur-Dragon offline and he will be easier to kill than he would be if you fought him online with lots of health. You will be the only person hurting this Ur-Dragon, the loot will be different, and he will still be very difficult to kill compared to other enemies in the game.

For tactics on how to defeat the Ur-Dragon and tonnes of other useful information, go here.

Serpents' Bane (40 points)
Defeated a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

For this achievement you must defeat a drake, wyrm, and wyvern.

Defeating the Drake:
The Drake can be found in near Lake Hardship, south of The Shadow Fort at any time in the game. Post game it can be found in Conqueror's Sanctuary, north of Bloodwater Beach in that open area where the Cyclops used to be. It can also be found post game at the Miner's Hut west of Gran Soren. Your last option is the Chamber of Fate in the Everfall. Use this map for help with locations.

For tactics on how to defeat the Drake and other useful information, go here.

Defeating the Wyrm:
The Wyrm can only be found post game. Your options are the Chamber of Distress in the Everfall or The Watergod's Altar. Use this map for help with locations.

For tactics and other useful information, see here.

Defeating the Wyvern
The Wyvern can only be found post game. Two of them can be found at Gran Soren's southern gate during nightfall. You can also find one in between Gran Soren and Windbluff Tower. It will fly off and you will have to follow it. Another can be found at Bluemoon Tower. Use this map for help with locations.

For tactics and other useful information, go here.

Eye Contact (30 points)
Defeated an evil eye.

The Evil Eye can be found post game in the Everfall. Grab a ledge and you will be able to enter the Chamber of Confusion. Defeat the Evil Eye using the strategy detailed here and the achievement will unlock as well as the rest of the chambers in the Everfall.

Headshunter (30 points)
Defeated a hydra or archydra.

For this achievement you have a choice. You can choose to defeat the Hydra or the Archydra.

Defeating the Hydra:
The Hydra can be found in the Frontier Caverns after you accept the notice board quest "A Challenge" in Cassardis during post game. The Frontier Caverns is that place accessed through The Shadow Fort. Here is a map to help.

Go here for tactics and other information about the Hydra.

Defeating the Archydra:
The Archydra can only be found in the Chamber of Hesitation in the Everfall.

Go here for tactics and other information about the Archydra.

Closure (40 points)
Put an end to all things.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Peace (20 points)
Took refuge in an illusion.

When you reach the final fight against the Seneschal, choose to walk away. You should do this right away so that you can select 'Retry' to get Servitude, then Mercy.

Servitude (20 points)
Soar unto a new world.

When you reach the final fight against the Seneschal, let him kill you. You will have the option to retry and get the Peace achievement if you haven't already, then Mercy.

Solitude (20 points)
Obtained the almighty power of sovereignty.

When you reach the fight with the dragon at the end of the main game, do not fight him. Turn around and leave to unlock this achievement. You can then retry and unlock Destiny.

Mercy (30 points)
Dealt the blow of deliverance.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

When you reach the final fight against the Seneschal, defeat him. Make sure you have completed the Peace and Servitude achievements first.

Freedom (10 points)
Escaped the yoke of eternity.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will obtain this when you have completed the quest “Fathom Deep”. For tips on how to get Wakestones, see The Savior.

Treacherous (10 points)
Peered into the very depths of the world.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Enter the Everfall in Gran Soren during post game for this achievement to unlock.

Destiny (25 points)
Accepted the Godsbane blade.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

This achievement will unlock once you have defeated the dragon at the end of the main game. Remember to get the Solitude achievement first.

Rough Landing (10 points)
Completed the urgent mission.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

When you secure the Greatwall and complete the quest "Deny Salvation" you will unlock this achievement. Note that beginning this quest will prevent you from completing side quests you still haven't completed and you will have to do those in NG+.

The Message (15 points)
Received the duke's commendation.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement when you complete the quest "Reward and Responsibility".

Come Courting (15 points)
Attended an audience with the duke.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement when you meet the duke after completing a minimum of two Wyrm Hunt quests for Ser Maximillian. Note that you will have to do all Wyrm Hunt quests for The Hero. You could do 2 during this playthrough and the other 2 in NG+.

Writ Large (10 points)
Received a writ from the castle.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement once you receive the Wyrm Hunt License from a man as you exit the Pawn Guild after the quest "Lure of the Abyss".

The Courier (10 points)
Entered Gran Soren.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement as soon as you enter the capital city of Gran Soren at the conclusion of the quest "Off With Its Head".

Getting a Head (15 points)
Earned the approval of the Enlistment Corps.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement after you defeat the Hydra and speak to Ser Mercedes, concluding the quest "A Rude Awakening"

A New Ally (10 points)
Summoned your own pawn.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement after you create your pawn at The Encampment.

Onward (5 points)
Departed from Cassardis.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement as soon as you leave the town you start in.

It Begins (5 points)
Completed the prologue.

This is story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this achievement after completing the prologue quest "The End at the Beginning".


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