Where's Wally? (Cancelled) - Achievements
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There are 0 achievements with a total of 0 points.
 Red Carpet Rookie (5 points)
Complete a Search Puzzle in continuous mode.
 Where's Odlaw? (15 points)
Completed a game of Odlaw Sweeper.
 Speed Demon (15 points)
Completed a search puzzle in under 30 seconds.
 Whacked (10 points)
Beat the computer opponent in Tic-Whack-Wizard on any difficulty.
 Shifty (20 points)
Completed a slide puzzle in under 45 seconds.
 Ultimate Fan (20 points)
Completed all search puzzles and mini-games on maximum difficulty.
 Deep in Concentration (15 points)
Matched all items in Look Closer in 25 or fewer tries on hard difficulty.
 Star Searcher (20 points)
Found all Watchers.
 Woof's Game (5 points)
Ended a game of Tic-Whack-Wizard in a tie on hard difficulty.
 Intrepid Traveler (15 points)
Completed all search puzzles.
 The Search Must Go On (20 points)
Played a combined total of 100 search puzzles and mini-games.
 Trust Me - He's There (20 points)
Completed a game of Odlaw Sweeper on hard difficulty without marking any Odlaws.
 Curio Collector (20 points)
Found all bonus items.

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