Of Orcs and Men - Achievements
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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Back to business (5 points)
You support the local weapon trade. That's... well, nice of you.
 King of the arena (10 points)
You fought like a lion and ended up victorious in the Row.
 Nobody's perfect (15 points)
The Imperial officer in the Monastery seemed to be of good faith. Just to be safe, you offed him.
 Warrior (50 points)
You have valiantly dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
 I'm a killer (30 points)
You slit 47 throats and they never saw it coming. So you dig?
 You crack me up (30 points)
You have a delicate tendency to break the bones of people who get in your way, so congratulations.
 Big chest lover (75 points)
So you went digging around in every corner to find at least twenty chests to empty, huh?
 Jack of all blades (30 points)
You hit eight enemies with a single blow. Huh, not bad.
 Guidance counselor (15 points)
You were able to find the best people for your squad for the assault on the Pillar.
 Smart and smarter (5 points)
You chose to improve one of your Skills before you learned another one. Kudos for that.
 Poisoner (10 points)
You don't like wasting perfectly good poison, so you cleaned your blade off on 3 different enemies.
 Go bling-bling (15 points)
You only wear upgraded equipment. It's a matter of reputation.
 I know a shortcut (5 points)
The good thing with shortcuts is that they are faster. It would seem you got that right.
 Deratizator (15 points)
You cut short the Goblin invasion in the shantytown. Pretty violently.
 A hair too late (15 points)
You pulled your girlfriend Brune out of trouble. She owes you a massage for that.
 Well trained (15 points)
You got even with the Trainer. And he got dead.
 One less nutcase (15 points)
You avenged your friend and killed the mad Shaman. He'll guide the dead himself.
 Hand shake (15 points)
You showed those Black Hands who's the boss.
 Off the Wall (50 points)
You finally got past that damn Wall ! Well done !
 Class struggle (15 points)
You avoided a miners' revolt. Thanks to you, they will be able to die for a nobler cause.
 Throat-slitter (15 points)
You sent Styx to introduce his daggers to the sentinels of the Mire. He thanks you.
 I don't like chit-chat (5 points)
You didn't feel like letting Gorkash bore you with his bull, so you cut him off.
 No quarter (15 points)
You have imposed your authority by taking out all opposing Orcs. An age-old method that still works.
 Samaritan (15 points)
In a spirit of forgiveness as heroic as it was delusional, you decided to spare Dakath the traitor.
 All this for that (15 points)
You had to put up with a pile of enraged Goblins, but you got your flask of water!
 The beast and the beast (5 points)
Garok is now your friend for life. Now that's a sign of upcoming great conversations!
 You mythed! (5 points)
You showed that big-mouth Braggart that when he blows his own horn he's talking to the wrong guy!
 Team spirit (15 points)
You made sure to put together a special team to assault the Pillar from the Mire.
 In open air (50 points)
You managed to escape the Mire. With the chick, too.
 Slicer-Dicer (10 points)
You decided to forget your past to devote yourself to a career as an Assassin. Enjoy.
 Into the shadow (10 points)
You decided that black magic isn't so bad, especially when you're the only one who knows it.
 Inner rage (10 points)
You turned Arkail into a berserk monster. More than before, that is. And it went well. For some.
 Anger management (10 points)
You helped Arkail control his rage. Those of his friends and family who are still alive thank you.
 I've got my friends in my head (50 points)
You've gone through nightmares, but now you're finally setting off for the Island of Laments.
 Regicide the first (10 points)
You’ve killed Emperor Damocles. Which is nice to hear, ‘cause that was the idea in the first place.
 Your sister too (50 points)
You have taken on the most formidable warriors in the Empire. Apart from you, of course.
 Repeat offender (50 points)
You killed the Emperor again, and set fire to the Tower. Maybe you should stop now.
 Rakash (20 points)
You have smoothly dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
 Mercenary (30 points)
You have bravely dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men
 Bloodjaw (100 points)
You dealt with all the trials in Of Orcs and Men like a berserker.
 The hard way (5 points)
You handled your first quarrel like... an Orc. Well, you sure got into your character!
 Talk it out (5 points)
You allowed Styx to calm things down before Arkail went berserk. Literally.
 Manual worker (5 points)
Nice move, you sliced up a boss without a single auto attack!
 To each his branch (10 points)
As a good specialist, you've decided to learn every skill in a single tree.
 My house! (50 points)
As a good master, you've decided to learn and perfect each Skill in a single tree.

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