Generator Rex: Agent of Providence - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 44 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
  Funchucks! (15 points)
Recover the Funchucks in Hong Kong
 Bad Axes! (15 points)
Acquire The Bad Axes
 Blast Caster! (15 points)
Acquire The Blast Caster
 Agent Of Providence (60 points)
Finish The Campaign
 Nanite Hacker (15 points)
Gather All Computer Info From Dr. Rylander's Lab
 Memories (15 points)
Get The First Item Of Rex's Past
 Get Your Scrapbook Ready (30 points)
Collect All Items Of Rex's Past
 First Step To The Date (15 points)
Collect The 1st Sample For Doctor Holiday
 Impressing Doctor Holiday (15 points)
Collect All The Samples Of Any 2 EVOs
 Date With Doc (30 points)
Collect All The Samples For Doctor Holiday
 Getting Stronger... (15 points)
Purchase An Upgrade
 Master Of Machines (20 points)
Purchase All Upgrades
 All Boxed Up (15 points)
Open 30 Supply Boxes
 Bleach Protocol (15 points)
Defeat 200 Enemies
 Feeling Punchy? (30 points)
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Smack Hands
 Slice N' Dice (30 points)
Defeat 100 Enemies With The BFS
 Blaster Master (30 points)
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Slam Cannon
 Bustin' Some Punks (30 points)
Defeat 100 Enemies With The Punk Busters
 M. Rex (15 points)
Defeat 100 Enemies With Omega Builds
 Killer Combo (15 points)
Get A 20 Hit Combo
 Ultra Combo (60 points)
Get A 60 Hit Combo
 Too Easy (15 points)
Beat One Agent Six Time Challenge Level
 Call That A Challenge? (30 points)
Beat Any One Agent Six Time Challenge In Under 10 Mins.
 Better Than Six (60 points)
Beat All Agent Six Time Challenges
 And Away They Go! (15 points)
Knock 20 EVOs Out Of The World
 Human Bullet (40 points)
Collect All The Nanites And Do Not Get Hurt In Sky Diving
 Radical Rex Ride! (40 points)
Kill All EVOs And Take No Damage In Rex Ride
 Collateral Damage (20 points)
Indirectly Defeat 30 EVOs
 Escape Artist (15 points)
Successfully Wiggle Free Of 20 Spider Webs Without Taking Damage
Secret Achievements
Rev Your Engine! (15 points)
Completed The Rex Ride Sequence
Omega Victory (15 points)
Defeated Giant Van Kleiss
Out Of Pocket (15 points)
Defeated Breach
Deep Sea Rescue (15 points)
Cured Aquania
I Hate That Bunny (15 points)
Defeated The EVO Death Bunny
Not Just A Pretty Face (15 points)
Solved The Puzzle In The Temple
U-G-L-Y… (15 points)
Defeated The Multi-Head EVO
Threading The Needle (15 points)
Successfully Flew Through The Circular Debris While Sky Diving
Training Complete (15 points)
Completed The Tutorial In Mexico
Circe… (15 points)
Encountered Circe
Big Bad Wolf (15 points)
Defeated Biowulf
Van Kleiss! (15 points)
Defeated Van Kleiss In Providence
Damsel In Distress (15 points)
Saved Doctor Holiday
Stone Cutter (40 points)
Beat Quarry In 2.5 Mins. Or Less
Flawless Victory (30 points)
Defeated Van Kleiss In Abysus Castle Without Taking Any Damage

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